Dick Eastman: Our Responsibility

PB: Re innuendo re Holocaust at article’s end:
– Not Holocaust (genocide on more than 20 groups, of which the largest have been the Slavs), but Shoa (Holocaust with specific ref. to Jews).
– Some Jews were subject to Shoa, while the Zionists and banksters got out of it alive. Actually, they have masterminded the annihilation of their lesser brethren for the sake of creating the state of Israel in Palestine.
Thus Eastman suggests that enraged populace might do a “Holocaust” on the least deserving Jews — the masses that are as duped by the Judeocentric Power Complex as the Goyim are.
Useful idiotic writers like Eastman do themselves and the public a disservice: confuse the latter and discredit the former.


Our Responsibility

Category: Dick Eastman
Created on 13 September 2013
Written by Dick Eastman

Americans have a responsibility to the world to get rid of deceiving mass-murdering organized crime politicians, parties, diplomats, central bankers and soldiers
If we do not rid the world of the American trouble makers, war makers, false-flagers, provocateurs, liars, theives we cannot expect other nations to get rid of their equally reprehensible criminal oligarchs. And we can expect them rightly to view the United States as a mortal enemy to their wealth, security and happiness.
I say that if American’s cannot get rid of all federal office holders of both parties and start fresh with completely new people truly independent of the usual organized crime oligarchs then other nations have the right to attack and overthrow the United States because We the People have already given it up to the worst criminal syndicate on earth — the Jewish Mafia behind all major wars and economic depressions and other great evils besides.
You ignore me — but can any one of you honestly deny that all I say here is true?
If we have not cleaned out both parties and all of the common faces in government and in the mass-media then we need to admit we are finished.
End rule by organized crime by the end of 2016 or declare the republic dead and gone.
I say we pick our candidates for President and Vice President this month. I think Paul Craig Robertson and Pat Buchanan are the best combination for what needs to be done. Others would also be good. Intelligent people of good will who are possessed of the facts and have a common objective to rid the nation of a known evil have little trouble coming to agreement. Stubborn obstruction and contrariness only comes from those seeking to defeat the larger purpose. We know all about that by now. And that we make the people’s vote for a United States Senator and a United States Congressman contingent upon them endorsing the National Unity candidates and agreeing not to obstruct the populist reforms they oppose. If they can line up like trained seals for the obscene Democrat and Republican leadershp — everyone a stooge of international organized crime — then they can give their rubber stamp to two men of the people just as easily — or else find themselves replaced by real populists as the people learn what populism is and can be.
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