Jim Stone: Fukushima history EXPUNGED

Fukushima history EXPUNGED

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Created on 12 September 2013
Written by Jim Stone
The World Nuclear Association report, which stated that reactors 5 and 6 had their own generators that were never affected and could feed reactors 1 through 4 but were not able to route power through the Stuxnet infected switch gear has been modified to say that the ONE generator that remained running at reactors 1-4 was used to save reactors 5 and 6. This is a bold faced lie, reactors 5 and 6 never lost power at all as stated in the original World Nuclear Association report.
The current World Nuclear Association report that is a complete fabrication has several severe blunders I am going to exploit tomorrow. I am not going to even hint about what they are so they can’t prepare.
They are not going to get away with this, I am too fully loaded.
Fabrication of the current report began on May 5 2013 and ALL PREVIOUS RECORDS HAVE BEEN EXPUNGED IN THE WAYBACK MACHINE, interesting stuff when the Wayback machine had the report cached before I ever found it. I made sure it was there the day I found it. This means that the Wayback machine cannot be trusted anymore, it is as revised and censored as anything else. Originally, the Wayback Machine had the World Nuclear Association report updated regularly starting in April of 2011. The fact that it is not there now is a smoking gun – that report hung them completely and they had to kill it to save their behinds. MORE TOMORROW, IT’S GONNA BE CUTE.
The World Nuclear Association started out at least partially legit, now it’s a zionist white wash. They will not get over how badly I will nail them tomorrow, with other sources. Too bad that report is dead, it allowed me to make every single point with one report. Now I have to quote many different sources in its place, and that is going to be a mess but it will be a lot harder to censor.
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