From: Einar Olsen <>
Date: Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 7:41 AM
Subject: CORRECTED CONFERENCE CALL # for this SAT. and TUES, 2:00 PM Central time
To: Einar Olsen <>
Dear Friends,
This looks very important. I hope you will consider joining the call.
From: Liz Barris <>
Date: Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 3:18 AM
Subject: Nationwide Conference Call to BLOCK New Bill that MANDATES SMART GRID in the US…
Hello All,
A new and VERY DANGEROUS bill has just been introduced conspicuously by a representative from PG@E territory.  It is called “Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013”, HR 2685.
Your participation is requested on a nationwide conference call There will be 2 opportunities for connecting will now be available, Saturday and Tuesday, 2:00 PM Central time.
Participant Access Code – 494421#
Please allow the automated voice to finish its business or you will get a “wrong #” recording (even though you will have dialed the right # this time!!).
The call will be Sat. and Tues., both calls at 12 noon Pacific time, 2:00 PM, Central time, 3:00 PM Eastern time.
Thank you so much again and again, I am SORRY for the inconvenience.
Liz Barris
Full text of the bill can be read here…
This bill MANDATES that ALL UTILITIES within the US comply with it.  Meaning even utilities that currently do not have smart grid will have to convert to smart grid if this bill passes.
We believe the timely introduction of this bill may be in direct response to the current lawsuits being brought against the utilities as it has been introduced in PG@E territory, almost one month after PG@E was served with 6 cases of physical harm, directly related to smart grid and smart meters.
Passage of this bill could potentially interfere with ours and others ability to sue the utilities on this issue.  That could be devastating to the public’s ability to stop this horrific program.  The bill would in effect, become the “Telecom Act” for smart grid.  For those who do not know, the Telecom Act prohibits environmental effects from being used by citizens in a court of law to protect their own health in regards to cell towers and antenna radiation exposure.  That means that people who become sick or die from their exposure to cell towers and antennas cannot take action in court.  In other words the cell tower has more of a right to life than the human being.  This bill could potentially mimic the Telecom Act but for smart grid and smart meters since the meters could be considered to be a part of the grid.
Here are some excerpts from the bill, compliments  Red is bill language, blue is commentary by Maureen Homec.
1.  Section 2 (4) defines Load-serving entity as an entity that “provides electricity directly to retail consumers with the responsibility to assure power quality and reliability, including such entities that are investor-owned, publicly owned, owned by rural electric cooperatives, or other entities.”  In other words:  ALL ELECTRICITY PROVIDERS.
2.  Section 5 (a) says “each load-serving entity, or, at the option of the State, each State with respect to load-serving entities that the State regulates, shall determine and publish peak demand reduction goals for any load-serving entities that have an applicable baseline in excess of 250 megawatts.”  In other words every provider has to reduce the amount of electricity provided.
3.  Section 5 (c)(4) says that “…peak demand reduction goals shall provide that…” “…are realistically achievable with an aggressive effort to deploy Smart Grid”
4.  Section 5 (d) says Each load-serving entity shall prepare a peak demand reduction plan through either/and “direct reduction in megawatts of peak demand through “energy efficiency measures  or use of a Smart Grid.  HOW ELSE CAN A UTILITY MEET THESE REDUCTION GOALS UNLESS THEY CAN FORCE IT THROUGH RATIONING AND PRICE INCREASES WITH THE SMART GRID?
5.  Section 6 changes key wording in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  Wording changes:
“striking ‘reduce energy consumption during the 4-year period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act’ and inserting ‘increase energy efficiency and to adopt Smart Grid technology and practices’.”
“inserting after subparagraph (C) the following: ‘(D) purchasing and utilizing equipment that includes Smart Grid features and capability’ ”
“by inserting ‘and smart’ after ‘efficient’ and by inserting after ‘products’ the first place it appears ‘, including products designated as being smart appliances’.”
(6) PEAK DEMAND REDUCTION- The term ‘peak demand reduction’ means the reduction in annual peak demand as compared to a previous baseline year or period, expressed in megawatts (MW), whether accomplished by–
(A) diminishing the end-use requirements for electricity; RATIONING AND PRICE INCREASES
(B) use of locally stored energy or generated electricity to meet those requirements from distributed resources on the load-serving entity’s customers’ premises and without use of high-voltage transmission; or
(C) energy savings from efficient operation of the distribution grid resulting from the use of a Smart Grid.
Liz Barris <>
Hello All,
I am going to hold 2 conferences calls, one Sat. and one on Tues. both starting at 12 noon Pacific time, 3:00 Eastern time.  I am also going to send out a Survey Monkey to try and get an idea of best times for a possible weekly or bi-weekly call about this with people, as we are going to have to be vigilant about our work if we really intend on killing this bill.  PG@E is serious about the bill…already in the passed day, I am told they got another co-sponsor.  We need to let our reps know we expect them to STAY AWAY from this bill and that we will not tolerate any more corporate or government abuse in the name of “energy savings” or “homeland security”.
I am extremely grateful for the outpouring support in stopping this bill from seeing the light of day and look forward to speaking with you all when you can make one of these calls.
I will be sending out a round up of notes from our call today, but would actually like to incorporate your ideas into the email first.  So let’s just wait until we all have had our initial call.  I think splitting the days up like this is good, since over 160 people rsvp-ed for the call!!  There are some absolutely amazing minds in this group, many of you with much more background and education on this issue than myself.  I am just a frightened plaintiff in a lawsuit against smart grid and smart meters, who is no longer able to live a normal life even in my own home and neighborhood due to this infrastructure…frightened of the radiation, NOT the industry.
I am eternally grateful for your efforts and energies, your willingness to take action and your understanding  Please be on the call this Sat. at 12 noon Pacific time or this Tues. at 12 noon Pacific time.
Please let me know which time you’d prefer.
PS, I had to make a new email account because is with Go Daddy who does not allow you to easily make email groups.  Thus the gmail account.
With warmth, gratitude and sincerity,

Dr. Einar Olsen
Fairfield, IA 52556

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