Democratic Interventionism in Syria

Newsletter 2013/08/07 – Democratic Interventionism
DAMASCUS/BERLIN (Own report) – Reinhard Merkel, a professor of law in
Hamburg is raising strong accusations of western policies in the
Syrian war. The West has “incurred a heavy degree of guilt” by
supporting the Syrian insurgents – not because this aid has been “too
cautious,” but rather because “the transformation” of the civic
resistance to Assad’s regime has been “permitted, promoted, and
managed to become a murderous civil war.” Prof. Merkel criticizes the
fact that hegemonic strategic motives have played a significant role.
It is also being ignored that Syria is a “prime example” for a country
devoid of all prerequisites for a successful putsch. Consequently more
than 100,000 people, have paid “with their lives for this alleged
moralist advocacy.” While continuing to claim that the Assad regime
should be overthrown for humanitarian reasons, Berlin persists in
refusing to grant asylum to Syrian war refugees. At the end of July,
humanitarian aid organizations complained that in the competent German
embassy in Beirut, applications for reuniting families from the combat
zones can hardly be made. Acts of despair have begun to result from
Berlin’s unremitting rejections.

By piotrbein