Counter Bias: The Jew 'Gas Chamber Religion' And Secular Syria

Your Commander-in-Chief

Oi Vey!  The Jews got gas on the brain!
Oi Vey!  Obama, do something already!

Even now, when nearly everyone can clearly see
through this vile Talmudic charade, there is still
not a single allusion in the Jew-owned media to
the self-induced Jew Holoko$t psychopathology –
THE-JEWS-AND-THE-GAS  psycho-nexus – which
is what all of these ludicrous Jewpsy Yid lies
about the Syrian chemical weapons are all about,
as if the Jews didn’t have far more deadly WMDs.
Obama, the closet bisexual, deserves an Oscar
for his pathos-filled monologues about “Syrian
children poisoned by gas” – as if he could really
give a damn – as if he could really think of
something that’s more precious to him than his
own lubricated arse…   But, of course, this has
nothing at all to do with any Syrians allegedly
poisoned by gas.   It’s all about THE-JEWS-AND-
 however dubious.  If, however, anyone
among the democratically-minded Syrian rebels,
if such can still be found, imagine any kind of real
support coming from ‘democratic’ (Jew-controlled)
‘West’, they are dreaming.  The Jew policy in Syria
is crystal-clear, however camouflaged by a veritable
waterfall of kosher mendacity:  get the goyim to
exterminate each other, let them all bleed to death,
so that the Jewpsy Yid Khazaristan – passed off as
‘Israel’ – can forever prosper at their expense

Mother Agnes Mariam: “Footage of Chemical Attack in Syria is Fraud”


“The US has dumped on Vietnam a quantity of toxic
chemical (dioxin) amounting to six pounds per head
of population.”                                  — US Senate, 1970
The History of Agent Orange – YouTube (Preview) – 4:40
Jew: Syrian Christians are dispensable
Pat Buchanan: America Says ’No!’ to a Beltway War
“Last week, hell came to the tiny Christian village of Maaloula
where they still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus…”
“The US media is nothing but a propaganda ministry
for the Israeli Lobby…   No one supports an attack
on Syria but the Israeli Lobby.”  — Paul Craig Roberts

Jew gold watch for a goy male prostitute
Ex-PM Tony Blair ‘wins’ 1$ million Israeli ‘leadership prize’
This is an open-code signal to all prostitute-politicians:
“Suck the Jews – and you’ll get a 1$ million bribe!”
A Jew-beholden Oz ex-PM was given an identical Jew ‘gold
watch’ when his totally worthless ‘autobiography’ attracted
a $2 million ‘fee’ from a Mossad Jew publisher.
Fact Sheet: Jews Control America
McCain accused of accepting improper donations
from [the Jew] Rothschild [banksters]
Syria: Another Zionist War for Suckers – don’t bother!

From: Steve X
You just keep going around in circles.  Your
attitude about every problem being Jew-caused
is not constructive in the least.  Anyone you get
upset means less happiness in the world…
Don’t keep trying to spoil happiness for others
with this anti-Jew propaganda crap…

Your message should read UNSUBSCRIBE.   Received.
However, if ‘happiness’ means that all of the US media,
the ‘controlling package’ of politicians, etc, are owned
by one criminal tribe that only recently cost you well over
$6 trillion (Iraq, Afghanistan), not to mention thousands
of dead, tens of thousands of cripples – in addition to
hundreds of thousands of dead and/or mutilated ‘natives’,
then this ‘happiness’ of yours must be bordering on
criminal insanity.  BTW, that email carried links to content
provided, among others, by three Jews – Ariel Toaff, Paul
Eisen and Eric Margolis, who, to a greater or lesser degree,
also failed to subscribe to this kind of ‘happiness’.
So much for the “anti-Jew propaganda crap”.
Video – “God ‘exposed’ goyim’s money to Israel” Talmud
4:39  The Jews Who Stole 16 Trillion from America back-up
Video – liberal satire, toothless, harmless to the Jews
Help Kickstart World War III! 3:45 back-up

From: Anthony Lawson
Please watch my new video:

10:29 (Preview)   Another War for Israel —
Featuring America’s Newest Allies: al Qaida
(Preview) back-up

Those wonderful people who brought you The Big Mac,
Mom’s Apple Pie, Burger King and Kentucky Fried People
are at it again.  And all because Binyamin Netanyahu was
able to tell his partner in war crimes, just what he needed
to hear:  The absolutely, without question, no doubt at all
genuine, 100% verifiably true information, obtained by
the Israeli Mossad (Motto: By Way Of Deception, Thou
Shalt Do War) that Bashar al Assad was guilty of gassing
his own people, in a situation where the Syrian leader knew
that the United States Navy was poised on his own doorstep
to take action if he did anything so stupid as to gas his own
people while the United States Navy was poised on his own

Also, compelling circumstantial evidence that Israel may well
have been complicit in the 9/11 attacks on the United States
and that seven Middle Eastern countries were on America’s
hit list long before 9/11.  Please tell your friends.
Maybe, together, we can stop this insanity.


Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear
that much else is being hidden.



8 Sept, 2013
Lest the Jews Are Gassed

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Did Obama ever want to bomb Syria?
And now he is no longer all that keen?…

Both notions are patently false.  Remember,
Obama is a half-Jew, who is fully entitled
to Israeli citizenship, and while supposedly
disadvantaged by colour, was still kicked up
into the White House by the organized Jews,
who own and control the U.S. government
and its electoral process.  And with no peanut
farm to go back to, Obama’s greatest ambition
in life is to benefit from his high office to the
greatest possible extent – and to continue
benefiting for the rest of his natural life –
for which purpose he would prefer to act
at all times as ‘Presidential’ as possible –
which is hardly possible when he is obliged
to tell all those inane and mutually exclusive
Jewish lies…   No, it was never Obama that
either wanted – or not wanted – to bomb
Syria.   It’s the Jews that were baying for
Syrians’ blood – and it’s the same Jews that
got cold feet – and called Obama a coward…
Syria stands firm, Russia fails to betray
Oi Vey!  Sucking blood is too dangerous
in such circumstances!  Oi Vey!  Holoko$t!

Communist Obama's Communist Mom and Dad
Frank Marshall Davis,  Frank Marshall Davis Jr
and the Jewess Ann Dunham – Obama-mama


It’s a wise child that knows his father
Apparently, the biological father of Obama
wasn’t called Obama and wasn’t from Kenya.
The poor old Obama from Kenya – Obama Sr –
was served up a pup all right – in a literal
sense.  However, this bisexual pup, having
graduated with honours from an obedience
training school, was crowned as the Prez of
the U.S. of A. by the Jew Rothschild banksters,
the uncrowned Emperors of the Earth.

Communist Obama's Communist Mother Naked
Ann Dunham posing for Frank Marshall Davis


From: John Drake
Take me off your mailing list.  While I don’t support Obama,
I am black and find your “monkey” reference offensive.
Sorry mate,

Obama is a Jew, all that’s black about him
is the somewhat accidental colour of his skin…
His Jewish mother was a notorious CIA whore…

There was, however, a purely technical need
to refer to him as a ‘monkey’, as I then had
to go on about his ‘Talmudic organ-grinders’…

Had he not been a thoroughly blackmailable
closet bisexual – and, apparently, a very keen
rent-boy of that vile Mossad Jew, who is now
the Mayor of Chicago – the Jews would have
never let him anywhere near the White House…

Once in the hands of the Jews, the U.S. govt
is a strictly criminal enterprise, whatever
the colour of the puppets…

Oz PM-elect Tony Abbott deviates from the Jew party line
Tony Abbott ridiculed after describing Syrian conflict as
‘baddies versus baddies’
  Oi Vey!  Al-Qaeda is kosher!

Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff
Not unlike Galileo, Ariel Toaff, an Israeli
university professor and the son of
the former Chief Rabbi of Rome, who,
apparently, is not a Khazar/Ashkenazi,
but a Sephardic Jew, was forced to recant
 the Khazar Yid  Elders of Zion,  who,
supposedly, don’t exist, but, thanks to the
Web, the truth is no longer possible to hide.
The very conscientious and hard-working
Italian translators of this sincere, impartial
and self-incriminating Jewish testimony are
continuously improving on this translation,
which they initially finished some years ago.

‘Human skin lampshades’?…
Look who’s talking!
Australian troops in Afghanistan ‘chopped hands off dead Taliban Fighter’
That’s what the Christian slaves are obliged to do
in order to satisfy their Jewish political masters.
Evil Japs want a piece of Holo action

Murderous kikes sick of hearing about Japanese commemorations
for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims

Yeah, those evil Japs nuked by the Jew A-bombs
are now violating the Jewish Holoko$t monopoly!
“Around 1970, they [Jews] were advised by a
[Jew] PR firm to give it [Holoko$t] one name,
stick to that name, and stick to those figures –
and gradually you’ll make billions out of this.
And that’s what happened.”   — David Irving
“More women died on the back seat of Edward
Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick than ever died
in a gas chamber in Auschwitz.”  — David Irving


“By Christmas 1940, Stalin had murdered
many more people than Hitler, and had
invaded nearly as many countries.”
In fact, this was just as true by 1945, too.
For example, of the 27 million Soviet
war dead, more were driven to death by
Comrade Stalin, than by Mr Hitler, while
Stalin’s wartime pals Roosevelt and
Churchill exterminated millions more.
Moreover, apart from murdering millions
of civilians, as well as a million-odd POWs,
the Western ‘democratic’ Allies’ cannibal
policy of bombing well-defended German
cities also needlessly killed thousands
of Allied air crew – needlessly because
the German defence industries kept going
no matter what.  For example, the German
aircraft production peaked in January 1945.
And after D-Day, many thousands more
of the Allied servicemen were just as
needlessly slaughtered in the European
theatre as a result of this Jewish policy
of ‘preferential’ bombing of civilians –
at the expense of the strategic bomber
support of the ground troops.
“Even the best of the goyim should be killed.”
— Jew Talmud

Joseph Stalin’s Great Victory Debunked
Remember US War Crimes –
And that’s only the recent ones…
“If we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted
as war criminals.”
          — USAF General Curtis LeMay

Rochus Misch
1917 – 2013

From: Anthony Lawson
Please, watch this updated version of Holocaust,
Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid?

The very dangerous Syria and Iran situations
demonstrates that nothing bad happens in
the Middle East without the undue influence
of the Friends-of-Israel lobbies in Washington,
Westminster, the Bundestag, the French National
Assembly and other parliaments all over the world.

Furthermore, their power to manipulate historical
reality is mind-boggling, as this video demonstrates.
Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid? — Updated (Preview)
35:00 (Preview) back-up
Take care,

CIA Analyst Michael Scheuer Exposes Syrian War Lobbyists (Preview)
20:16 (Preview) back-up


“War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.”
— Ambrose Bierce

Should you happen to have the time and the patience
to wade through a dozen or two lines of Jew shite,
you might care to look up some of the links below, as
this Jew blogger seems to be trying to earn an alibi…

The day the gas-chamber myth died
Why I Call Myself a Holocaust Denier by Paul Eisen
But how could the Holocaust not be true? by Paul Eisen
Jews for this, Jews for that, Jews for bare tits
Churchill’s great mistakes by Eric Margolis
An orthodox historian finally acknowledges:
There is no evidence for Nazi Gas Chambers
VIDEO – Ingrid Rimland on Doug Christie
A visit in prison with Ernst Zuendel
Revisiting the 19th-Century Russian Pogroms,
Part 1: Russia’s Jewish Question by Andrew Joyce

‘Anonymous’ hacks Mossad website, gains access
to data on 30,000 [‘dual-allegiance’ Jewpsy] spies
A very short article
The Real ZCF  [Zion Crime Factory] good articles
Heroic Measures  by J B Campbell back-up
Israel grants oil rights in Syria to Rupert Murdoch and Rothschild back-up
NB. Back in 1980s and ’90s, when the crypto-Jew Murdoch
grew exponentially – like a whole colony of toadstools
after a poisonous rain – he never ever ran short of credit.
And now you know where all this Jew money came from…
Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks:
Rothschild Obtained Iraq’s Central Bank,
Rothschild Obtained Muammar Gaddafi Gold ~
Syria & Iran Next Using U.S. Military Machine!


“As a National-Socialist, I’m a convinced Zionist.”
                       — (quarter-Jew) Reinhard Heydrich

I would select a group of keen young Jews…
and I would send them to the countries where
Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction.
The task of these young Jews would be to pass
themselves off as goyim, and plague Jews with
anti-Semitic slogans…
— Editorial, Davar, 1952
‘left-wing’ Jewpsy Yid
Heebrew newspaper
in IsraHell

Editor Sharan, quoted by Alfred Lilienthal in The Other Side of the Coin, Devin-Adair, New York, p.47
“All goyim ought to be lobotomized, so that
they shouldn’t be able to remember things.
An ideal goy
 is a goy sick with Alzheimer’s.”
                         — Jew shrink’s Freudian slip

Jewpsy Yids, make your ‘aliya’
to your ‘Eretz Yisroel’ – and
tear down your apartheid wall!

Goyim friends of Jew Khazaristan
Forget history!
Remember Holoko$t!
But not the Palestinian Holocaust!  Oi Vey!
And not the Russian, German, Ukrainian,
Polish, Hungarian or any other Holocaust
engineered by the Rothschild banksters
and their Judo-communist bedmates –
not to mention most of the Allied soldiers
slaughtered in the two World Wars –
waged mainly on behalf of the so-called
(Khazaristan) that, as yet, didn’t
exist, but already occupied the London City,
Wall Street, White House and US Congress.

Hitler’s worst mistake:
He didn’t gas the Jews
If he did, we would have never heard either
of ‘Israel’ or of the ‘mistaken’ Jew attack on
the Liberty or of 9/11 or of the subsequent
trillion-dollar wars: couldn’t have happened
without the Jews and Jew-generated hate.

Idiotes  (ἰδιώτης)   in Athens, one who takes no part in political life.

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