Jew-infected US Court no longer Supreme! Must be abolished!

No Longer Supreme!

Created on 03 July 2013

Written by Jim Kirwan

With the Supreme Court now infected by a five to four consensus led by LGBT activists the Supreme Court is no longer unbiased in its positions and consequently must be abolished!

With the ADL and its Jewish Organizations filing an amicus brief with the court and with four of its LGBT rights friendly Jews on the bench: Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, and the proven same sex advocate Kennedy; Jewry succeeded in getting DOMA struck down… This is a complete skewing of judicial temperament… Moral Amicus toward homosexual couples and on that basis struck it down. This is not legal jargon my friends; this is an attack on the moral underpinnings of legal-writ in America by the Supreme Court itself.
Once the moral component is extricated then charges against those who steal, bribe, blackmail, cheat and even commit murder can be dropped on grounds that a moral amicus is motivating the charges’…(1)
Couple this sell-out of the American Republic with what has just happened to Edward Snowden, who is stuck in Russia, officially without a country. At the core of both these obscenities are the claims of international-state’s illegal-rights over the lives of ordinary people.
Everything we do in this world is governed by “artificial-permissions”. The state demands control over every comma, in every life, and it has never been their “right” to do that. From the Birth Certificate to the required Death Certificate we have allowed governments to control every aspect of our journey through life, regardless of the country that anyone resides within.
Similarly with marriage: The natural choices people make about whom they marry and how they chose to live that life has been controlled by the state for eons. Religions have been playing their part in that aspect of life for centuries as well. Consequently we have all come to a nearly impossible-crossroads that must be dealt with.
Religions, like the state’s artificial interest in our choices, are dictated by money and profits. In many cases religions have proven themselves to be interested-political-parties which remain unregistered political parties who don’t pay taxes. Finally whenever anyone makes a decision that the state disapproves of, the paperwork i.e. the passports, societal-approvals or disapprovals and or social sanctions ­ for any individual: Can be cut off from the papers needed for anyone to be seen as being-human or being entitled to live their own lives outside the norms of the rest of society.
This is the real crime behind all the international spying and the police-state ID papers that are meant to control the technical-validity of anyone anywhere to exist or to be summarily arrested on SUSPICION alone.
Suspicion is something that any person can now be arrested and held for—for the rest of their life without any charges ever being filed or any trial ever being held. (2)
Those who sit in judgment over the rest of us need to be impartial and not prejudiced toward one side of the issue or the other. Increasingly this cannot happen in a world where a few disconnected and prejudiced-creatures have the absolute power to corrupt the intentions and the lives of those they do not agree with.
San Francisco is a city that is now owned by the same criminals that are responsible for the crimes that were committed by the US Supreme Court. Heterosexuals in San Francisco are now considered dangerous and an impediment to a healthy society. That view predates the AIDS epidemic.
These kinds of deviations from the norm were once the point of having a Republic. Because in a Republic those with a minority opinion can be protected from the majority-opinion of the mob which is what the term Democracy stands for: “Mob Rule”!
The nation in the case of the LGBT judges is being forced to accept a minority opinion that outrages the vast majority of the United States.
In this case this “legal-decision” is being backed by war-criminals and global-murderers that run the police-state imprisoning the public that is too terrified of Martial-Law to demand justice for their own lives and an end to this corrupted “Supreme-Court”.
In the case of Snowden, he is being silenced by not being allowed to exist without a state to recognize his legitimacy to exist. Yet the entire planet can see that his ‘crimes’ stem not from having spoken the simple truth, but from daring to speak about what has been known for years. This amounts to an upside down world in which truth can no longer be spoken of. Human life is no longer allowed to be free or protected from the criminal states that NOW CLAIM to own us all. (3)
In the Middle-East this entire global-farce over the criminal misrepresentation of the people in Egypt is being exposed by Zionist owned TIME magazine, in America. In its cover story about the fantasies of the failed leader of Egypt who is about to implode from his own corruptions the world can see even when Amerikans cannot; what happens when puppets make the mistake of thinking they are ‘real’.
President Mursi has succumbed to US-Saudi-Zionist pressure and joined the crusade in Syria”
k) Despite the fact that Mursi is being driven out of Egypt by the Egyptians and the Egyptian military has given him just hours to vacate his office: Mursi chose to do this at a time when the forces of Assad in Syria are making their own ending to existing pressures that have for over two years been attacking Syria and are about to be ended, within the next few days…
Since becoming president, he has badly mishandled Egypt’s affairs and with a bankrupt economy, he embarked on a policy that will have serious repercussions for the country’s future.” (4)
CERTAINITY” is in short supply everywhere, about everything that currently passes for the war-torn “powers” that are claiming Zionist control over the whole planet: When in fact it is they who are in chaos at the moment and the TIME story just proves how out of touch the Zionist press is!
This is especially true inside the US which is under-siege by the same forces that are failing in Syria, just as they have failed miserably with their appointment of Mursi and his totally corrupt Muslim Brotherhood. This farce will become pivotal to the other fake-nations which the Zionist cabal set up throughout Africa and the Middle-East as we all approach the edge of oblivion.
Death comes to everyone in the world. But this unnatural hastening of that process for both humanity and the planet must end much sooner rather than later, if there is ever to be a tomorrow anywhere – anymore!
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