Zio-link in Palestine and Hiroshima

CounterBias (by email): Visiting Hiroshima, Mazin Qumsiyeh, a Palestinian Christian human rights campaigner, failed to mention that both Hiroshima and Palestine were fatally ravaged by the same Talmudic tribe of the most notorious blood-suckers on earth. The American military machine that actually perpetrated the heinous war crime of nuclear bombing was nothing but a blind tool of the Jews.
(Yeah – surprise, surprise!) The Manhattan Project was spawned by the blood-thirsty Khazar Jews (origins) and lobbied for  by the Jew Einstein himself.  The Jews would have dearly loved to see lots of mushroom clouds all over Berlin and the rest of Germany.
PB: True, Jewish bankers and former Nazi Jewish scientists were in charge of WW2, US nuclear program. They still are, in my opinion, jugding by the cover-ups of nuclear pollution effects via the military, mainstream scientists, politicians and media — all under Judeocentric control. More recent proofs:

  • Stuxnet in Iran and in Fukushima
  • control by USrael of the global nuclear club and the nuclear lobby
  • Israel Lobby in USA juggles nuclear weapons and fictitious nuclear WMD threats in global politics
  • nuclear blackmail of Europe by Israel
  • sacrifice of Jews (like in Shoah) in Israel to adverse health effects of uranium weapons used in the Middle East
  • Israeli Dolphin submarines cover virtually the whole globe with nuclear missiles carried onboard…



By piotrbein