Obama's DOJ Wants Immunity For War Criminals

Obama DOJ Wants Immunity For War Criminals
At the same time that the newly-styled
Chelsea Manning was being sentenced to
35 years in military prison for revealing
the crimes of the Bush Administration,
pertaining to the rampant abuses of the
illegal “pre-emptive” War on Iraq,
Obama’s Department of Justice was filing
court papers requesting that George W. Bush,
Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell,
Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz would
be granted procedural immunity in a case
alleging that they planned and waged the
Iraq War in violation of international law
(which they did!).
There is a war being waged on the truth-tellers.
Is this the world YOU want? Do you want to
be de-facto liars for the rest of your lives, by
allowing these disgraces to the fundamentals
of American and Western law to continue to
degenerate to uncharted, illegal totalitarian
Video (about 4 mins):
Obama DOJ Wants Immunity For War Criminals
– Alexandra

By piotrbein