Zionist Syria war-mongering

PB: Article spoiled by a few things, while the quotes on Judeocentric support for the war, from Israel, USrael and internationally,   are awesome!
Shoah did happen — to anti-Zionist Jews, you useful idiot author. If you deny this, you automatically deny  that the largest of over 20 victim groups in the Holocaust were Slavs, dickhead, I am a Slav and a Pole,  too. We are the true Holocaust survivors, as the whole nation (not just anti-Zionists) were slated for annihilation, beginning with the elites, of which the Zio-Nazis (together with Judeo-Soviets and, later, with the “Polish” Judeo-Communists) managed to kill in 80%.
Go study some history, intellectual moron, before you go too far in your useful (to ADL) ‘antisemitism’.
Go study some history, before you earn Polish ‘thanks’ for glorifying the German killers of our nation, killers so stupid that they fell for Zio-hasbara, as you  have just done. Or just as the Obama-hired Islamist fanatics in Syria…


News from the Jews: Zionist war-mongering & more ‘Holocaust’ programming

By piotrbein