Perverted president of a perverted people

[…] Hitler’s biggest mistake was that he didn’t gas the Jews, because if he had, we likely wouldn’t be talking about the real possibility that World War III could start any day now, we wouldn’t be choking on poisoned air unfit to breathe, and we wouldn’t be dying a little every day because the food our monstrous government says is perfectly fine to eat is slowly but inexorably putting us to sleep.
PB: Hitler did annihilate some Jews, but not the Zionists. By the Judeo-bankster and Zionist design, he killed off the anti-Zionist Jews.


Perverted president of a perverted people

Category: John Kaminski
Created on 15 September 2013
Written by John Kaminski


If Americans think they’re decent people, how can they allow slime like Barack Obama and John Kerry to deliberately lie to make war on innocent countries after providing the chemical weapons that killed all those people in Syria?
All this talk about averting World War III by placing Syria’s chemical weapons under international control conceals the real issue everyone conveniently ignores — America and its corrupt allies funded this so-called revolution that is really a U.S. and Israeli invasion by mercenary proxies hired to destroy this innocent country, and therefore Obama bears responsibility for killing all those children.
But the majority of Americans have the attention span of gnats.
Befuddled by deliberately misleading media and diminished by the poison food they eat, most don’t pay attention and deserve the so-called leadership they get. In general, they are as disgusting, unconscious and untrustworthy as the phony leaders who are destroying them as they dance to the latest technopop tunes and pretend not to notice.
Here’s the thing that makes U.S. President Barack Obama such a lying bottom-of-the-barrel loser working for an evil foreign power. The chemical weapons that murdered all those children in Syria were set off by the very thugs America hired to destabilize Syria, and the whole world knows it.
The foreigners the press calls “rebels”, noted famously for publicly eating the organs of Syrian soldiers they have just murdered, have even admitted that they set off the gas by accident. And when footage of the dead children was shown on TV, grieving Syrian parents identified their children as ones who had been kidnapped by the rebels two weeks earlier.
Yet, even that doesn’t cause the American killers who revel in the needlessly spilled blood of innocents to call off their insane clamor for yet another senseless war.
Therefore, Barack Obama bears the responsibility for killing those kids and all those other innocent people. And then he has the sick chutzpah to blame it on the very people he used these horrible weapons against, as a perverted pretext to obliterate yet another Islamic country at the behest of Israel and the worldwide cabal of killer Jews.
That’s Barack Obama, doing Israel’s dirty work, like all of America’s recent presidents, both at home and abroad. Think of the list of people he has unjustly killed that all should be mentioned at his trial for mass murder. The honorable Muammar Qaddafi comes immediately to mind.
And the archfiends backing him up — Kerry, McCain, Lieberman, Clinton and all the other killer whores — are all just as evil, wholly owned agents of the worldwide Jewish murder machine. And worse, these hypocritical thugs provide the whole world with a despicable portrait of all Americans as bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs, which not coincidentally is the same reputation enjoyed by the Jewish state of Israel — big surprise! — as together in a marriage made in hell they violate all the laws of God and men in pursuit of their psychotic, totalitarian objective, which is unparalleled profit for the few and unprecedented poverty for the masses.
And here’s another thing that makes Barack Obama a certifiable conscienceless monster, gayly prancing before the world as he rains death from the skies upon innocent people.
Here’s a creep who will reveal no single detail about his own past — fake birth certificate, fictitious college resumé, reputed string of dead homosexual lovers, no verifiable reason for him to have ever been elected to anything — supervising a  massive intelligence operation that demands to know every detail on every person through improper and invasive spying on everyone.
And the perverted people he purports to represent eagerly participate in this masochistic masquerade.
Bottom line: Obama demands to know every single detail of our lives, but will reveal absolutely nothing about his own.
Do you see something wrong here, my fellow comatose American dupes?
Do you still harbor doubts that America — murdered on 9/11/2001, if not 12/23/1913 — is a police state? Do you yet understand that the real victim of this tyranny is about to be you?
How many more cops will have to taze grandmothers, steal children, fabricate crimes with phony evidence, and torture innocents for absolutely no reason, before you realize something is very wrong — and that something is about to take your very own life, right after it steals all your money and your property? I’m assuming you already know that you own nothing; the bank owns your home and your money, and the government has secretly taken out a $1 million insurance policy on your life — on everyone’s life — which makes it a very profitable venture to kill you.
All these misguided twerps who say, “Impeach him!”, are as stupid and gullible as most of the rest of these totally dumbed-down Americans. If you think impeaching Barack Obama is going to do a damned bit of good except provide our prostitutes in the press more fodder for mindless, inconsequential blather, you are sadly mistaken.
Who’s going to replace him? Joe Biden? The man who recently praised Jewish contributions to the American “success story”. He must have been talking about the prostitution and poisoning of our children, the pollution of our lives and the deliberate demolition of our environment.
Remember the craze the Disney character Hannah Montana set off among pre-teen girls? Now this same teen idol is performing pornographic dances on Jewish stages. Just what the Jews want our children to learn, if they haven’t already been killed off by childhood inoculations or prevented from having either children or normal lives after their doctors told them to take Gardasil.
Think about the two losers Obama supposedly “defeated” in presidential elections: John McCain, the evil twin of kosher nightmare Joe Lieberman, and Mitt Romney, famous for his offshore bank accounts and prominent Israeli backers. So if you wear one of those “I voted” stickers, you’re announcing to the world you’re an idiot, for falling for this Yiddish scam they call voting.
Think about all the other possible mental defectives who could move into the White House if Obama were to be impeached. It’s a choice between Newt Gingrich and Chuck Schumer, or one of any number of Israeli puppets, willing to take the paycheck for the perversions they promote.
Impeachment is for delusional fools. The whole government needs to be arrested as the threat to the world that it is. Arrested, tried, convicted and mostly executed, for ten (OR A HUNDRED) years of mass murders they’ve committed — including plenty of Americans, especially the servicemen they’ve poisoned with toxic vaccinations and then taught to kill and torture the innocent people whose countries they’re busy stealing, abusing and annihilating.
And for what? None of these phony wars have been any benefit at all to ordinary, run-of-the-mill Americans, but only to the rich Jewish bankers who have plundered our country while our so-called men have been killing innocent victims all over the world.
While thousands of American children are trying to go to school while living in their cars, because their parents’ jobs have been sent overseas by the last three American presidents, Barack Obama sends his children on multi-million dollar vacations in foreign countries, and sends his wife with an entourage of 75 close friends to exotic locales that cost more than entire small towns in America will earn in a whole year.
While Obama lauds hard-working Americans who have to work three jobs to make ends meet, he allows the Federal Reserve Jews to rob citizens of trillions of dollars by unsound banking practices that continue the vacuuming of American bank accounts right down the sewer to Israel.
While ordinary Americans cringe in terror from an epidemic of black gangsterism that goes mostly unreported in what is mistakenly called a free press, President Obama urges everyone to forgive the behavior of immigrant criminals while he secretly authorizes the funneling of weapons to Mexican drug cartels that are ravaging the American southwest.
And while people who are finally waking up and realizing that unnecessary doctor prescriptions have created an entirely new category of diseases plaguing the American public, his monstrous creation of Obamacare guarantees not only the further plundering of people’s bank accounts, but locks them into allopathic medical care that is clearly not beneficial to anyone’s health, with the widespread distribution of harmful antidepressant drugs, unnecessary surgeries and cancer treatment that absolutely does not cure cancer, while simultaneously criminalizing the efforts of intelligent people trying to take care of their own health.
And now Barack Obama wants to start another war, because of events that he himself has triggered.
But, let’s be fair in our description of America’s “duly-elected” president. Obama’s deliberately incompetent performance has not been much worse than his two predecessors, whose dereliction of duty set the stage for many of the atrocities the latest occupant of the White House has merely maintained and embellished.
After all it was George W. Bush who non-supervised the destruction of the Twin Towers, uttered the fateful words “they hate our freedoms”, and began a non-stop war on the world, the objective of which is to destroy every country the Israeli Jews want us to destroy.
And it was Bill Clinton who shepherded the avalanche of American jobs to Third World countries, allowed the term “derivatives” to destroy what was left of America’s banking system, and announced we had a surplus which enabled Bush to start giving money away the moment his term started.
All three of these puppet presidents deserve the credit from how we got from there to hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt in a mere decade. And as they continued to get rid of all the really good American jobs, how many lives did they throw away during their never-ending wars in the name of American security?
They say an American president is merely the average representation of the American population as a whole, and if this is true, maybe the Jewish world controllers are right and the American population does need to be exterminated.
Clinton was a sex-crazed maniac who supervised the destruction of the American workforce by passing NAFTA and shipping all our jobs overseas while allowing bankers to create derivatives which destroyed the U.S. banking system and robbed everyone of their savings.
Bush was a drug-addled sociopath with no intellectual capacity whatsoever who ran the country with all the demonic finesse of Joe Sixpack at a hog calling context.
And Obama is the gay street hustler who had no parents and was raised by the evil plot-hatchers who put advocates of transexuals and child-kidnappers on the Supreme Court.
This is a perfect portrait of the American president and the American population, painted by the Jewish world puppet masters who have captured the world’s mind and turned it into a total impulsive exercise in self-flagellation as we face a future as bleak as has ever existed on this planet.
It looks like that crazy guy in Australia was right after all when he said that Hitler’s biggest mistake was that he didn’t gas the Jews, because if he had, we likely wouldn’t be talking about the real possibility that World War III could start any day now, we wouldn’t be choking on poisoned air unfit to breathe, and we wouldn’t be dying a little every day because the food our monstrous government says is perfectly fine to eat is slowly but inexorably putting us to sleep. Permanent sleep.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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