Christopher Bollyn: Making Sense of 9-11 Disinformation

PB: Nano-termite could have been used in conjunction with micro-nukes. Evidence? Seismograms.
But I agree with Bollyn’s: Their strategy to neutralize the truth movement employs several tactics:  maligning the movement, confusing the issue, and attacking those who expose the truth. We have experienced it in Poland while trying to unravel the 4/10 catastrophe of the Polish government plane at Smolensk in 2010, with almost 100 VIPs on-board, incl. the President and the Chief Commanders of the Polish military. Their presence together on one plane, just years after an airplane catastrophe at Miroslawiec, involving Polish military brass, tells us that the event has been planned in advance. Similar as in the case of 9/11, official investigations in Poland, Russia and the West have never answered basic questions about 4/10, while independent investigations have been ridiculed and their proponents attacked… The confusion created in the process has given rise to unbelievable emotionality, exploited in political maneuvering of the whole nation.


Making Sense of 9-11 Disinformation

Created on 04 July 2013

Written by Christopher Bollyn

The government claims that the Twin Towers simply collapsed due to fire although an explosive form of super-thermite was later found in the dust. This photo shows that a great deal of explosive energy was released during the pulverization of the towers.
Are you confused by the different claims and explanations about the events of 9-11? If you are, you are certainly not alone. Whether you are new to the 9-11 truth movement or have been a skeptic since Day One, you have probably been confused more than once by the various claims and counter claims about what really happened.
For the average citizen the subject of 9-11 truth is bound to be confusing.
The U.S. government and mass media have relentlessly pushed their unproven version, which is not supported by the laws of physical science or the evidence. On the other hand, a slew of “9-11 truthers” promote a variety of contrary explanations.  Truth seekers find themselves in a land of confusion. What’s one to believe?
The official version clearly fails to answer the most fundamental questions about 9-11, such as why the three towers fell. Even though the government’s seriously flawed explanation defies the laws of science it was nonetheless used to change the way we live and to instigate two wars of aggression in which hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed.
Even when we realize that we have been deceived on a massive scale, it’s not easy to accept that the government has lied about 9-11.  It’s very uncomfortable for an American to contemplate that their government would engage in a massive criminal cover-up and send thousands of Americans to fight and die in Afghanistan and Iraq based on nothing but a pack of lies.
When you discover that the U.S. government and mass media have indeed lied to us about 9-11, you realize that the whole “War on Terror” construct is nothing but a massive fraud. This means that the Bush and Obama administrations are criminal operations at the highest level of government.

PARTNERS IN CRIME – The fact that Barack Obama continued the criminal wars and surveillance programs started by George W. Bush indicates that Obama’s campaign slogan “Change you can believe in” was a total lie. Five years later, he has not even closed Gitmo, something he could do with the stroke of a pen.
So, you see why 9-11 truth is a very painful subject to contemplate. It means either you believe the lies and support the fraudulent “War on Terror” or you basically divorce yourself from the federal government. This is certainly not an easy choice for any patriotic American.
Even if you have crossed that bridge and understand that the government is lying, the truth of 9-11 is not so easily found on the other side. The truth-seeker trying to make sense of the competing claims and understand who is responsible for 9-11 is likely to find this effort quite perplexing. There are different and contrary theories out there and they can’t all be true. So, how does one make sense of the different explanations?
First, one needs to realize that the 9-11 truth movement is full of disinformation agents whose mission is to confuse people. To understand why there is so much disinformation, we need to think like a perpetrator and understand that the people behind the 9-11 cover-up see the truth movement as an enemy that needs to be neutralized.
For the perpetrators of 9-11, the truth movement is only a serious problem when it gets too close to the truth. Their strategy to neutralize the truth movement employs several tactics:  maligning the movement, confusing the issue, and attacking those who expose the truth.
As an investigative journalist who has researched 9-11 a great deal, I have personally seen how these tactics have been applied.
First, skeptics of the official version who raise serious questions about 9-11 are maligned as “conspiracy theorists” and, as George W. Bush told the United Nations, we should “never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.”
The mainstream media, working hand-in-glove with the Zionist war party, has completely maligned and ignored the 9-11 truth movement. When the BBC interviewed me in June 2005 their first question was, “Why are you the only American journalist who does not believe the official version of 9-11?”
I told them that if that were true it was probably because other journalists who questioned the official version had been fired.
Secondly, competing and contrary theories are promoted to confuse people about what caused the destruction at the World Trade Center.
The evidence indicates that sophisticated forms of super-thermite were used to pulverize the Twin Towers from the top down leaving nothing but steel and dust. In the dust chips of an explosive nano-composite of super-thermite were discovered by Dr. Steven E. Jones and an international team of scientists.

Fragments of the super-thermite explosive found in the dust of the demolished Twin Towers
Because this scientific discovery clearly exposes the 9-11 deception the perpetrators have attacked it by promoting theories that claim that mini-nuclear bombs or unknown energy beam weapons are responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers.
While these competing theories are not supported by the evidence they are useful for the perpetrators because they confuse people and create a division in the truth movement that can be exploited to attack the one theory that has been proven – the use of explosives and super-thermite in the demolition.
And thirdly, the perpetrators attack those truth seekers who get too close to the truth. In my opinion, this is why Dr. Steven E. Jones and I were both attacked within a period of three weeks during the summer of 2006. We were both viciously slandered and prosecuted. We lost our jobs and primary sources of income. I was actually brutally attacked by three heavily-armed undercover police at my home and then maliciously prosecuted on charges that I had assaulted them.
We are the only two 9-11 researchers that I know of who have been attacked for our work.  The people who promote the competing theories which challenge the super-thermite theory apparently do not face any such threats.
I was, in fact, a working journalist when I was attacked at my home near Chicago yet not a single journalist or organization for the defense of journalists even contacted me about the brutal attack that left me TASERed with a broken elbow. The Chicago newspapers that reported the incident did so without even contacting me to get my side of the story.
The newspaper I wrote for, the supposedly patriotic American Free Press, suddenly fired me 6 weeks after the attack. I was set-up on a radio show and then accused of disloyalty. I was also accused of having filed false stories (although none were specified) and subsequently fired – after the paper had collected funds for my legal defense.
These then are the basic tactics that are used to neutralize the 9-11 truth movement: malign the movement, confuse the issue, and attack those who expose the truth. The strategy of the perpetrators is to use slander and disinformation to sow suspicion and doubt about those who have discovered the truth.
In this way the perpetrators try to marginalize the importance of the most crucial discoveries about 9-11. But it is the perpetrators and their disinformation agents who are fighting a losing battle because while they may temporarily delay their day of reckoning, in the end the truth will prevail.
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