BUSH HIDING IN EXILE! Obama's Arrest, Bush's Trial

PB: How serious is this and from which side?
Francis Boyle was instrumental in the indictment of Milosevic in Hague on trumped up Muslim charges of genocide at Srebrenica and other fabrications of the ruling cabal in Washington and Brussels. The cabal had to murder Milosevic in his Hague cell, so bad the trial went for them.
As far as I know, Boyle has not worked on indicting the other, real criminal politicians and commanders , on the Albanian, Muslim and Croat sides of the Balkan wars.
Marjorie Cohn talks about thousands killed i Iraq by the USA and the coalition and mercenaries led by the US, whereas the more correct figure is about 5 million Iraqi civilians (incl. at least half a million children) killed by military actions, massacres, secret executions, sanctions, depleted uranium…
In any case, which tribunals would try the US criminals? The cabal has hijacked and controls the s.c. international justice.

BUSH HIDING IN EXILE! Obama’s Arrest, Bush’s Trial

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By piotrbein