Psychopaths Will Attack Syria To Start WW3

Psychopaths Want To Attack Syria Because They Want To Start World War III

Created on 05 September 2013
Written by Video Rebel

Most people know there was something wrong with the lies our Banker Occupied Government and the Corporate Media told them about about 911. But very few were willing to go the distance and say Israel did 911. Yet in the run up to the attack on Syria, we can see many key supporters of Israel and its lies have bailed out. Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge and Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report are both Jewish and have strongly supported Israel in the past. Yet they are both using their access to the Mainstream to stop Obama from bombing Syria.
What Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes do not seem to realize is that you can start a war but it will not end until the other side says it is over. Napoleon is one good example of that. France never really recovered from the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars.
We are told that Assad used poison gas against his own people. In every case where sarin gas was used in Syria it has been proven to be the Al Qaeda mercenaries that really did it. The UN Observer Carla Del Ponte confirmed this in the previous incident. The Turkish police also arrested Al Qaeda men with sarin gas inside their home. The media and the politicians know that Obama and Kerry are lying. They don’t care. Why?
They are psychopaths and traitors. They hate humanity and do not care that Iran and Hezbollah will be drawn into the war. Hezbollah has used drones to spy on Israel. Hezbollah’s leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has said he has the ability to shut down Israel’s electricity for 6 months. He has around 60,000 rockets he can use to strike Israel. Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have 150,000 or more rockets to strike at Israel, the US fleets in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf and at US bases in the region ranging from Jordan and Turkey to Iraq and Afghanistan.
I personally recommend that Iran strike an economic blow as its first option if the US Congress authorizes an attack on Syria. Just tell the world that Iran will cut off all oil out of the Persian Gulf if Syria is bombed by Obama. The American economy is too weak to survive $300 oil. And forget $500 oil if the war really does get going.
Meir Dagan, the former head of MOSSAD, and Gabi Ashkenazi, the former head of the IDF, have both said that a war is stupid. Why? Israel cannot stop 150,000 incoming missiles even if most of those from Hezbollah are primitive. The unguided missiles will allow the overwhelming majority of the others with guidance systems and fuel air explosive warheads to get through.
Israel would respond by launching 400 thermonuclear weapons at Muslim nations and at their former benefactors in Europe, Russia and even America. They are that crazy. Of course Pakistan which does have hundreds of Hydrogen bombs would respond by taking out Israel, India, the American base at Diego Garcia and probably a couple other US targets. That would release a sufficient amount of radiation when combined with Fukushima and a few earthquakes in other areas with nuclear reactors to kill 98% of the population in the northern Hemisphere.
Israel does have people in the IDF and the government who do want war. Yesterday the Israelis launched rockets with out notice amidst extremely high level of tensions between American and Russian naval forces. They were trying to get the Syrians, the Americans and the Russians to start shooting at each other. The Israeli leadership is clearly psychopathic.
And what of America’s leaders? We have none. Not since the Israelis killed President Kennedy have we had anyone willing to stand up and defend America against our Banker Occupied Government. Even Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are incapable of saying that Israel did 911. It is unrealistic at this point to demand that politicians even say 911 was an Inside Job. I assume that John McCain and John Kerry are insane. Their desire to attack Syria, if granted, will kill a few billion people.
So why is there a sudden rush to war if a lot of Jews and other Gentile supporters of Israel are bailing out on attacking Syria?
The real motive is twofold. The banks are near collapse and the bankers are losing control of events.
‘In earlier times it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control them.’  Zbigniew Brzezinski
So what the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission was saying is that the markets are about to spin out of control and the bankers fear the people will soon be chasing after them with pitch forks. That is why they want to get you killed in WW III. Always remember that the purpose of war is to kill the enemy. What you must learn if you want to survive is that the bankers think you are their enemy.
Kyle Bass, the brilliant Hedge Fund manager, went to Washington a couple of years ago and talked to US Senators about the economy and our deficits. America actually has several deficits in addition to the budget deficit. We have a trade deficit. And we also have an unfunded liabilities deficit. America is adding 915 billion dollars a month to its unfunded liabilities. Kyle Bass talked to several Senators about the urgent need to do something and to start behaving like an adult.
One Senator told Bass: “Remind me what the interest rate on the ten year Treasury bond is. What is it? 1.5%.” The Senators did not care that America was headed to a disaster of their own making just as long as it wasn’t going to happen before the next election.
There are no adults in positions of authority in Washington.
That was then. This is now. The 10 year Treasury rate has nearly doubled to 2.89%. The markets have been heading down. I expect the crash to begin before the ten year rate passes 4%.
And clearly there are no adults in the Japanese government either. These are the people with the  2 2 2 plan. Double the money supply in two years and raise the inflation rate to 2%. This is the same government that recently said radiation from Fukushima will not kill you if you smile.
The currencies in the emerging markets of India, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines are dropping like rocks off a cliff. Investors are taking huge losses daily. Money men are looking for a safe haven. Marc Faber thinks US Treasury bonds will temporarily serve as a safe haven but not forever. He does expect US stocks and then bonds to decrease in value. Paul Craig Roberts expects the markets to crash severely by the end of 2013. Dr Steven Keen says Europe and America have more unpayable debt to cancel than at any time in the past 500 years. That is why Professor Keen said we are headed to the worst financial crisis in 500 years. I have said repeatedly that between 3 and 4 million Americans died of starvation in the last Depression. And I am expecting at least 10 million Americans to die from starvation if we do not have systematic and scientific Debt Cancellation.
So please understand this the next time you hear someone on TV lie to you about Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. They are working for the psychopaths who want to kill six billion people just like you.
I have posted two videos below. The first is Brzezinski saying it is infinitely easier to kill a million people. And that second is Revolution: An Instruction Manual.
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