Flu Season & school approaches: Send for your FREE ROLL of Vaccine Liberation Army Stickers

Be street!..Be an active part of the solution…bottom up!…  top down will never happen in your lifetime! One hour at a school letting out kids will empty your entire roll of stickers!  Do you have one hour to save the emerging generation of humanity? AND THE ARE FREE TO YOU!

Sticker Strategy


Middle School, High School and University campus.  IT IS SO MUCH FUN and fatally important.  College kids will be having babies too..they welcome being told in advance.
Kids love stickers! Rather than giving out wordy information to middle and HS kids, we give our provocative sticker. Students flock around us…like birds at a food frenzy.
Note: Rand Corporation has issued a strategy to directly target the public schools’ adolescent population. The School Based Health Clinics approved by Congress and funded by vaccine manufacturers are being installed in schools around the nation. (SBHC).
The strategy is to brainwash our children from early ages at home via programs like SID THE SCIENCE KID and at school with art contests and other strategies.
Thank you for your on the ground participation.  Click CONTACT in the header or
reply to this email… ncowmail@gmail.com and ask for your FREE ROLL OF 250 perforated, highest quality, VLA stickers. All we ask is that you pay for the cost of mailing. (click DONATION to pay for cost of mailing -$6.00)
ATTENTION NATIONS OTHER THAN USA: Please contact us and we will send you the original VLA STICKER artwork so that you can print in your own country. PDF of Sticker Strategy POINTERS for street teams. Click CONTACT in the header or email: ncowmail@gmail.com
PS… Do you have Halloween in your village or town…The stickers fly off the roll and… even conservative parents are willing to receive the image at that time:::)))
Best regards,
Eileen Dannemann
Director,  National Coalition of Organized Women
319 855-0307

By piotrbein