The Jewish side of Muslim Brotherhood

The Jewish side of Muslim Brotherhood

“MB literature is monochromically Jewish, so when they are forced to think, for masonic-like groups usually don’t, they don’t think differently … they think Jewish”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat 

Aside from “ Judaism rejects Zionism” cliché, a lot of Islamist fundamentalist groups subscribe to the same logo and add that Islam also rejects Zionism … but when the going gets tough, most of them, as in the MB video we are going to view, adopt the Zionist very mindset and approach.
The video we’re going to discuss has been uploaded to YouTube and then blocked by YouTube, reposted and blocked once again over copyright infringement.
In the video, part of a shooting session is being filmed of some Muslim Brotherhood’s crisis actors, playing the wounded and dead in the vicinity of Raba Adawia Square, the place of their notorious and violent occupy movement, also known in the west as the peaceful MB sit-in at Nasser City, Cairo
I’ve been doing some research so I could independently verify the content of this make-believe video.
Though it only took me a few seconds to identify the location in the video, still I played the footage to many of my friends from Cairo and they all have identified the location (Rabaa intersection) and specifically the street, at the entrance of which MB had built a barricaded gate that led to their sit-in at Nasser City suburb (you can easily notice that fortified gate at the background of the video)
I tried to contact the “Badil” news agency and TV which reported the video of the fake protest’s photo session.  I was told El Badil TV covered the MB sit-in and that this video was shot with others in a series of videos reporting the daily activities in the weird sit-in.
The media department head at El Badil TV, Mohamed Anwar, told me over the phone that what the MB actors were doing in front of the cameras was something very weird and when asked about it, MB replied they were filming a theatrical show- MB denounce cinema and theatrical works as illegitimate (Haram) according to their fundamentalist view of Islam.

And since I was talking to a man whose profession is filming commercials and doing video reports, he added that he believed this was a kind of phony propaganda the MB was working on, especially that most of the shots were close ups photos that could, with adding some after effect and Photoshop, yield a more dramatic effect.

In the shooting session of the fake photos, and according to a short script, the actors play phony protesters against the military. The phony protesters of men and women, they even have children on board, act like they were being attacked by police thugs during their noble struggle to reinstate Morsi, the ousted MB President.
The director, at the beginning of the video, shouts “action” … and off everybody goes as prearranged.
MB shooting session of fake protest photos
MB shooting session of fake protest photos
Some of the phony MB protesters/actors hold signs that read “NO SCAF” … “Morcy is the president for 4 years” … “Morcy is the beloved president” … “we are against coup” … “we’re gonna protest till the return of our legitimate president Morsy”
The noticeable thing about the signs is that none of them is written in Arabic, and I assure you that 90% of those actors can’t read those signs; the MB propaganda campaign was obviously targeting the west.
And moreover if this was some theatrical production, the signs should have been in Arabic, unless those MB talents were going to take their unique show all the way to Broadway.
MB knew that they were backed in the presidency by US and that if Morsi is to be reinstated, it is going to be the US & allies again who will help MB achieve that goal. There must be some catch behind that die-hard support.

The phony Muslim Brotherhood

The MB phony protesters/actors are in full make-up and accurately choreographed with the necessary props; some of them wear masks, to help them go through tear gas, and others hold signs and Egyptian flags and yes … others are holding their favorite tool of extortion (the Koran)
The phony session goes on as some play the wounded; some play like he has been hit by a bullet and another suffocated from the tear gas canisters … someone with a broken neck … and one decent-looking young girl in Hijab standing firm and holding the Koran (the Muslims’ holy book whose teachings prohibits cheating and lying and specially in the name of god)
But the master scene is performed by two ladies wearing black Niqab. One of them is lying on her back on the ground, obviously hit by some firearm from the ruthless police and military side. The dying MB lady in black is held by another lady also in black Niqab whose right palm is genuinely stained with blood-like color.
And the moving touch in that master scene was added by another male MB in white coat, playing the first aid worker, kneeling down beside the dying lady in black and checking her weak pulse. But unfortunately it was too late to save the lady in black … and it was also too late to save the phony Muslim Brotherhood.

The Zionist influence

This phony session, some like to refer to as Pallywood, a terminology coined by Zionists to refute some of the counter-Israeli propaganda though I believe the Zionists are the pioneers in that genre.
And though I hate to use the term, yet I can’t help noticing the mindset similarity with the Zionism’ and its influence on the MB conduct and propaganda.

MB uses the same Zionist technique, the same phony tales and images, the same theme of over victimizing the Jews in their struggle to survive the unbearable persecution. MB even goes so far and so outrageous as to portray their dead being scorched by the Nazis, oops … I mean the Egyptian military.

Some, at this point, will furiously stop and say how dare you anti-Semite to compare MB to the Jews and how dare you discredit the Holocaust. My answer; the veracity of the Holocaust is not the subject of my piece, only the similarity of the Zionist and MB mindset due to a common theological underpinning.
You might not believe this, but we have video proof of it, and some of my medical colleagues have witnessed it during the evacuation of the MB sit-in; MB have ordered their members to bring over some of the bodies of their recently departed relatives to the sit-in days before the evacuation and as the police forces were raiding the Square the bodies in their coffin wrappings were being dragged out of the ice tanks to the center of the sit-in and set alight- so that they wouldn’t be recognized.
Watch video of MB sit-in where they Drag the dead bodies to the frontline, minutes before the Police raid.

Do you see where this is going; the persecution/the alleged coup, the sit in/concentration camps, the cremation ovens/scorched dead bodies … the whole Zionist propaganda, all the way down to the manipulated photos and tales!

Haredi vs MB, could you tell the difference?

Oh, of all the legacies, the MB is predominantly affected by the modern Zionist propaganda. Some will jump to the hasty conclusion that MB must have had been infiltrated by Mossad agents who orchestrated that Zionist–like scheme. I know some of the conspiracy theory addicts would just love it if I carried on with this film noir theme.

But I have to spoil their fun and say, don’t jump to the wrong conclusions. For a bunch of Muslim fundamentalists whose main dogma has deep roots in the Israelites’ tales and practices, the MB performance comes as no surprise to any scholar of comparative religion.

This is not a MB woman in Niqab, it is a Haredi Jew, Beit Shemesh, Tel Aviv
This is not a MB woman in Niqab, it is a Haredi Jew, Beit Shemesh, Tel Aviv
A Haredi group, ultraconservative orthodox Jews, would have acted in the same way and manner, had they been in the MB shoes. MB literature is monochromically Jewish, so when they are forced to think, for masonic-like groups usually don’t, they don’t think differently … they think Jewish.
In the MB group, as the case in any under-ground and closed clandestine group, membership and recruitment is primarily based on blind obedience and herd/mob mentality.
The foreign MSM has been talking about scorched bodies found buried under the rubble in the Rabaa Square. This was a brilliant touch that fooled the western media and actually did the job for MB in the US and Europe … but not for long, for the truth has started to unravel.

The truth behind the Egyptian scene

The truth … but what is the truth? A lot of people want to know the truth. People, especially foreigners, are confused and they can’t make head or tail of this Egyptian maze. In less than two years Egyptians have been taking to the streets; at first toppling Mubarak and then protesting against the military rule and lately unite with the same military to take down Morsi of the MB.
It’s a mess for most of those who are following the news bulletins but never manage to really understand what on earth is going on in Egypt?
Police forces dispersing the MB sit-in
Police forces dispersing the MB sit-in
The story is so simple, Mubarak was bad but the MB turned out to be much worse. Mubarak was a dictator but he was playing, albeit corruptibly, by the rules and norms of the civil state.
MB is playing their power grab game not according to civil rules or the internationally accepted codes of politics and democracy, albeit their Morsi won in an allegedly democratic election. But who said that democracy is only ballot boxes, especially in a country with high rates of  illiteracy and poverty.
MB plan was to take over Egypt, by any means, ballot boxes or any other way- the MB campaign of the so called first elected president threatened to burn up Egypt, had they not won the presidential elections during which they competed by religiously intimidating the needy and uneducated.

The MB slogan during the Egyptian presidential elections was powerful and self-explanatory; vote for Morsi, vote for Islam.

The MB presidential campaign workers and staff went about it, amongst the uneducated and poor majority, this way; if you voted Morsi, you’d go to heaven, and if you voted for Morsi’s opponent, you will definitely go to hell.
The Egyptian unrest and turmoil is the end result of mixing religion with the affairs of the state, a heavy price Egypt is paying right now. And if you took a wider look over the whole Middle East you’ll realize that this deadly mix is wreaking havoc across the whole region. Short sighted people get lost in the trivial details and fail to grasp this original cause. Allowing the clerics and extremists to stick their noses in politics is the mother of all evils.

European and American  policy makers and intelligence are damn well aware of that, but they will do nothing to prevent it though, for encouraging religious extremism and supporting it to rise to power is the magical key to control the strategic and wealthy Middle East and granting more legitimacy to the Jewish state of Israel.
Plus, a Middle East replete with extremism will be the focal point/hub for Jihadists from all over the world, thus purging the west of this foreboding Islamist menace.

MB members and militants, who are now crying over democracy and legitimacy, have undemocratically and coercibly equated Morsi with Islam. Is this democracy in the first place?  And how could we unseat a group/president who is allegedly ruling by the divine power of god almighty.
Another election can’t do the job, only a revolution could unseat this half-god president. Only a revolution embraced by Egypt’s national army could save the Egyptians from a religious fascism in the making.
In the peaceful MB sit-in – I wouldn’t be surprised if the west nominated MB for the Nobel peace prize, MB were not discussing politics or contemplating diplomatic means to negotiate with the interim government.

MB heads were inflaming the religious sentiments of their sit-in mob of gullible followers by the most outrageous distortion of Islamic teachings.

The Archangel Gabriel is praying with us in Rabaa mosque, a night vision revealed the prophet Mohamed praying behind president Morsi, another night vision revealed prophet Mohamed sleeping in the lap of one of the MB leaders and on the other thigh, sleeps President Morsi … and yes a prominent fundamentalist cleric issuing a fatwa that hilariously goes ‘ in the eyes of god, the ousting of President Morsi is far more hideous than the demolition of Kabaa (one of the most sacred sites for Muslims) … those are but a few of the hot topic that were being discussed in that peaceful sit-in.
Thus the MB sit-in evenings would usually start with this kind of fairy tales and end up, after being dangerously and religiously inflamed, by their militias raiding vital government and media buildings and indulging their hunger for retaliation and terrorism.

MB won the presidential election by a small margin and by terrorism (religious terrorism)

MB is an extremist group that has decided to take up arms, posing the threat of terrorism and civil war all over Egypt. MB terrorism is one of the most lethal and destructive, because it is a terror, like 911 and regardless of who really pulled it out, committed in the name of god.


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27 thoughts on “The Jewish side of Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. Thank you again for your dedication to the facts. Not to diminish your excellent analysis, but I would add a couple of things to encourage all truth seekers (and because my ego won’t allow me to not try to look like a smarty pants on this most excellent blog) :
    1. Old Testament – Ten Commandments # 8 by Catholic/Lutheran count, “thou shalt not bear false witness”
    New Testament – “into all the truth.”(John 16:13)
    Just as a clarification that anyone professing an Abrahamite religion is admonished heavily, in no uncertain terms, to NOT do such a thing. Though of course the group think followers will find a way to say that whatever strictures there are never seem to apply to them. They seem to have done most of their reading from The Little Red Book; “Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” Just replace communism with whatever religious dogma floats your boat and you’re good to go. Similar results guaranteed. For Trolls : Abrahamite means that it includes Islam with Christianity and Judaism. Though if you pay attention Confucianism, Buddhism, Shinto, Sikh, et al don’t allow for such lying. Then of course there’s just being a good person which starts with telling the truth. The truth, always in even shorter supply worldwide than love. Sigh.
    2. Got interrupted and no longer remember. I just remember that I thought it was important. Well more than the first point. Don’t bury the lead when you have kids. You may not get back to it.
  2. i liked this article. BUT ashraf ezzat did not write this article … it was written for him … The whole world seems to be a mirage performed on a stage and we the audience are just onlookers …
    • we give two hoots regarding who wrote and the rest
      the TRUTH is here and nothing any liberal and/or zionist says can take it away. if any fool thinks that such unimportant facts will in some way dimish the excellence of this article or the brilliant excellent intelligence they are mistaken
      Great WORK Dr Ezzat our very strong support + solidarity
      • i support dr. ezzat too … by the way, did you mean to say “who gives a hoot ?” regarding who wrote and the rest … well i do give a hoot simply because i do not like all the make-believe that’s going on … the same make-believe that dr. ezzat himself is writing about … i am too far away to really know the truth that you speak of … for me it’s all a big bad “tamthiliyya” with real people dead and being killed … sorry but that’s how i look at it … i wished i could find out what the real truth is … with all due respect to dr.ezzat.
      • tnank you dr. ezzat for weighing in. i know your ideas and positions well because i have read you before and i have read you for a long time ,,, the piece reflects your ideas almost completely but its english, style, and sentence structure, this time, tend to indicate that what you wrote has been heavily edited … this should not negatively reflect on you or on the piece you wrote, except for those who do not know your writings and have not followed you for the last two years. they might suspect that you are being manipulated. i respect you and agree with most of what you say but, especially in these dire times, i would hate for those who do not know you to think that you are being manipulated … and that’s my beef … too many are manipulated today and they don’t even know it … actors on stage reciting lines. editing our english pieces us egyptians is not uncommon … i personally had help editing my two dissertations … no shame in it if disclosed … and this coming from someone who has written many pieces and knows his english needs an editing hand. so from dr. jjcostandi … good work and good luck dr. ezzat … you are being read and you are being followed. salamaat.
    • I do not mean to be in your face but… prove your assertion please. No one can take blanket statements like this at face value. No one should be able to make them without some certifiable facts to back them up.Then tell us your personal contribution regarding the distribution of truth. Thank you.
      • @NOORALHAQIQA, my personal dr. jjcostandi contribution regarding the distribution of truth is/are none. my contributions are really not relevant to the point at issue which can only be truly addressed and answered by dr.ezzat. i want to note however that i have been following and reading dr.ezzat’s comments on his blog for the last two years and i know well his style in english and how he expresses himself when he writes in english. based on this experience i have concluded that the piece dr.ezzat gave us was either ghost-written or heavily edited by someone else. i believe that the thoughts and ideas it contains are consistent with dr. ezzat’s thinking in his previous articles. and now to @noorallahhaqiqa, i really don’t have to prove anything to you or to anybody else for that matter: i can read english and can easily as anyone else discern between the different styles and syntaxes of english expression in dr. ezzat’s previous and ongoing articles. so please don’t haunt me anymore … this has really reached the ridiculous. if dr. ezzat wants to come in and resolve this matter once and for all for us, i will take his word for it and consider the matter closed. but please look at what i said positively and consider it a constructive criticism, else you can believe what you want to believe and i will surely do the same … and then it will really all be just manipulative make-believe hitting us, the readers, from everywhere, north, south, east, and west. and then: i will really give up and simply stop reading dr.ezzat and/or anyone else writing about egypt. bye bye and good luck.
  3. Dr once again you have our total support regarding: “I assure you that 90% of those actors can’t read those signs; the MB propaganda campaign was obviously targeting the west.”
    I remember going to the Saudi private embassy – opps sorry they call it Mosque to talk to the Imam regarding OUR community and informing them + educating them (breast-feeding very important/diet/…….. etc) Guess what was the first thing that the Imam said “How much money have you got? These people cannot read or write. Therefore, before you can “educate” you will have to give them literacy lessons and oh get the Saudis to ALLOW YOU TO EDUCATE PEOPLE. Short sharp and to the heart of the matter.
    Re: “European and American policy makers and intelligence are damn well aware of that, but they will do nothing to prevent it though, for encouraging religious extremism and supporting it to rise to power is the magical key to control the strategic and wealthy Middle East and granting more legitimacy to the Jewish state of Israel.”
    One name – father Paolo Dall’Oglio the terrorist Jesuit of naTo +savages +Hannibal lecters
    Father Paolo: The ‘Icon’ Of the Syrian Revolution – Al-Monitor: the … pulse/ politics/ 2013/ 08/ syria-italian-priest-abducted-raqqa.html – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight
    13 Aug 2013 … Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, an Italian Jesuit priest, has gone missing in Syria while trying to restart reconciliation talks.
    And also the god man pope has taken on the imperialism that crusaders always consider part of their religion. Search the Italian media and you will find the that the Jewel of Africa Congo and the vatikan’s obsession for rapacious greed so much so that the vatikan”opens up for private visit for the Congo oligarch.
    Re: “Plus, a Middle East replete with extremism will be the focal point/hub for Jihadists from all over the world, thus purging the west of this foreboding Islamist menace”
    One of our members worked eu giving free advice groups – unemployment in Europe. Muslims tend to be discriminated hence unemployed etc the governments have agents “recruiters” there for their nefarious ideology using the tactic that you so succinctly written about
    Belgian Islamic jihadists in Syria stripped of welfare benefits 2013/ 08/ belgian-islamic-jihadists-in-syria.html?showComment=1377197302975 – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight
    1 day ago … Belgian jihadists who travel to Syria to fight against President …. to feel pity for the adherent of another religion but usually it does not stop there
    By the way the word jihadists used in this context MSM craptology and this dumb farty jihadists are not even Muslims let alone Syrians
    • sorry, but i do not understand whose side you’re on … “khayru ‘l kalami ma qalla wa dalla.” your comment has too many words and contains too much fluff … please be concise and to the point, so that you can be understood. just a simple constructive criticism. thanks and good luck next time.
      • Dr Ezzat is the one who can comment on the comment context. Being presumptuous is ignorant arrogance. re”english, style” when I set language I have 17 variety for english and my prog is not complete so what is your problem
        “a lot of fluff” lol usually the arrogant ignorance use “your english is not correct , it is all lies ….. blah blah blah ranting”
        Those who want to understand, understand a those who do not want:
        WE GIVE 2 HOOTS
        Dr Ezzat you will no doubt remember the fist mail where we complimented your EXCELLENT WORKS and brought to your attention the late great Singh.
      • @GUEST, i still don’t understand your ranting and barking … i was taught early on not to try to reason with a fool lest i become one myself … and i will follow this advice with you. so go shout, cuss, and gesticulate somewhere else … i will not be here to listen to your irrational rant … i will be attending another disciplined comedy about all the make-believe that the egyptians muslim, christian, and jews, are pawns to, these days. بيتلعب فيكم وانتو مش عارفين يا مساكين . i see much worse times coming on the horizon before some calm is regained in egypt. poor egypt … my heart bleeds for you.
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  5. When is Russia going to offer Egypt support from BRICS – and financial help ? ASAP, I hope. It seems to me that would be the best possible way to go. I recommend of last Friday to understand that this would get Egypt the help needed to be independent and out of the clutches of the IMF (all Jews!)
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  8. I am perhaps a bit sarcastic but the sarcasm is not addressed to Dr. Ezzat. I fully agree with his stance. Islam and Judaism share many aspects, anti-Christianism being the most egregious one. Active collaboration in exploitation of Christians being other.
    • “…..anti-christainism”? My friend (Roman Catholic) once offered to take me to visit my friend the Imam (he has car, I depend on the public transport). the Imam cooked chicken soup for us and gave the christain a book on Islam where Jesus was mentioned. this friend was “gobsmacked”
      Gosh you can go and visit/meet your Imam. I cannot get an appointment with my priest and he will not welcome you in the manner the Imam welcomed me”
      I told him about Islam being “anti- christianism” part of his reply – “hahaha another fool who knows nothing”
      MB is Islam? ah you mean the brit john humpheries bastardised cult of the ignorant uneducated tribal idiots – they gave their tribal name to the cult
  9. As fool as I might be I nevertheless know that the Quran condemns in no equivocal terms those who make from the “prophet Issa” a God and enjoins them to desist! Now Christianity means the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, period. If your Roman Catholic friend could have been “gobsmacked” by the cheap islamic propaganda leaflet that your good Imam fed to him along with chicken soup, shows only that your friend did know nothing of Christianity.
  11. If MB do this, is too careless unprofessional video, why many cameraman “tourist” caught in camera? it seem to designed to “pallywood caught in camera” film rather than “make protest” film.

By piotrbein