Why US Incomes Could Fall For the Next 30 Years

PB: Judeo-bankster BS;
inflation predominantly kills real income, at several  %/yr in real terms
immigrants take our jobs – why not educate/train our kids instead of foreigners w/o any loyalty to the West?
Canada attracts mafia and underground economy, e.g. Chinese
the elderly have both means (savings) and needs that can keep economy growing (what for? isn’t steady state enough?) perhaps with help of the unemployed youth from other White countries
“growth” is a bankster trick to hide inflation and fiat money scam
we do not need ‘analyses’, immigrations, innovations nor demographics to keep economy going — it thrives on existing population, its needs and resources
we need to assist Whites and other loyal citizens of Western nations to afford kids and to educate them well for this f…ed up world
we need to get rid of banksters who rob us, and of Shabbat-goyim who aid the evil schemes
Why Incomes Could Fall For the Next 30 Years

By piotrbein