Jim Kirwan: Espionage – And the Creatures Who Do It Everyday!

Espionage – And the Creatures Who Do It Everyday!

Created on 05 July 2013
Written by Jim Kirwan

What Did We KNOW & When Did We Know It?

Some information from Alex Jones, compiled some time back. None of this information was secret. It was actually reported at the time—proudly by the White House & on the back pages of the media.

Since 1995 when I really got informed, I was politically active in college… early on I learned who the enemy of the Republic was, a new type, a generation of a George Shultz, a Henry Kissinger, and who a Zbigniew Brzezinski was and that’s Rahm Emanuel. He is a total anti-gunner; he wants to ban Americans owning fire-arms. He spearheaded the assault weapons ban. He spear headed NAFTA: And yet he is the man who gets jobs done; and he is sworn to get our guns! That’s the new [White House] Chief of Staff they’re talking about… it’s really bad folks…
It was one thing in the last administration and I was hoping it was a fluke and it was gonna stop; but come on folks: Every key person in the Bush Administration and now in this next administration: Just so happen to be the sons and daughters of the founders of Israel and Mossad chiefs and people and who are openly not even US citizens: And they openly are at the head of the table in the anti-gun operations in the US.
I’m sick of it. I mean Rahm Emanuel has been in the Israeli military. He gets up on news and says he’s ‘Israel-First’ ­ and I’ve had enough of him. I mean I’m really getting sick of it… I’m against Schwarzenegger being a foreigner—he’s over here being anti-gun and he also wants all these carbon taxes and the rest of it. I’m sick of it. But we don’t have Austrians in every major power position. British Intel’s deeply infiltrated and got their people everywhere too…
It’s one thing to have powerful elements of Israeli lobby all over the Bush administration, and being some of the most energetic cheerleaders for the Patriot Act and torture and police-state measures and warrantless spying—and that’s bad. But to have a Rahm Emanuel whose father was one of the head-terrorists that founded Israel ­ and Rahm himself who is Israel-military, Israeli-Intelligence, a dual-citizen: I mean I’d be against having the Chief of Staff be British, and openly work for the British government! I’d be against having Arnold Schwarzenegger being in this cabinet, which they’re talking about doing. It’s bad, on its face its wrong. On its face it stinks to high heaven.
In Haaretz, in the Jerusalem Post, in the Agency French press, these are the headlines: ‘Obama’s Choice for Chief of Staff put’s Israel’s Man in the White House.’ And that’s the headline in Israel. You know “We run the White House, we’ve got the White House” ­ but as an American Citizen I’m not suppose to mention that! I’m supposed to sit down and shut up and go along with that. Now to add insult to injury here, do we need to have “questionable birth” ­ to have your lineage in this country be about a centimeter deep like Obama to be president now? Do you have to not be born here, to say that you want to be a Hitler Dictator to be a governor? Do you have to be an open Mossad Officer like Chertoff or ___, or Rahm Emanuel? I mean do you have to be a foreigner to run our government? I mean is it not enough that the Israeli government runs the company that does 98% of caller ID and phone trafficking in the nation—that’s been mainstream news!
Is it not enough that Israel has THE sole contract to guard the nuclear weapons ­ our own government doesn’t even have control of them? Is it not enough that Israel had fingerprints all over 911? The Executive branch is nothing but a nozzle to suck up the wealth and treasury of this country, and to off-shore it!
The congress is completely ceremonial! And until we start ADMITTING that the congress has handed over its authority, was threatened with Martial Law when they were getting a thousand to one phone calls AGAINST the Banker-Takeover-Bill—and they did it because they know they are threatened with Martial Law. They are threatened with the media destroying them: They are CEREMONIAL.
They have been cowed, they are afraid, because they know they will be killed, they’ll be shut-up, they’ll be destroyed and they know that. This country is now under total darkness.” (1)
Yesterday it was made clear that the government KNEW in April of 2001, long before 911 happened, all of the specifics in depth, and they lied about that knowledge to everyone who became aware of it. Susan Lindauer tells her story in the shadow of Edward Snowden, and the international-farce of charging him with Espionage. (2)
In addition we know quite clearly now that the so-called Supreme Court is nothing now but a five-to-four majority of openly gay and totally twisted creatures that are not qualified to be on any court, much less the Supreme Court of the United States. (3)
As for the traitors who own and totally control the “news & information arm” of 98% of the media—the American-public has overlooked the requirements of the airways which they own. Instead of paying for that right to broadcast which the media agreed to provide the news and information of the day, everyday on OUR airways – along with whatever else they chose to air.
In the 1980’s this practice was totally destroyed when the networks dropped the NEWS Division and chose to instead incorporate the ‘obligatory-news’ into the Entertainment Divisions of their programming. This story was the background for the film NETWORK. That criminal-action demolished their right to use the public’s airways. Since that time “The Media” has been illegally using the public’s airways to broadcast PURE PROPAGANDA, without bringing the public any of the real news from around the world, or even from local communities.
All broadcast licenses must be reapplied for by the remaining 6 corporations that own the licenses. Their entire profits for all the years after they killed the news divisions need to be seized. The American-public must be compensated-for the THEFT of our airways and the ensuing propaganda that has taken over from the constitutionally protected rights of the free-press that was behind the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
The only reason for the Constitutional-protection of the media was the supposition that this country would maintain enough journalists to keep the public informed. Now we no longer have journalists, just stenographers for the government’s plans to capture and kill us all.
No one bothered to even notice that we no longer have “NEWS” as such, anywhere in the corruption which spews forth hourly from every television, every radio 24-7: Not to mention all the BS publications that no longer do investigative journalism. There was no mandate to cover the world, in 1776: However any nation that is not aware of events taking place in the world today cannot exist for long; and the US is no exception to this fact.
There is no one in the traditional media today that is covering “the other-side” of any story that does not follow the current communist lines coming out of the White House. There are no investigations of any of the government’s claims, crimes or murders—everything is just accepted as doctrine because of a “national-security” that is actually serving the war-criminals in this government and inside Israel.
In short we can no longer TRUST this Nest of Vipers or believe anything they continue to lie to us about—which includes everything they are involved in each and every minute of every day.
Re-read the facts displayed in this short article and then do your own research—because we have all been had—BIGTIME!

This must end now!

1) Alex Jones Admitting It’s the Zionists ­ 8 min video
2) Bush & Cheney Knew About 9/11 Months Before it Happened Says Whistleblower Charged Under Patriot Act ­ 9min 52 sec – VIDEO
3) No Longer Supreme!

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