Prof. Chris Busby: Nuclear Test Veterans betrayal


Published on Mar 19, 2013

Prof Busby talks about the Test veterans radiation Pensions Appeals Tribunals cases. He explains how the veterans have been betrayed by their solicitors through a complex series of changes in the nature of the hearings and the sudden withdrawal of one solicitor firm Rosenblatts and its curious replacement by another, Hogan Lovells, culminating in the removal of all the critical evidence from the cases and the exclusion of Busby’s evidence collected over three years, without the knowledge of the individual litigants. Prof Busby explains how secret documents, released under Freedom of Information requests and Directions by the Judge, Hugh Stubbs, point to Uranium, the main component of the bombs, as the major cause of the health effects in the veterans and their children and grandchildren. He has decided to put all the information from his many reports, including information obtained from redacted secret sources, on the internet. This information was excluded by the new solicitors to the case, (Hogan Lovells International),which was held in February 2013. Reports will be placed on the internet on the sites: and

By piotrbein