Urgent Call from Turkey for Solidarity

Workers Party (Turkey)
30 July 2013
Dear all,
The so called Ergenekon trial is coming to its end. The court will declare its decision on the fifth of August.
A huge demonstration is prepared for that day. We will keep you informed in the coming days about the preparations.
Today, we would like to share with you the following text and ask for your support. The text will be published in national newspapers before the 5th of August.
The declaration is as follows:
We see clearly the attempt of the Turkish government to change the country’s republican regime towards an American led Islam.
We consider the AKP government’s hostile policies towards Syria, its support for the division of Iraq in this context.
The fierce oppression of the uprising in June constitutes the last example of AKPs antirepublican stance and its violations of existing laws.
We evaluate the so called Ergenekon trial as part of this politics of the AKP. We condemn strongly the violations of justice in this lawsuit. As the last example, the constitutional court’s decision about duration of detention is rejected by this special Ergenekon court. We declare our solidarity with the prisoners.
And as we support a republican, united and independent Turkey that is in peace with its neighbours, we do hereby demand:
The immediate liberation of all patriotic prisoners  
Thank you for your support.
International Relations Bureau
Workers’ Party (Turkey)
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