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Created on 21 August 2013
by Jim Stone

Many people were not able to read through the entire Fukushima report, let alone understand it. So many people do not know that even according to the International Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the generators were never submerged, and never failed.

That’s right, the generators were NEVER submerged, and NEVER failed

Here is what really happened –
All of the backup generators located at units 1-4 were inside the turbine building, which flooded to a depth of 4 feet at it’s lowest level in the basement which was not enough water to cause trouble for the generators, which were higher than that, and on top of it, were giant industrial generators with huge footings that kept them out of any water that did enter the turbine building.
In addition to this, the fuel tanks were never compromised by the tsunami. After I clearly pointed out that the generators never got submerged, a lie was hatched that the tsunami washed the fuel tanks away. And that is a bold faced lie.

Here is what really happened

All of the backup generators for units 1-4 came online after the earthquake, and before the tsunami arrived, 7 out of 8 mysteriously shut off all by themselves. The only one that remained running was the final emergency reserve that was never hooked up to a Stuxnet infected Siemens Scada controller, so it never received a virus command to shut down. This one generator was enough to run all the cooling pumps at ALL 4 reactor sites at that section of Fukushima Diiachi. The big question is then, since it remained running throughout the entire disaster, why was it not able to run any cooling pumps?
ANSWER: Because despite not being hooked up to the Scada system, the electrical switch gear (which was also inside and never got flooded) was hooked up to the SCADA system and with Israel’s cute little Stuxnet virus in place that switch gear refused to transfer power to the plant from the outside feed lines to the one generator that was still running. Further examination revealed that outside power was never lost as well, and that all that happened was the virus also shut down the outside feed. So with 7 out of 8 generators shut down by the virus, on top of the outside feed being cut, and the one remaining generator not being allowed to provide power, a lie was hatched that the tsunami took out the generators, when in fact it did not.

But wait, there’s more!

There were six units out at Fukushima, not 4 as most people think. Reactors 5 and 6 had their own back up generators which never received ANY water of any sort. These generators, 7 in total, were perfectly able to be switched on to provide power to reactors 1-4, and functioned perfectly throughout the entire disaster, but were never allowed to divert their power to reactors 1-4 because the virus infected electrical switches were never allowed to divert power from reactors 5 and 6 to reactors 1-4.

And now, here is where it really gets crazy.

Despite the lies told about ruined roads leading into Fuku, all were perfectly intact, and the International Nuclear Regulatory Commission made it a clear point in their own Fuku report that Tepco successfully brought in emergency backup diesel generators on flat bed semi trucks, hooked them up to the main power feed within 8 hours, (a full day before anything went kablooey) and for a “technical reason” they were denied the ability to feed back up power to the reactors because the electrical switch gear refused to connect the cooling pumps (the real technical reason being Magna BSP and the Stuxnet virus) even after the switch gear was replaced multiple times to clear the “failures”.

And the punch line, which will be covered more clearly later:

All of the affected reactors had completely non electrical backup systems which used steam from the reactors themselves to turn the cooling pumps, but because the entire system was infected with a virus, all of the valves, which automatically open to actuate the passive backup system absent a command from the controller to stay shut, stayed shut and this is what really caused the disaster. Since it is well documented that Stuxnet is specifically designed to interfere with the activation of valves and pumps, it’s a no brainer what really caused the Fuku disaster. A little hint – Don’t let Israeli security companies handle ANY security for you, most of them are branches of the IDF.

If you want to know what is coming next, I suggest you try to read the Fukushima report in full, but I know it’s a tedious and technical read. These little blurbs I am going to put up will be a lot easier to understand. And all the links to everything discussed in these little blurbs are in the Fuku report so don’t look for them here.

I’d like to throw in here that it was really cool to censor everything being sent to this web site through the mail, because now the only rational response to get news is to line item the Fuku report, which could go on ad nauseum because it is such a huge topic. And with all of it perfectly documented, I’d like to see what kind of a boost this gives to the zionist image. And if you manage to kill this web site off worse than you have, I won’t shut up anyway.
I find it curious that the Israelis can nuke at will and none of it makes news, but proven mushroom clouds and whited out sensors from miles away will be the downfall of the lying ziopress, you can’t stop every Iphone, and if you do, what about Motorola? The fact that you manage to keep the truth about this out of your ziopress only lends creedence to the Fukushima report, if you can sit straight faced and mute with a mushroom cloud on the horizon, WHAT ELSE can you bury under a lie of silence?
A version of this article was first published on jimstonefreelance.com.

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