German gov't advisors: support to Syrian insurgents violates int'l law

Newsletter 2013/09/06 – The Law of the Jungle
BERLIN (Own report) – German government advisors consider measures
supporting the Syrian insurgents to be serious violations of
international law. This is the conclusion drawn in a newly published
analysis of the German Institute for International and Security
Affairs (SWP). As the Chancellery-financed think tank explained, the
foreign states’ “financial and logistic support” of parties to a civil
war, violate “the intervention prohibition.” Berlin supports the
insurgents in Syria in various ways, ranging from medical treatment of
wounded insurgents at hospitals of the Bundeswehr or the supply of
“protective vests” or even reconstruction work in insurgent-controlled
areas of the country. Military training of militiamen and deliveries
of weapons, by various allies of Germany, also violate the UN
Charter’s prohibition of the use of force. Punitive military
operations are in contravention of international law. However,
Berlin’s think tank does not expect this will have a major impact on
war plans currently being forged by the West. “The question of
international legality (…) will not be decisive in determining
whether the operation will be carried out.”

By piotrbein