Blacks Want to Kill Random Whites

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Subject: Fwd: Altering an old school district (Dallas); and (2) Love
ETHNICITY IN B&W (Reduced to save time/space)
Just got this. Interesting. See the stuff about a media moving-making hero (at the end).
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Subject: Altering an old school district (Dallas)
Date: July 14, 2013 2:45:24 PM EDT
The integration which began in the 1970s was mostly by large numbers (roughly 10,000) of lower class blacks into middle class white schools. The much smaller number of whites ordered to integrate majority black schools refused to attend them. They and their families became the first major wave of white flight out of Dallas into the suburbs (and in some cases, the Park Cities). Where integration took place, troubles soon began: inter-racial fights, including riots of up to 200 students; complaints by white students that blacks were held to lower standards in behavior and grades; complaints by black students that white students were unfriendly, white teachers were unfair, and white administrators punished blacks more often and more harshly than whites.
By the mid-1970s, white parents had had enough. Besides the troubles mentioned above, their children told them of white girls being groped by black boys in hallways and having their blouses ripped by black girls in the bathrooms, of stairwells controlled by blacks who required whites to pay a toll to use them, of black students who never went to class, but roamed the hallways instead. They looked to the principals and superintendent Nolan Estes for help, but federal judge Sarah Hughes had already pronounced DISD “institutionally racist” and demanded DISD stop suspending black students for truancy, smoking, disrespect, and loitering in the hall. What discipline was left in the integrated schools quickly deteriorated even more. The parents then turned to the leadership of Dallas for help, but the city’s “shadow government,” the Dallas Council – made up of 250 of the wealthiest and most high powered businessmen and lawyers in the city – told them to get lost, that the courts must be obeyed. (Most of these civic leaders actually lived in the Park Cities or sent their children to private all-white schools.) The courts themselves kept changing their definition of what constituted integration – five different de-segregation plans were implemented by the courts between 1971 and 1984. Schools were closed, reopened, and closed again. Attendance zones were redrawn over and over, forcing students to attend different schools, sometimes every year. In response to this chaos, whites voted with their feet. They left for the suburbs: for Richardson and Plano, for Garland and Mesquite, and eventually Rockwall and Coppell. If they had enough money they got into the Park Cities. Thousands of white newcomers to Texas, refugees from the declining economy of the “rustbelt” Midwest, saw what was happening inside Dallas and opted for the suburbs over the city. 1973 was the last year in which whites made up a majority of students in DISD.
Blacks were upset as well. They bore the burden of busing, of sending their kids into unfamiliar and (they believed) hostile territory every school day. They were also offended by the underlying premise of race-mixing in the classroom: that black children could not succeed academically without the magic influence of white children sitting next to them.
And then there were the test scores. In most integrated schools (nationwide as well as Dallas), the test scores of blacks did not improve, and in some schools they declined. White scores also remained stagnant, or in some cases declined. In the few schools where black scores didimprove, the school was as likely to be non-integrated (i.e., 100% black) as it was to be racially mixed. James Coleman belatedly realized that the data on which he based his 1966 report favoring race-mixing in the classroom as a way to improve black academic performance was flawed: it was based on samples which were too small or represented the experiences of small numbers of black middle class students who entered previously white schools within a few blocks of their own house. But ever the true believer, Coleman now emphasized (in his 1975 report) non-academic reasons for continuing to press forward in integrating the schools. Citing statistics showing an increase in interracial dating in some integrated schools and a national increase in marriages between blacks and whites, Coleman claimed this was “an encouraging trend,” asserting that, “No society is going to be completely integrated until there is widespread interracial marriage.”
In other words, raising black test scores to white levels, or achieving equality in education between whites and blacks, was no longer the primary goal of integration. Integration for its own sake was now the goal.
Hi my friend,
Just got back from an iron hoss trip. Doctor James, you hit the nail on the head.
It’s all about the Z media. My grandfather and dad use to say something like, “Whoever has the most Zyds loses.” Well, the country is absolutely filled with N-lovers. You’ve provided a perfect example by referring to Spike Lee -an American media hero-  who gave out what he thought was Zimmerman’s address. It’s all about the media-info-flow. In all probability, this country will become something like some of the So. Am states.
The majority-hating media wants us to think it’s all about hate. How absurd. It’s simply that people wish to be amongst their own. My dad use to say that if he sought to rent to blue-eyed, red headed, Polish or Russian-speaking pretty women, that was his business… and not some anti-majority government (“of” and “By” the people) who pushed bussing down the throats of a nation, where 95% of its citizens didn’t want it!
You otta give me your cell number, as I hate to put stuff in cyberspace. At least over the phone a fellow can speak in riddles while standing on the land of free speech…
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Why is this teen being arrested, but when Spike Lee posts Zimmermans false address and a family not connected with him at all is harassed and in fear of their own safety, Spike Lee is not arrested? Come on, we have to stop the hatred and violence towards one another. Whatever race you are, we are all human. Stop the fight clubs, the MMA, boxing, etc… and learn to just get along without having to resort to violence. That is all that is on TV, movies, and social media. Just stop it! Teach people to respect another persons right to live, their property, and have some dignity. Once we do that crime would go down. RESPECT EACH OTHER!
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Subject: Normal Discourse: Blacks Want to Kill Random Whites
Date: July 14, 2013 3:46:59 AM EDT
fulltext of the screenshots (all the would be killers are Black):
(1) iWanna BAhBillionaire @ Pretty_Vette: Trayvon artin need justice! Gimme me tha pistol ill kill Zimmernam myself
(2) Young Kareeeem @Tyler_Close: I Zimmerman don’t go to jail ill kill him for $20
(3) @ZackSlateExe: If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka
(4) FuckYourFeelings/com @BihhimaBahAhh: If Zimmerman get off, Ima go kill a white boy and use the same story he did…
(5) @BE4L_Pervis: If Zimmerman win, I’m gonna go kill a white a kid by mistake
(6) Creeplife @bossmobbseant: If George Zimmerman win I’m gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmweman I swear lol
(7) Loe Lys @HotTpoicLys: [fuuuuuuck] Don West. [fuck] George Zimmerman. I’ll kill both them [niggers]
(8) @Howie_Doet @_WellDonee: Ill kill Zimmerman my self [fuck] it pistol whip the [fuck] outta him
(9) Im Known As… @MyCashSoEndless: [Fuck] that [nigga] Zimmerman, I’ll kill that ‘nigga] myself
(10) Angela Ahalfieeee: [fuck] it. i’ll kill Zimmerman myself
(11) [same as (7)]
As always the threats go un-investigated.

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