From: Counter Bias <>
Date: August 15, 2013 6:51:21 AM PDT (CA)


On 10 Aug, 2013, I sent this email 
(below) – with a different subject line – 
to AusraliaFirst – and Bcc’d it to some 
300 others, including yourself. 
(The Jew Gmail allows up to 500.)
If you haven’t received it, that’s 
because the Jew Mossad Gmail 
brazenly violated your First 
Amendment rights – and, at that, 
falsely stated that your account 
rejected this email, which is 
extremely unlikely to be true, as 
such ‘rejection’ was also claimed 
by the Jewpsy Gmail on behalf 
of virtually all of the 300-odd 
addressees’ accounts – nearly all 
of whom were on my list for over 
a year – and some of them are 
active correspondents of mine. 
This criminally-motivated disruption 
by the Jewpsy Gmail on behalf of 
the Jewpsy war criminals and their 
numerous collaborators  is far not 
the first offence.  On 12 August, 
I once again tried sending this 
email – with the same result. 
(This, 3d time, it’s being sent
 with a twice shorter Bcc list.)If you are an American citizen, 
you have every right to seek a 
redress in law, possibly in the 
shape of a class action.  If you 
can think of a likely lawyer – or 
lawyers – welcome to let me know 
who  – and I would gladly forward 
the details to the rest of the list. CONSTITUTION FOREVER! 
If you guys have no problem using 
either Talmudic Gmail or Jew-owned 
Yahoo or Hotmail, that’s because 
you are relatively harmless, which 
is not to be held against you. 
However, I would appreciate if those 
of you who are tech-savvy could 
advise me on a mail service that’s 
not totally Jew-controlled – or too 
primitive, either.

5:50  AntiRacist Hitler (short version)  
Hilarious!   Also longer versions – and with French 
or Croatian subtitles;  just google  AntiRacist Hitler

1:21  Adolf Hitler Speech – The Wandering Parasite
1:58  Hitler talks about Palestine
He might have been talking about Palestine today…
FC Barcelona’s Neymar at the Jewpsy Yid  Wailing Wall  – no vaseline?…
Some of the beneficial effects of international soccer in the Middle East

Video  – clever lies of a top disinfo 24:13 
The Jew Sabrosky does you a big favour:half-truth + Jew lies + lies by omission
Israel Did 9-11 – Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT
Give it up to 7 minutes, if you’ve got that much time 
on your hands.  Just like the rest of ‘anti-Semitic’ 
Jew disinfos – mainly anonymous ones – the Jew 
Sabrosky also blames ‘Israel’ for 9/11.  Why?   So 
as to shift your attention from the Jew perpetrators 
within the U.S. jurisdiction to the Jew suspects 
who can never be questioned, let alone arrested. 
And, of course, by the ‘power’ of his ex-USMC 
officer’s authority, he also cynically sends lots 
of the otherwise well-intentioned truth-seekers 
up the ‘lunar’ trajectory.   In fact, the ‘dancing 
Israelis’ et al serve as a clear indication that the 
CIA Jews and their Shabbes-goy accomplices 
did their best to keep the Mossad Jews out, 
lest they are given a tool for further blackmail. 
Sabrosky goes on at some length about the Jew 
neocohns and other ‘Israel-first’ Jews, but then 
goes on to say that “Zionism is not Judaism” – 
as if he never heard of the Jew Talmud.   And, as 
it appears, he only recently discovered for himself 
some of the gross discrepancies in the official 9/11 
conspiracy theory.  Oi Vey!   Some 3 or 4 other 
9/11 videos on that same JewTube page are also 
by Jew disinfos, but not those of Susan Lindauer. 
Had she been a Jewess, she’d be screaming ‘Oi Vey! 
Holokost!’,  after she was arrested – for the ‘crime’ 
of telling the truth – falsely charged and subjected 
to vicious mental torture by the Jew-Ess govt. for 
the better part of the last decade.  Michael Scheuer, 
of course, is equally trustworthy.  Most Marines join 
the Corps to serve their country.  And so did the Jew 
Sabrosky, except that his ‘country’ happens to be
IsraHell.  A guy like Bro Nat, who may well have a 
touch of Asperger’s syndrome, which appears to be 
conducive to telling the truth, can always be taken 
at face value, even though he is a full-blood Jew. 
Little wonder then that he rejected Jewdom and its 
criminal mendacity.  The Jew Sabrosky, however, 
who is no more than a quadroon or octoroon of a 
Jew, nevertheless, lies like a full-blood Jewpsy Yid. 
He certainly isn’t afflicted by Asperger’s, only by 
gross dishonesty – rewarded by 30 pieces of silver. 
Jewdom may or may not be defined by blood, but 
it’s always characterized by profit-seeking deceit 
and perpetual criminal cover-up.  E.g, ‘blood libel’…

Substance vs Style  [more on Bro Nat]The difficulty of getting everybody on the same page <<“We don’t even have to be on the same page about
 everything, we all just have to stay focused on the Jew.
 Eventually the Jew will run out of people to turn to and
 places to hide.”                           — Marshall R. EllingtonVideo  – Americans robbed blind Donald Rumsfeld 2.3 Trillion Dollars Just Gone  [to ‘Israel’?] 1:49 
Two longer videos on $2.3 Trillion on the same page

Video Susan Lindauer: “Whistleblowing Is Now Criminalized” 15:50 
June 4, 2013
VideoIs it anti-Semitic to tell the truth? 2:25 
“Michael Scheuer, however, still believes the
 official story: that ‘Muslim fundamentalists’
 were responsible for 9/11, silly man.” 
And so does Susan Lindauer – that’s two 
’silly’ ex-CIA whistleblowers in a row! 
Though, of course, they both also know 
that 99% of the 9/11 damage was caused 
by the ‘pre-planted’ demolition charges – 
and Susan Lindauer says so.   Michael 
Scheuer, however, who, perhaps unlike 
Susan Lindauer, is not in possession of 
such first-hand knowledge, wisely chooses 
not to comment on this ‘controversial’ 
subject at all – for perfectly obvious tactical 
reasons – as he’s got lots and lots of other 
important things to say.  Several more of 
Michael Scheuer’s videos on the same page.

Four  Bolshevik ringleaders: 
three and one quarter  Jews

Putin: First Soviet government was  mostly Jewish | The Ugly Truth
“The first Soviet government, whose composition
 was 80-85% Jewish…”    — Putin, 13 June, 2013
Judentum ist Verbrechertum
Jewdom equals criminality
“There are 20,000 German Jews in England…
 They all work against an accommodation
 with Germany.”  “The Jews have got a big
 position in the press here…   At last I am
 shaken.  The Jews may drive us into war.”
         — Lord Beaverbrook, private letters
Visiting Hiroshima, Mazin Qumsiyeh 
(, a Palestinian 
Christian human rights campaigner, 
failed to mention that both Hiroshima 
and Palestine were fatally ravaged by 
the same Talmudic tribe of the most 
notorious blood-suckers on earth. 
The American military machine that 
actually perpetrated the heinous 
war crime of nuclear bombing was 
nothing but a blind tool of the Jews. 
(Yeah – surprise, surprise!) 
The Manhattan Project was spawned 
by the blood-thirsty Khazar Jews (origins) 
and lobbied for  by the Jew Einstein 
himself.  The Jews would have dearly 
loved to see lots of mushroom clouds 
all over Berlin and the rest of Germany.

‘Jew-hate websites’ in NSW probed          The Australian [Jewpsy] News
[Jew Gestapo operating in plain sight.] 
TWO websites registered to the same person, 
one that claims to be a chat forum for people 
living in the Southern Highlands in NSW and 
one that claims to help people deal with police, 
are being used to spread racist and anti-Semitic 
images, videos and messages.
The sites, and, 
include posts like “Understanding parasitic Jews”, 
“Jews kill 66 million Christians in Russia”, 
“Jewish Zionists sacrifice babies” and links 
to a video on YouTube, Synagogue of Satan 
Jewish Ritual Murder.  Both sites are registered 
to a Nick Rolis, believed to be an alias for 
another man who has a history of running 
’anti-Semitic websites’.
The AJN  has tracked down the actual owner of 
the site, who cannot be named for legal reasons, 
but was unable to contact him before the paper 
went to print.
NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) president 
Vic Alhadeff lodged a complaint with YouTube 
regarding the video and contacted the company 
that designed the pages to try and find out who 
is hosting the sites.
“This YouTube posting is scurrilous racism at its 
worst,” Alhadeff said. “It makes wild accusations 
against Jews, the Jewish people, faith and culture 
which have no connection with reality.
“The obscene claim that Jews practise ritual murder 
can have no purpose other than to encourage hatred 
of Jews and violence against them.  We insist that 
this video be taken down immediately.”
Alhadeff said in the past it has taken about two days 
for YouTube to respond to complaints by the JBOD 
to racist material, so although the video was still 
online when The AJN  went to print, he is hopeful 
it will be taken down.
He said the video, and the two sites, show the danger 
of the internet.
“People are able to remain hidden and anonymous 
while peddling insidious racism, hatred and bigotry.
“It’s a serious flaw in the system and it exposes us all 
to the lowest elements of society.”
B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) 
chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich said the community 
is obliged to speak out against such shocking displays 
of blatant anti-Semitism and hate-speech.
“Throughout history, such centuries-old blood libels 
and ugly depictions of Jews have led to abuse and 
violence against Jewish communities and it’s 
distressing that more than 60 years after the Holocaust 
such Jew-hatred is still circulating in Australia,” 
Abramovich said. “I implore everyone to flag and 
report such vile and offensive content, and to make 
online providers more accountable.”
NSW [Jewpsy] Board of Deputies (JBOD) president 
Vic Alhadeff has lodged a complaint with YouTube.

Jew war criminals tried in absentiaKUALA LUMPUR, 31 July 2013 (mathaba) On August 21-24, 2013, the trial of Amos Yaron 
(retired Israeli army general) and the state of 
’Israel’ will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Don’t Jews suck blood?  Well, here (above) 
is an open and shut case of blood-sucking 
in the shape of heinous mass murders of 
the legitimate property owners whose 
whole estates the Jews violently stole.

Jewish Faces in Chinese Government The Jews are obviously implicated in Mao’s mass 
murders of scores of millions of Chinese, too.

Ja, Ich bin intolerant!
Do you really hate Jew Broadway ‘muzikls’?Cheer up then!  Here is some good news! Les Parapluies de Cherbourg digitally remasteredLes Parapluies de Cherbourg en version numérique |…/le-crowdfunding-pour-mettr...‎Translate this pageNo need to donate, however – the job already done.

3:11  Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
3:48  Les Demoiselles de Rochefort – Chanson des JumellesCatherine Deneuve and the late Françoise Dorléac

3:43  Elīna Garanča – Ave Maria (Mascagni)Unlike Anne Frank, 81yo Pietro Mascagni – he 
of the Cavalleria rusticana  – was actually driven 
to his death when he was forced to spend some 
very cold days and nights in the attic, where he 
was obliged to hide from the Judo-communist 
gangsters, who, along with the Mafia outfits 
in the South, effectively controlled ‘liberated’ 
Italy – and viciously murdered some 200,000 
’fascists’ – especially if they failed to pay up. 
Their Stalinist pals in France murdered some 
80,000 ‘collaborators’ – and shaved the heads 
of those working-class French women, who 
befriended German soldiers, but very well 
left alone those middle-class slugs, who 
cohabited with German officers.

32:45  Arvo Pärt – Te Deum
7:06  Kirsten Flagstad and Furtwangler – LiebestodKirsten Flagstad was accused by Jew York Yids of “having 
sung for Hitler”…     Wilhelm Furtwängler was likewise 
accused of having wielded his baton on Führer’s behalf…

1:12:33  The Spanish Guitar in the Renaissance and Baroque
3:00  Gianni Morandi – Parla piu pianoMusic generously borrowed for the film Godfather

2:51   ♫ Little Tony  ♪ Cuore Matto  (Canzonissima 1968) 
Cuore Matto – “Mad Heart” – by Little Tony
1:16    30.5.2013 FUNERALI LITTLE TONY A ROMA SANTUARIO DEL DIVINO AMORE  – a funeral to die for…
91:39  The Best Italian Songs
Erich Priebke –banners and congratulations on his 100th birthday Erich Priebke – Striscioni e auguri per il compleanno del secolowww.ogginotizie.itCronaca    Translate this page << 
Rome  – A banner with greetings to Erich Priebke 
appeared at night in Via Boccea (Aurelio) a few 
meters from the house of the former SS officer 
sentenced to life imprisonment for the massacre 
of the Ardeatine Caves.  [All of the ‘victims’ were 
terrorist suspects scooped up from two Roman 
prisons as a reprisal for the bloodiest terrorist act 
in which 33 Germans and several Italians were 
brutally murdered.]      [The banner read:]
”God condemns your accusers… Happy birthday
 Captain Priebke”,  signed with a swastika and 
letters C.M.T. (Comunità militante Tiburtina) … 

Erich Priebke is a 100-year old Boy Scout, who 
never told a lie in his whole life.  If he is a ‘war 
criminal’, then every lying Jew deserves to hang. 
From the Boer War to WW2 and to Afghanistan, 
most wars, mass murders and deadly famines 
were caused by the Jew-manufactured lies.

Erich Priebke 100 – Happy birthday!  (29th July 2013) 2:55
Erich Priebke zum 100. Geburtstag (am 29. Juli 2013) 2:55

Erich Priebke, per i suoi 100 anni – Buon compleanno! 2:55

Erich Priebke pour ses 100 ans – Bon anniversaire! 2:55

Obambi cancels his Moscow visit 
In fact, no organ-grinder’s monkey ever 
decides where it may or may not be taken. 
What is really disconcerting, however, is 
the rather feeble reaction in Russia… 
Haven’t they got a ‘free press’ that could, 
at the drop of a hat, splash out  all of those 
stories about Obambi’s queer bedmates, 
especially those that suddenly dropped dead, 
plus all those nude pix of Obama-mama?… 
Apparently not.  It often seems, the only 
free people in Russia are Jew billionaires, 
militant c@ck-suckers, a handful of skinheads 
and lots of vicious criminals, many of them 
of multicultural persuasion – just like 
in a Western ‘democracy’… 
The all-powerful Russian officialdom are a 
bovine-like herd of post-Soviet  Uncle Toms, 
who are mainly concerned with preservation 
and enhancement of their prized ‘house boy’ 
positions – just like in a Western ‘democracy’… 
Even the futile queer calls for the boycott 
of Russia’s Winter Olympics over so-called 
’gay rights’ appear to have put the Russian 
officialdom on its back foot.  Yet the KGB 
used to have any number of arse-fvckers 
gainfully employed…

Moscow rejects Saudi offer to drop Assad for $15 billion arms dealHeadline says it all

[Jew] LBJ and the Kennedy Killing by James T. Tague, will be published later this summer  < new book
“… I am handed the Russian KGB’s 1965
 investigative report shows that Lyndon
 Johnson was behind the assassination
 of President Kennedy.  And guess what?
 My hours and hours of work match the
 Russian KGB report to a tee, Lyndon
 Johnson was behind the assassination
 of President John F. Kennedy.”

[Jew] Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination 
by Robert Morrow    – an earlier book Morrow describes James Tague’s book as a ‘blockbuster’.
The Great Kate Middleton Scam…She,William and Baby George are JEWS!   <<Worth a look;   get to the bottom of it!  endzog

Hannah Arendt and Eichmann’s show trial

Dealing in Hate: The development of anti-German propaganda

How to smoke out an Anti-Semite 

Video  – MI6 treachery in Libya7:15  Ex-MI5 Annie Machon on 9-11 Truth
Lots of details followed by a revealing bottom line:
‘War on Terror’ is a war on taxpayers by MI5/MI6,
as well as the arms manufacturers…  No Jews?…
Amazing Antique Desk 2:22
Antique desk from Germany
RapeX  – Vagina Dentata
   Golda Meyer

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