Let's move to Detroit

From: Analityk
Date: July 27, 2013 4:28:55 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: Fwd: What do Americans really think?
I added a few fast thoughts. All this kinda reminds one of coerced busing induced by “those representing the majority,” in congress… Joe, writes a lot about IQ (good, quality stuff), but perhaps he should (also) reflect on the farce that’s La Cess Pool Grande. Voting? Come on, I’m only joking. You gotta believe.
Fakt: The Workers’ Paradise had a bigger turn over in the Kremlin that Americans do in Washington. Would the Z influence in destroying EuroMan have been possible “w/out the best of all people” and (2) their influence on Capitol Hill’s politicoWorld? Nah!
If you can’t find a decent job cuz of the elite having everything made in China, you can still buy a house in the Mo-Town. You could save a heap on the real cheap. Corpocracy will even give your kids school lectures about the Evil Empire spying of their citizens, freedom and capitalism. If you can’t relocate to the Motor City, don’t worry. With the incredible increase in the Third World population, your kids or grandchildren will have Detroit come to them.
As every honest man knows, as do uncountable numbers of Bs, all cities with large percentages of Afro-Ams require unbelievable amounts of aid, public housing… They have the highest crime rates and are dangerous (from coast to coast). Just look at Camden, N.J. and a slew of others, such as Flint. Does stating such mean you hate Bs or Ws, or others?
Does it imply that you just want to be what you are? Exactly what is the American mind set? If Americans are really racist, how did the Big ‘O’ get elected? What, exactly, is the US mind?
Perhaps the comments below are somewhat of a decent sample. Look all over cyberspace and you’ll see similar narration. Why reside in Northern New Hampshire, Maine, Montana… when you can resettle in a colourful Chicago? Move now, while the price is right.
I can recall people who had invested in the American dream for decades, giving all their cash, to own a home, walking away. Just think of that. How would you like to spend 20 or 30 years of your life labouring hard on-the-clock and paying for a home and then, in your elderly years, having nothing! Maybe the over a million that left Detroit should have been given rehab classes. You know, sensitivity instructions, lectures…
One good thing about all this. The government, after the necessary neocon wars, are bringing in hundreds of thousands of da Sharia-Law believers. Diversity is our strength.
Apparently the soon-to-be-millions of Muslims will alter our civilization and help us Christians become more tolerant, more understanding, more giving… Love, brother. Love.
To see how far things have gone, listen to the media’s take about the 80,000 abandoned Mo-Town homes, the population flight. Better still, read your mainstream press and watch TelAviva each and everyday. Certainly the tube wouldn’t pull you astray…
In some ways could the entire American W population be like those wounded German soldiers at Stalingrad? The wounded knew that by leaving, in cargo planes, they would be saved. The others had hope.
Thank God, kids, pay a hundred grand for 4 years in universities, to have academia’s Psychologists teach them hope is our salvation…

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