Washington Navy Yard shooting fraud [updated collection]

PB: If Jim Stone has his photos with a time stamp, then Watson is in trouble. On the other hand, how would ABC news have footage from Sep16 in a Sep 15 story?


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Created on 18 September 2013
Written by Jim Stone
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The media is not required to tell you the truth

That’s one of the things freedom of the press allows – the freedom to fabricate news and get away with it. And if you want to affect public opinion to push an agenda, WHY would you commit a crime you could go to prison for when you own the entire media from start to finish, can tell a lie and have no one hold you accountable?
That is the state of the Jewish owned American press, and if you are new to this web site and think I am anti semitic, I suggest you dig deeply into the topic of who really owns the media on your own. The fact that the zionist front owns all the mainstream news networks in America by itself can hold the Jewish community accountable for lies like this shooting in DC. Wanna know who the liars are? Just look who owns the media.
And they won’t be held accountable. They murdered thousands on 9/11, and could actually go to jail for it. But since they own the press, why risk going to jail? If using their media dominance to front a lie will work as well, WHY RISK JAIL BY COMMITTING A FELONY when they are free to lie all they want without an ounce of consequence? In stable societies such a lie would land the perpetrators in jail for a very long time. Lying at this level is the most serious of crimes, and societies that have a chance of surviving will punish it harshly. If anything shows the extent to which we have lost America to the Jewish front, THIS IS IT
They may like their own weapons, but they hate ours. So there are plenty of them out there that will say they want their guns. Don’t fall for their come ons – as 9/11 showed with the dancing Israelis, the law will NOT be equally applied.
And there were many more lies, Bengasi, where the Department of State openly admitted there was no consulate in Bengasi, Sandy Hook, where a drill was taking place, complete with electric signs saying so and giving the actors instructions on where to go – only to have the children all get buried closed casket so NONE the parents EVER got to see ANY of their dead children afterwards Just perfect for Molech and the sex slave trade, Right along to Holmes, where the blood spatters went towards the door rather than away, the theater was subsequently bulldozed rather than show that there were no bodies, blood, or bullet holes (no pictures from the theater AT ALL) and Jessica Ghawi’s damning tweet. Cute stuff from the ziopress, along with Boston’s drill and obvious staged actors.

Arab “terror” failed. And Americans are decent people. Far too good to be pulling this crap. The king of lies – the zionist – has to tell lies about Americans to get them to turn against themselves and destroy their own selves. AMERICANS DO NOT BEHAVE LIKE THIS, do not let the ziofront use their press to spin lies to make you think so, CHANGE THE FILENAME OF THAT PHOTO ABOVE TO CIRCUMVENT THE CENSORS AND MAIL IT TO EVERYONE. DAMN THEM.

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