America`s Thought Taboos & Clear Thinking on Immigration

Taylor & Fromm: America`s Thought Taboos & Clear Thinking on Immigration

WINSTON SALEM, NC. June 8, 2013.
Jared Taylor denounced the U.S. as a land of “soft tyranny and intellectual taboos” and Paul Fromm offered a number of arguments for activists to use to help other Whites see through the fog on immigration and amnesty. Both long-time activists were the main afternoon speakers at the annual meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens held here.
`”America is a land of taboos, of things we cannot say or must not think,” Mr. Taylor, a linguist and founder of American Renaissance told his luncheon audience.  “Taboos, in most societies, are things people agree are wrong.” In America criticism of the European-replacing immigration flood and any realistic view of racial differences are taboos.
The story of Dr. Jason Richwine, recently of the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC., is a good example of the taboo, Mr. Taylor explained.” If you`re going to take a bunch of illiterate Mexican and Guatemalans and try to make them into Americans, there is going to be a cost. Dr. Richwine`s study found that amnesty would impose a huge financial cost  ($6.3-trillion!) and that these people are not good prospects for immigration. The enemies of free speech scoured around and found that Dr. Richwine`s Ph.D. thesis dealt with racial differences and found that Mexicans had relatively low I.Q.s. The craven Heritage Foundation quickly fired this Harvard grad who has a wife and two kids,” Mr. Taylor said.
Another example, Mr. Taylor added, was Dr. James Watson. “The discoverer of DNA told a reporter that one day scientists will find the gene that makes many Blacks less intelligent. Although he grovelled and licked every boot in sight, Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories still fired even, even though he was a Nobel Prize winner,” Mr. Taylor explained.
“‘Racism` we are to believe is the reason for the poor performance of Blacks and Hispanics in school. Yet, we can`t find anyone putting a gun to some Black`s head and saying, `Go and get your girlfriend pregnant and go and fail that geometry exam or I`ll shoot you,'” Mr. Taylor said. “When bad things happen to non-Whites, it`s not because they are stupid or lazy or victims of bad luck,” he added. “Ànti-racists are like superstitious Maori who blame all misfortunes on witches. Our establishment, unable to find individual discrimination, blame institutional racism`and White privilege.”
“Jason Richwine, Kevin Lamb, Jr., Joseph Sobran, Frank  Borzellieri, James Watson and, most recently CoCC Board member Roan Garcia-Quintana (`born in Havana, raised in Savannah`) have all been roasted as witches,”Mr. Taylor charged. `”Republican Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina recently dropped Mr. Garcia-Quintana from her re-election committee because of his ties to the CoCC,” he explained.
“Ìn this age of soft terror, we must believe women have exactly the same kind of mind as men and all want to be construction labourers, auto mechanics or plumbers. And, if there arè not an equal number of women in these professions, it`s the result of a male conspiracy, we are told,” Mr. Taylor added.
Mr. Taylor drew hearty laugher when he quipped: “Desert dwellers should not be lecturing people in the forests about trees. In the 1960s, the Swedes, like Gunnar Myrdal,  looked down their noses at the U.S. for its treatment of Blacks but Sweden had no Blacks!”
Taboos cripple many areas of public policy making, Mr. Taylor explained. “Sending the child-bearing sex into combat is stunningly stupid,” he said. “Yet, when Defence Secretary Panetta opened combat roles up to women, no serving officer objected because they knew it would be career suicide to speak the truth.”
And it’s the same situation with Moslems, he added. “We’re all supposed to be equal, they tell us. If we just treat Moslems right, they’ll be good and grateful. However, when there’s yet another arrest of Moslems trying to kill us, we’re not supposed to see a pattern.”
“Of all the patterns of behaviour we’re not supposed to notice is Black behaviour. If we were to notice low average Black IQ, it might hurt their feelings and turn them to crime or welfare of unwed fatherhood.,” he said to a burst of laughter.
“If they are told that Whites are somehow to blame for Black lack of achievement, you’ve given them a great reason to hate us,” he argued. Liberals treat Blacks like children “and keep them from growing up and being responsible and learning that sometimes you don’t make the team because others play the sport better than you do.”
The soft tyranny of taboo threatens our very existence, Mr. Taylor warned. “If all groups are equal, maybe it doesn’t matter if we’re replaced. Maybe it would even be a good thing as we’re supposedly the scourge of history. Amnesty is really an argument over how quickly the Majority population of America will be replaced,” he insisted. “The Federal Government along with universities and big corporations are the most deadly enemies of our Race and our People,” he told a hushed audience. “The very people who should be our allies and leaders are our enemies,” he concluded to a standing ovation.
International Director Paul Fromm of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee heaped scorn on establishment arguments for more immigration “We’re regaled with stories of the ageing baby boomers and a skills shortage just over the horizon,” he said. “With today’s rapidly changing technology, it’s impossible to accurately predict labour needs six years out. However, he added, “if businesses really believe there’ll be a shortfall of over a million workers trained in the sciences in 2018, why don’t they put their money where their mouths are and offer scholarships in the sciences to worthy students who will contract to work for them for 5 or 10 years after graduation?” he demanded.
Many businesses, he added, just want a pool of cheap labour. “Hence their support for mass Third World immigration. Last month’s unemployment figures showed 7.3% of Americans — millions of disappointed and desperate citizens — out of work. Until there is full employment, there should be a complete moratorium on immigration. Cut it all out,” he thundered.
There are two separate immigration issues, Mr. Fromm explained. The current debate about yet another amnesty for illegals shouldn’t even be happening. “They are illegals. The establishment press tries to fudge the issue by labelling them ‘undocumented migrants.’  They  didn’t forget their documents on the bureau this morning. They don’t have any,” he said to waves of laugher. ” They are illegals! That is: They are unlawfully in the U.S. They should be rounded up and deported, no questions asked,” he argued.
The more serious question is legal immigration, Mr. Fromm continued. “Given the present below-replacement White birth rate and the million plus wave of legal, mostly Third World, annual immigration, the European founding/settler people will be a minority by 2041. This is ethnic cleansing on the installment plan,” Mr. Fromm charged.
“We need a minimum five year moratorium on all immigration,” he said. “In talking to your colleagues, neighbours and relatives, the best way to sell a moratorium is simple logic. With high unemployment — the real, not the official, rate may be above 15% — there are only two possibilities,” he said. “Pedro will get a job. Hooray for Pedro but this means an American does not get a job. America loses. Or, Pedro does not get a job. America must care for him on welfare and house him and medicate him. Sad for Pedro and again America loses. It’s our task as activists to help our fellow Whites see through the fog of lies and phoney arguments and see their own interests clearly,” the Canadian broadcaster and former educator concluded.
White Nationalist veteran publisher (The Thunderbolt, The Truth At last) Dr. Ed. Fields and Paul Fromm

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