Moron Cameron welcomes EU's destruction of nations

From: “Freenations” <>
Date: July 2, 2013 7:08:50 AM PDT (CA)
Subject: Moron Cameron welcomes EU’s destruction of nations
Speaking in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan on the day that former Yugoslav republic Croatia became the EU’s 28th member state, the prime minister hailed the power of the EU to transform divided societies. The Guardian
Like when the EU broke up Czechoslovakia into: the old  Nazi State of Slovakia (which actually volunteered to send their Jews to germany!!) and the Czech Republic
Like when the EU broke up Yugoslavia into:  Extremist Bosnian Muslims, vicious Kosovo Albanian Muslims and murderous Roman catholic and openly fascist Croats
Like when the EU’s Committee of the Regions seeks to destroy the democratic parliaments of sovereign Nations
Like when the EU promotes Scottish and Welsh separatism from the UK.
With a moron like Cameron who needs a Hitler??
PB: …Like when EU promotes division of homogeneous Poland (!) into a German “minority” province in the country’s southwest,  Ustasha-like extreme nationalist genocidal Ukrainian part in the southeast, ancient Kashebe folk part in the north, and the rest… Go f…k yourself in “indivisible” Israel, Judeocentric morons!

By piotrbein