Jim Stone: Stop believing that America is the land of the free just because Hollywood says so

Written by Jim Stone

I guess the biggest thing of the day is that French President François Hollande has just told America to stop spying on the E.U. or all agreements are void. And I would have to say I agree. Spying on other nations to the extent that the NSA is doing it is clearly something that is far beyond what any enemy to date has done on any other country. Since the spying is directly named by the NSA as “Electronic Warfare”, then the NSA is indeed engaging in an act of war against nations that are supposed to be allies. It is easy to sleep on past realities, but the world really needs to awaken to the present reality – that America has become a grotesque totalitarian monster and if the E.U. does not wake up to this reality, that monster is likely to eat them.
I am sure the intellectually challenged will go on believing that America is the land of the free just because Hollywood says so. But even second world countries like Mexico have freedom Americans can only dream of, I know this because I have been in Mexico long enough to see the reality here. America is a has been nation. It is very sad to say so, and though Mexico is not quite up to the economic level of America it is perceptibly close and on top of that, the government is not crushing the people. For one quick example, (and there are thousands of examples) – there are SEVERAL 60 plus MPG full sized family sedans in Mexico that cannot be bought in America, the Seat Toledo is not the only one, and all of them get five star European safety ratings. All of them have ultra clean emissions.
The fact that the American government is faking it and lying about fuel efficiency ratings, releasing “new minimum fuel efficiency requirements” while they ban cars that double and triple them all the while they rig Google to return zero results on highly fuel efficient full sized 4 door vehicles including full sized SUV’s elsewhere in the world is clear proof that American government has transformed a once free nation into a fantastically wicked totalitarian state which lives on lies alone. The reality is that the government in power is an enemy that hates the people, and does not want the people to have any relief from the soaring fuel prices in the hopes of impoverishing them and getting them on the bus where the state controls the ride. They silence parents who know their children got damaged by tainted vaccines. They spy on everyone. They do not want the people to be able to escape GMO and to HELL with even the bees.
The world needed a solid wake up call regarding what America has become, and Snowden rang the bell. If the European Union continues to abide by past agreements now that America’s totalitarian spy network is a daily reality on European soil, it would be an act of foolery unprecedented in world history. With the NSA, America has clearly stood up as the enemy to all nations. It is my greatest hope and prayer that the American people put this right, but with that control grid now in place, where the government knows all, I’d say the chances of that happening – a truly representative government with only moderate corruption – is a far gone fantasy.

The Egyptians have rejected the American puppet

There is a civil war brewing in Egypt over Morsi. I don’t think he stands a chance. He’s an angel compared to Obama, but Egypt does not have the same mind control and surveillance grid in place that America has, and if someone is not good for the people they are still able to react. My guess is that with the military activating against Morsi, the Egyptians will end up with more than just a puppet government and America will move in and put it right. This has provided a nice war alternative to Iran and you can bet something will happen if things go totally against the will of the global elite.

The Bolivian President was refused flyover in Europe

Upon rumor that Snowden might be aboard his plane, the President of Bolivia was refused flyover and forced to land in Austria before he ran out of fuel, where the Austrians forcibly searched his plane looking for Snowden. And about this I have plenty to say – If the governments of the E.U. takes action against America as a result of what Snowden has revealed, at the same time they refuse Snowden the ability to fly over their territory and even try to seize him to return him to America for political favors, they are the lowest opportunistic scum there is and the E.U. should be dissolved. Of course they will use the excuse that agreements and treaties and policy forced them to and that they did it by rule of law, but when the law becomes immoral and forces action that amounts to pure evil, there should be enough common sense to see that and not comply. Forced compliance to policy even when it is evil is what totalitarian really means. That having been said, the governments of the E.U. do a much better job of representing the will of the people than D.C.

Bring your bug out kit

If you will be away from home for the 4th of July weekend, bring a few extras in case anything happens. This is not a prediction of any sort, but the NSA scandal has the roaches running for cover and they are no doubt looking for a way to put a bandaid on the situation. Don´t wreck camping, just take a little extra caution and HAVE FUN. If you have a camera with manual controls, I have discovered that the best firework photos happen at ISO100, F8, and a 1/4 second shutter. If you want longer streamers use a half second shutter.
Using a high ISO will only add noise, fireworks are very bright and to get the colors to show up you need to use a low ISO and tight aperture. The shutter speed is not nearly as important as getting the aperture and ISO right, F8 and ISO100 is always a winner with fireworks. Super long exposures only muddy things up, half second max. Obviously you will need a tripod. If you use the two second timer, and guess when the burst will happen correctly, you will completely avoid shutter bump and get much cleaner photos. That is how I do it.
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