Bail-in = legal confiscation of your bank account [updated collection of articles]

[Cyprus collection is at the bottom.]

US banks prepare before bailin?

How safe is your bank account?

IMF Lays the Groundwork For Global Wealth Confiscation

Bail-in being prepared for Canada

The Detroit Bail-In Template: Fleecing Pensioners to Save the Banks

James Petras: Wall Street Take-Off: 2012 – 2013

New Zealand Banks “Pre-positioning” For Cyprus-Style Bail-In

Australia Plans Cyprus-Style “Bail-In” Of Banks In 2013-14 Budget

The Bank Deposits Guarantee Is No Guarantee At All

GLOBAL LOOTING: How an EU regulation can become a law without MEP involvement

SUPER-ALARM: The new EU bail-in law was passed to rob our bank accounts

Think Your Money is Safe in an Insured Bank Account?


Bail-out Is Out, Bail-in Is In: Time for Some Publicly-Owned Banks

No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared from Confiscation

Can Anyone Trust the Central Banks? A Memo from a Central Banker

The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors


Cyprus bank deposit looting

G20 Governments All Agreed To Cyprus-Style Theft Of Bank Deposits … In 2010

Yanis Varoufakis: The Good, the Bad and the Extremely Ugly (Aspects of the Cyprus Deal)

UPDATE 2-Big savers at Bank of Cyprus to take 47.5 pct of cash in shares

The Cyprus Bail-In Blows Up: President Urges Complete Bailout Overhaul (Full Letter)

Cyprus Depositor Bail-In Set At 47.5%

The Real Story Of The Cyprus Debt Crisis (Part 2)

“In The Best Interests Of The People…

Cyprus’ Bank Deposit Bail-in

Cyprus’ Draconian Bailout Terms

The Morning After

Rampapalooza As Cyprus-Troika Reach Deal (Updates)

Eurogroup Press Conference – Live Webcast (And Full Eurogroup Statement)

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