David Duke: How the Media Incites Violence and Racism in the Zimmerman Case

Mike Adams: “Racism theater” and why America needs HEALING, not hatred and division

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

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How the Media Incites Violence and Racism in the Zimmerman Case


Published on Jul 15, 2013


This video reveals the real and violent racism that pervades our society. It is a racism and violence incited by a third party, the real dominators of media, government and finance who have waged a century long campaign to depose and replace European Americans. In their effort to overthrow a 90 percent European American nation they had to exact a divide and conquer strategy.
They worked to change the demographics of America and at the same time incite the other races against European Americans. At the same time they had to erase in Europeans any sort of loyalty to their own heritage and interests so as to not have the moral strength to stand up against the ultra-racist ethnic usurpers.
In order to that they used their media domination to instill guilt and even self-hatred in the minds and hearts of their perceived enemies and destroy their will to resist the new overlords.
The truth is that African Americans, European Americans and others are all being exploited and manipulated by the real rulers.
The real danger to African Americans is not people like George Zimmerman, who is about as much European as mixed race Obama. The real danger is the Zio-Hollywood moguls that drench Blacks (and Whites) in media that promotes violence, drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual degeneracy and disrespect of women, all these things are what has harmed millions of African Americans and millions more Europeans as well.
The Zimmerman case was just one more hatefest against their perceived ethnic enemy.
African Americans kill ten times more of each other than the number of victims killed by other races. Who teaches young Black males (and Whites) the gangsta culture of violence, drugs, thievery, sexual license? Who is responsible for the media values that have led to the the disintegrating Black family and the fact that most Black children grow up without a loving, present father.
It is the media establishment, and in case you haven’t noticed it is not controlled by European Americans, in fact, the only ones they tolerate are those who resist the ultimate racism of the real rulers of America today.
Sadly, the destruction of the European American 90 percent majority has been catastrophic not only for Europeans, but for the Palestinians and the world… because by gaining control of America for their interests they have driven the world to wars and massive economic exploitation of the International Banks.
Dr. Duke

Selected comments

Kerry Winn: Duke, the fact you use the term Ziomedia undermines much of your valid claims. 2% of the US population does not control our media, and nor does this small percent of our population currently control banking, nor media. This is a lie.

David Duke: It is simply and easily provable fact that Jews dominate Hollywood and the media conglomerates. I can quote Jewish Los Angeles Times, and Israeli Newspaper pundits who themselves boast of that fact. Watch the Jewish made film Hollywoodism and see what they themselves say about controlling Hollywood. The fact that this control comes out of just 2 % of the population says a great deal about the tribalism, privilege, discrimination exercised by this small minority to control these institutions.

DemocraticGoddess12: David Duke I love your videos about the Zionists and how they corrupted America, the banks and both parties the GOP and the Democratic party but Zimmerman should of gotten locked up because the cops told him not to follow Trayvon and he did, that’s where Zimmerman went wrong, I’m not saying Trayvon is an angel but Zimmerman should of gotten some time maybe 5 years, 3 with good behavior.

David Duke: Glad you like my videos on Zionism, but realize the Ziomedia affects views on more than Israel. The Zionists media beat the race card in the Zimmerman case. Think about what you are saying. Some dispatcher told him not to follow (by the way it is done for his security not the suspect), so because he did and somebody viciously attacks him he should serve 5 years in prison. And, as the Juror who came forward on CNN pointed out the dispatcher asked GZ if he could tell where TM was going.

Jesse Gomez: Didnt realize this dude was a racist until halfway throuh. However he presents some facts even if they are peppered with hatred.

David Duke: There is no hatred in this video. There is huge hatred in movies like Django. There is huge hateful fear mongering by the media when they say that Martin was shot for simply walking down the street after buying skittles, with not a word about the massive evidence that he viciously attacked Zimmerman, including breaking his nose. If you have ever had a broken nose, or had your head pounded in the pavement by an attacker, maybe you could understand Zimmerman’s act in self-defense.

MrMcBrainiac: Your comments are accurate, but unfortunately, because of your past, it is unlikely that a critical mass of people will take anything you say seriously. That is, unfortunately, all that matters

David Duke: Funny, how the media doesn’t mind the past of Jesse Jackson, former Black Panther supporter who admitted that he used to spit in White people’s food as a young man. That it is no problem that Nelson Mandela was a former member of a communist terror cell in South Africa. If you or anyone else let’s the media dictate who you will listen to, than you are in big trouble. Thankfully, most people can figure this out. Remember I won three elections and got huge vote percentages in major ones!

dubified89: the average person is to blame as well as the media owners. After all they’re the ones who have basically voted these channels into being the most popular, it wasn’t forced on them and they could seek out other news sources if they wanted to. Many of them will scoff at us when we try to present them with this information and refuse to look it at it. And the people who work at these channels are to blame too. Overall I think it’s good that videos like these are being made exposing the lies though.

David Duke: Yes, people have to take responsibility for themselves and their society, but at the same time, most people are not deep thinkers, they believe what they are told, what is presented as fashionable. I blame the poisoner not the poisoned.

MrMaxyield: Sorry, one can’t claim self defense while in pursuit of someone! This is a travesty. Zimmerman clearly guilty of baiting the guy…. he was also high on drugs.

David Duke: approaching someone…anyone and attempting to ask their name or ask a question of them does not entitle the person approached to attack the person inquiring of them. There is no evidence whatsoever that Zimmerman threatened or attacked Martin. There is overwhelming evidence that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor and inflicted great harm upon Zimmerman. Also approaching someone does not abrogate their right to self defense.

jacob adams: I don’t believe you are racist at all, but the way you portrayed the “ziomedia” made it possible to blame the Jewish community for racial. Still, I absolutely agree that the media absolutely is at fault for most racial conflicts. Just a small suggestion, when trying to defuse racial tension and state that racism is not present in your message, don’t show the blame to be on the Jewish community.

David Duke: Maybe you will understand when you finally realize the powerful forces in media, finance and government that are the ultimate racists. Maybe then you will begin to make sense of our insane wars for Israel in the Mideast and an immigration policy that is so damaging to our nation.

jon dW 1: zionism and the jewish community at large are not one and the same thing though , and the ideals of zionism are not upheld by the majority of jews , i know jews who have left isreal because of that reason and Dr Duke has pointed this out also , but to show it all in 1 short video would be impossible watch on and you will start to see the point he is trying to make

David Duke: Of course that is just not true. The overwhelming majority of Jews do support the Zionist State of Israel, while some Jews do oppose it bravely. Every major Jewish organization supports the Zionist State of Israel, as shown by the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. That is just the facts. As Gilad Atzmon ( former Israeli) points out, even many of the “anti-Zionist” Jews don’t oppose Jewish racism and tribalism which is what gives the Zionists such power in Western nations.
Curi Cookie: I back up Mr. Duke with his statement you need to do a lot of research and investigation in able to understand why his videos blame the Zionist Jewish control. It took me time to understand who the real enemy was until I did my own research.
dubified89: A lot of stuff is run by Jewish people it’s true but a lot of that has to be due to merit, their high intelligence, rather than a conspiracy. I’m sure that they practice favoritism with each other to try to help each other, but if you learn economics you’ll find out that in the market if you practice favoritism too much and exclude others who are talented you can lose out if your competitors gain that talent. I’m very opposed to the anti-white propaganda in the mainstream media but I think that

David Duke: I can see that you are thinking, but I hope you continue your inquiry. The book I have just published called The Secret Behind Communism shows the power not of Jewish intellect, but of Jewish tribalism. It is still going on in many different forms.In the book I am currently writing, The Zionist Conspiracy, I show that their power is not intelligence based, but created by racist discrimination. At Harvard they are 14 times overrepresented than merit justifies. Read my intro chapter at dd.com

vmeister11: I find it abhorrent that a small organized group is intentionally pitting one group against another for its own profitable purposes and further secure control of our country. ALL Americans should wake-up and pull together to out the group’s nefarious doings and fight them. This problem has plagued the US for the past 100+ years.
FuriousFatMan: David, im glad that I defended you during your senate runs in the 90s. I was still in high school, and paid a hefty price for voicing my opinions on how it is NOT racist to want to represent whites and their interests in the same way blacks, browns, yellows & purples do.
spent a few days in detention for pissing off my liberal teachers w/ the truth about racism and pointing out that current reps & sens that were ex klan members and they didn’t care because of the “D” next to their name.

rover7377: Who owns and operates CBS news?

David Duke: Leslie Roy Moonves is President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation. His great uncle is the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion.

Jesse Gomez: Didnt realize this dude was a racist until halfway throuh. However he presents some facts even if they are peppered with hatred.

David Duke: There is no hatred in this video. There is huge hatred in movies like Django. There is huge hateful fear mongering by the media when they say that Martin was shot for simply walking down the street after buying skittles, with not a word about the massive evidence that he viciously attacked Zimmerman, including breaking his nose. If you have ever had a broken nose, or had your head pounded in the pavement by an attacker, maybe you could understand Zimmerman’s act in self-defense.


David Duke: Did you watch the video? I make it clear about Zimmerman. One correction, there is no evidence Zimmerman’s father is Jewish. And no one is making him a hero. But the media has twisted the facts to racistly attack European Americans.

c1rcamaster: Hey David I’m a 17 year old black male and I really enjoyed this video. I remember learning about how NBC left out the operator’s dialogue a while back and that really made me question the mainstream media coverage of this topic. Your vid taught me new info like Trayvon’s not so innocent pics and hate crimes done by blacks. There are even protests in LA since the court found Zimmerman innocent. I really hope more people wake up and see Zionist Jews as the true enemy of the world.

David Duke: Yes, good points. I think that fairminded Blacks and Whites can sit down and work out solutions to both our people’s problems, but long ago the Zios worked to prevent that from happening.

Hull Drummer: Zimmerman needed to be portrayed as white in order for the racist narrative to work. Thats why the media and Black people insist on calling Zimmerman white or white hispanic. Minority vs Minority wouldn’t work. Great Video!

TheRealMe2015: I don’t care about your bias opinion: Thumbs down!

David Duke: Okay, Thumbs down for you. But I am thankful that the millions who watch my videos vote better than 90 percent thumbs up! And that is in spite of the fact that the mainstream media presents an opposite viewpoint that they see almost every day of their lives. That tells me that my videos are obviously some of the most unbiased videos around, so clear, logical and heartfelt that people can recognize the fundamental truth in them. Open your mind, you might learn something too!

clock959: i don’t see this as a case of racial injustice, however, i do see the verdict as a win for the NRA…now that’s what i call a police state,,, they have encouraged the vigilante population under various state laws such as ‘stand your ground’, people are encouraged to carry weapons and if they in any way feel threatened by someone they are entitled to use those weapons and then to call it self defense. the result: trayvon martin is dead, and GZ is free to walk,,,what?! racism no. injustice yes.

David Duke: You say some interesting agreeable things, but then ruin it . People owning guns for self defense is not a police state. The State owning all the guns and having all the power rather than citizens and the individual. That… is the classical police state. The most fundamental human right of all, rooted in all living things, is the right of self-preservation and self defense. How does a 90 lb elderly woman have any chance to protect her frail body from a 300 lb predator without a gun?

Qxen8: I have another question you talk alot about the zionist media promoting anti white anti racism but why would they do this when most zionist are white and zionism are the most racist ideology there is just look at palestine apartheid

David Duke: Read my book Jewish Supremacism and you will have the facts from major Jewish sources that will help you understand. They see themselves totally separate from European peoples, in fact from all of humanity. They talk openly about their struggle to “take over” America from the Europeans, and their strategic, and yes they use that word, efforts to dominate us. Also read my brand new book: The Secret Behind Communism. They hated the Russians and Ukrainians so much they massacred millions of them.

debra obrien o halleran o neal: Sad that young man ended up dad no one deserves that

David Duke: true and no one deserved to be viciously attacked either. There are thousands of dead young people from making bad mistakes of judgment, driving, drinking, drugs, dares etc. Unfortunately Martin was one of those young men. But remember all evidence points that he was attacking someone when the person defended his life.

Qxen8: i thought you were a racist at first but i guess not.

David Duke: I am the opposite of a racist. I believe that every people, every race has a right to be free and preserve their rights and heritage and live in their own traditional values and society. That no one should oppress, harm or exploit any other people. That we all have a right to live… and to preserve our own expression of humanity. A racist wants to destroy other people’s rights and make them live under their control rather than rule themselves.

Qxen8 2: So your a true anti-racist. But are you the type of guy who says “asia for asians africa for africans europe for europeans” or do you think people should have the freedom to live however they want

David Duke: I think it is a big world and people should live the way they want to live and you and I don’t have any right to tell people they have to live by the principles we espouse or even with us if they want to be among their own.

MuseHijinks: This is exactly the problem. These days, acknowledging differences between races and racial problems makes the media and the watchdogs label you as racist. This prevents any dialogue that disagrees with their propaganda because people are afraid of being labeled racist. In reality, the people who incite this behavior and use race to their advantage are the true racists.

David Duke: racist really doesn’t mean anything more than a slur these days. It means whatever the media says they want it to mean to attack some one.

TheWatchmanReport: This incident and the verdict should have nothing to do with race, but in the actual events of that evening. If both Trayvon and Zimmerman were white, it still does not justify stalking someone on a dark, rainy night after contacting the police and the police tell you to stand down, yet you continue to pursue. The stalked individual, whether black or white, would automatically feel threatened by the unknown stalker. An altercation followed whereby the INSTIGATOR kills the person stalked.

David Duke: You are NOT Stalking someone if you walk up to a suspicious person near your home and ask if they need any help or even what are they doing in neighborhood. That doesn’t give the person you speak to the right to attack you viciously. In fact when you think about protecting innocent people in their homes, what is the problem. If it happened in my neighborhood I would love to be stopped by a neighborhood watchman and thank him for making my neighborhood safer and my family safer.

debra obrien o halleran o neal: feel sorry for the young man who ended up DeAD

David Duke: That is understandable. In a greater sense it is a tragedy. But remember that it is a construction of those “creepy ass elements” who rule our society and divide and conquer us. Just a little play on words from the video, friends…

clock959: GZ was stalking Martin. And he was instructed on the telephone by the police: don’t go there, you’ve no need to follow him. He was instructed deliberately to desist, but he defied that and he continued with an armed weapon, tracking this young man.  In any place in the world, he is the person who is stalking with a loaded weapon and then shoots the person dead. For this to be called self defense turns reality on its head.  This is an example of a police state in practice!!!

David Duke: Fact, the trial brought out clearly that Zimmerman did not continue to watch Martin. Martin came back after 4 and one -half minutes..and obviously came back with violence on his mind of the type he repeatedly tweeted and boasted about on social media.

clock959: sorry, i had to dislike…one of your biggest fans, but this is just disgraceful. i don’t understand how this has anything to do with the ziomedia…an unarmed black teenager was followed, and shot to death for no apparent reason, he was just minding his own business. why–because he looked suspicious? why are you taking GZ’s side? biased much? by the way, did you re-upload this? i think i saw this video before… it would make me happy if you respond.

David Duke: It has EVERYTHING to DO WITH THE ZIO MEDIA! And the media making up this story that racist Whites killed Martin will make more young black men hate Whites and spawn more violence in a vicious cycle. Before the Zios took over America and felt unrestrained in putting out their poisons, race relations were much better in this country. By the way, Black people were a lot safer, they weren’t shooting each other on the steps in front their homes. Trayvon was driven on by Zio hate propaganda.

clock959: forget the MSM, and al sharpton…i know this shouldn’t have been a race issue to begin with…having said that, Who is GZ? He is a person who is effectively a vigilante. He is not a policeman. He was participating in the stalking of people in communities and he does so with a loaded weapon. And the circumstances pertaining to the murder of Trayvon Martin are classic in this regard. He was in his own environment near his own home. He was returning to his house having bought something at a store

David Duke: This is getting tedious. Take a rest after this, I gave you a go. Do you understand that tens of thousands of people including mothers alone with their kids get their houses broken into by thugs. Do you have any idea how terrifying that is. GZ was a volunteer trying to watch out in the neighborhood. Any decent person of a neighborhood who would be asked at night what are you doing would answer quickly and be thankful that someone is watching out for the innocent! He was doing a service!

godbluffvdgg: The news stories today as well as the talking points were brutal…Fox was spinning the story to give the casual listener the idea that the verdict was an erroneous one… That those who are protesting the verdict are deserving of more slant in their direction. Not one single contrary position in which someone says,” I am glad Zimmerman won the case.” When the Zion media as well as the Social engineer ne’er do wells collapse, perhaps then we will be free of these lies. Scumbags being scumbags.
Lucifer Fallen Angel: so the boy grow up into a fascist bigot, most blacks are being propaganda too, we must not judge this boy for being black, or being gangster, or being “Bad” we must judge the circumstances that lead this boys life in the way it did. This is called Justice. The ignorant boy was shot to death because, another ignorant person brainwashed to self defend with a gun. to me its Collision of ignorance and in any case its sad. God Bless Justice. Down with Zionist Propaganda And “Hateful Racism.”

David Duke: I agree with some of what you say… this video is about the fact that young blacks are taught hate whites as part of the Zio divide and conquer strategy. In a way, both Trayvon and Zimmerman are victims. But the truth is that Trayvon wouldn’t have been so brainwashed and hateful toward Whites he would realize the concern of a neighborhood watch person wanting to protect innocent people, would have politely said, I am going to .. to my relative at ..not be gang banger and return to attack Z.

Lucifer Fallen Angel: calling him a creepy ass cracker is not racism, its his own way of saying, “That guy kinda of Scary” Jesus..

David Duke: Cracker is a ethnic slur just like the N word. The only difference is that Cracker is deprecatory word denoting Whites while the N word is a deprecatory word denoting Blacks. Are you really that much imbued with media double-speak not to realize this. It is true that people say insulting things, even terrible things about others all the time. Nastiness and hate is nastiness and hate rather you are talking about race, or calling someone a fat slob, bastard, etc. One is no worse than the other!

NoDramaQueens: Spin it like you wanna…1)Zimmerman was following this minor (against the advice of the 911 operator) 2) Zimmerman approached this minor and somehow a fight ensued and Zimmerman was obviously losing so he shot and killer this minor. 3) Dead men tell no tales…and Zimmerman had a few stories to tell. 4) Mr.Duke was actually “kkk” then decided to try another route…Zionist threaten the Anglo Saxon American freedoms. African America doesn’t have/never had that luxury. Get real…

David Duke: you are really confused, sorry, I guess you watch too much TV. Whether Zimmerman approached Martin or whether he didn’t has NOTHING TO WITH THIS CASE! If you approach some one and even say, “what are you doing in this neighborhood,” it does not give the other person the right to viciously attack the person, and the person attacked has the right to defend himself. There was not a sliver of evidence to suggest that Zimmerman attacked Martin. And the forensics absolutely back up Zimmerman’s story.

Madam Vonkook: Apparently you are getting your info from Wackapedia(Wikipedia} You cannot show me one hateful thing Mr.Duke has said about a black person or any person for that matter in the 25 years or more ….such as a racial slur or calling for anyones let alone black people rights to be violated .Mr Duke has supported human rights for all people including Palestinians .Everything Mr.Duke says may be critical of Zionism and how they have come to control politics and media but it is all true !
Blake Deyden: I’m sorry; and I don’t mean to sound abrupt, but using Anglo-Saxons to refer to all of whites is incorrect. The Anglo-Saxons were only one kind of white people centuries ago. The Saxons and Angles are two distinct populations from Germany which came to be known as Anglo-Saxons when they migrated to Britain in the 5th century. Just say Europeans or European Americans if you want to refer to whites in a more formal way. Thanks.

David Duke: I like saying Europeans AND I believe that all distinctions among Europeans are valuable and beautiful just as believe that about humanity. But obviously all Whites are not Anglo-Saxons.

Madam Vonkook: As a person who is white that grew up in a black foster home in a black neighborhood I understand all to well about the hypocrisy for black on white racism and violence! I think you make many very good points Mr.Duke but as the Zionists Media ruined your political career anyone who should be listening will not listen as they are brainwashed by lies and propaganda deeming you a White Supremest!Thank you for your efforts! kudos to you!Is your book on amazon?

  • David Duke: People are listening. Look at the huge numbers of views of my videos and my website. Look at the ratings of all my videos. Look at my three won elections and huge percentages of votes in them. People are listening more and more each and every day. We are going to win the long struggle ahead of us!

Oliverhart131: funny how the “zionists” controlled media is attacking one of its own jews

David Duke fact, there is not a shred of evidence that Zimmerman is a Jew. Zimmerman sounds Jewish but is actually a very old and prominent German name and apparently his family has a long German Christian background on his father’s side. I do believe that if Zimmerman was even part Jewish that the media would probably have gone a lot easier on him! That’s what my 40 years of research and having open eyes tell me!

TigOlBitties77: The black Americans outraged at this verdict tend to be racists themselves. You hypocrites! At least be technical if you’re going to be racist. George Zimmerman is 25% White, 25% Black and 50% Latino.

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