Climate Change and its Disastrous Impacts on Earth and Humanity

PB: Lesley Docksey’s article published in GlobalResearch is alarmist, ignorant, pessimistic and emotional, instead of being based on scientific fact (to which Docksey has some pretense):

[…] imagine a future of no future, of no schools or universities, no musical instruments or theatres, no art, no writing, no research, no science.  All that will disappear if humanity is overwhelmed by climate change.  Then who will be left to mourn the silencing of Beethoven and Brahms?

Humanity has faced worse, sudden disasters, yet it has survived. Climate change is relatively easy to adapt to, if it was not for fear-mongering and political-financial manipulation. A key conclusion of climate adaptation research, in which I took part at Environment Canada: wealthy countries will adapt to climate change better than poor countries, while problems would chiefly stem from the lack of wealth distribution between the haves and the have-nots on the Planet
Why call for global action on supposed anthropogenic, while the key factor of climate change — the solar effect — remains a shameful, total blank!?
Docksey is wrong that,

  • humanity forgets history lessons — rather, the lamestream media try to make us forget and learn falsified history instead;
  • historical records are devoid of ancestral recall — just read the Hindu Veda, or its Slavic equivalent;
  • HERstory would be better than HIStory — there is no evidence  that women in politics, media, research, education etc. are any better than men;
  • George Monbiot is a scientific or moral authority — his pro nuclear-lobby comments after Fukushima meltdowns disqualify him from the dissident crowd forever;
  • humans are a destructive force only — it is a matter of education and political will, never mind spirituality etc. New Age talk, for example look at this;
  • ancestral memory, which has been lost, preserves knowledge that would be useful under climate change — the memory has been lost chiefly in the West, so the author omits the majority of humanity and in any case doesn’t recognize human ability to learn anew;

Destruction of the Library of Alexandria was not an act of nature, but a deliberate political action. Very rich Slav history and “pagan” beliefs (similar to Hindu Veda) remain unknown not due an “act of God”: the documents, artifacts, memory and archeological sites have been systematically destroyed by Christianity that has been forced on the Slav “pagans” since 9th – 10th century , and by the foes of the Slavs over the ages: the Germanic tribes, Vatican, Judeo-masons
Given the above, I wonder why Michel Chossudovsky allows rubbish of this kind be published in his collection of otherwise high-profile articles.

Climate Change and its Disastrous Impacts on Earth and Humanity

By piotrbein