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Date: July 22, 2013 10:58:38 AM PDT (CA)
Subject: launched – this is a game-changer
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Dear NaturalNews readers,
Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of, a powerful new portal into the wealth of scientific literature that documents nutritional cures, toxic chemicals (including heavy metals), benefits of holistic therapies, the dangers of prescription medications and much more.
In development for well over a year, is a FREE online resource that allows you to easily research answers to questions like:
• Does chlorella fight cancer?
• Has aspartame been scientifically studied for side effects?
• Does curcumin treat arthritis?
• Is the Mediterranean Diet supported by science?
• Are statin drugs dangerous?
• What is the link between vaccines and autism?
• What are the side effects of arsenic exposure?
• What are the side effects of drinking processed milk?
• Are food ingredients safe?
• What scientific literature supports the benefits of superfoods?
• How dangerous is chemotherapy?
All these questions — and many more — can be easily answered at
If you’d like to read more about the development of and how I created it using advanced semantic algorithms, read more at:
Explore by the name of any nutrient, disease, phytochemical, prescription drug and more allows you to explore the scientific literature by almost any keyword or concept imaginable. Over 7,000 concepts — including disease names, drug names and nutrients — have been indexed across the entire library of scientific literature.
Each concept is also statistically related to other concepts so that you can find hidden relationships in the science. For example, studies on “milk” are most frequently related to the concept of “allergies.”
You can see all the studies on “milk” at this page:
And you can see all the studies on “allergies” at this page:
Or, better yet, you can see all the studies on “milk and allergies” at this page:
There are tens of thousands of other examples of such relationships found throughout the website. is the first and only system in the world to discover and publish these relationships across the scientific literature.
Share, comment and link
In addition to being able to easily discover important relationships among millions of scientific studies, allows you to share the studies, post comments on studies and link back to the studies using a shortcut link.
This makes it easy to share fascinating new science with your friends, such as this study that reveals how chlorella causes cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis and DNA damage to cancer cells):
Or check out this study on the fact that everyday hamburgers contain as little as 2% actual meat, with the rest being water and fillers:
Signal detection algorithms
Within a few months, the entire body of published scientific papers available today will be found at, categorized and indexed into 24 commonsense categories such as “superfoods” or “heavy metals.” uses advanced “signal detection” algorithms I personally developed here at Natural News.
These algorithms allow us to discover hidden patterns in large sets of data, then to publish those patterns on the web so that millions of people around the world can benefit from the quantum leap in knowledge enabled by this technology. When you browse, you are in effect bypassing thousands of hours of research it might have traditionally taken to identify such patterns and relationships.
What used to take hundreds of hours of research can now be located in minutes. And when people ask you, “Well, what’s the proof that curcumin helps reverse cancer and arthritis,” you can easily find and share those pages:
Expect minor glitches: Still in beta state
Keep in mind that is in a beta state, and minor glitches should be expected.
Also, Google has not fully spidered the site yet, so searches won’t yet yield satisfying results. Over time, however, this will automatically improve, allowing you to use the front-page search function to find almost anything you wish.
In addition, we are constantly adding new concepts to the system. For example, in testing the site today I realized we never indexed the phrase, “kidney damage.” So I’m adding “kidney damage” to the vocabulary of the system so that it gets properly indexed and compared to other concepts. This will allow you to find lists of scientific studies on concepts like “kidney damage and cadmium.”
We’re also added classes of drugs to the system such as “beta blockers” and “antidepressants” so that you can search for side effects by drug classes, not just individual drug names.
The bottom line is that is off the ground and usable right now, and at the same time it’s going to keep getting better and more comprehensive in the weeks ahead.
SCIENCE made possible through your support
In launching this project, I want to thank all the Natural News readers, sponsors and store customers who made this project possible. The investment in this system was in the six-figures-plus range, and this will cost us just under $10,000 / month to keep online… and that’s just for starters. If traffic becomes large, that monthly bill will substantially increase.
This project was entirely funded by ad revenue and store sales. We do not apply for — nor accept — government grants of any kind. We engage in R&D and scientific endeavors because it is the right thing to do, relying on the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and American ingenuity.
Keep in mind this announcement is just one of THREE key content announcements we are making this year. The next “content realm” announcement will be made public very soon, perhaps within two weeks. And the third major announcement will be made closer to the end of this calendar year (if we can keep the R&D on track).
All of these announcements offer extraordinary knowledge benefits to the public and place Natural News in a category all its own as the leader in not just news and activism content, but scientific knowledge that can help empower and inspire tens of millions of people all around the world.
Thank you for your continued support, and with that support, we will continue to march forward, unleashing extraordinary tools of knowledge and wisdom that help uplift humanity. You can help support this effort by using as a research and reference tool while linking to or sharing study pages found there.
Thank you for your continued support!
– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of

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