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Created on 18 September 2013
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In his autobiography Soldier, Lt Colonel Anthony Herbert tells how, as a member of the CIA-military Specials Operations Group, he was asked to take charge of execution teams in Vietnam.

These teams murdered entire families and tried to make it look as though the enemy, the Viet Cong, had done the killings.
The CIA, the Press and Black Propaganda

Human Rights Watch claims that pro-government Syrian forces brutally slaughtered 248 people in the coastal towns of al-Bayda and Baniyas in May 2013.

The claim is based on accounts by the rebels.

Mai Lai – one of MANY massacres carried out by the US military 
Maximilian Forte has written“Slouching Toward Sirte: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa
Forte exposes the role of groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in spreading lies about what was happening in Libya.
The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality
Amnesty promoted the infamous “incubator babies” myth that justified the Iraq war of 1991.
Suzanne Nossel, a State Department official on Hilary Clinton’s team, was made Executive Director of Amnesty-USA in November 2011.
The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality …
The US military murders children in the Philippines. Balangiga massacre

In his autobiography Soldier, Lt Colonel Anthony Herbert told how US General Ed Lansdale’s Filipino commando units would dress as rebels and commit atrocities on civilians, and then another unit would magically arrive with cameras to record the staged scenes…
The CIA, the Press and Black Propaganda

“Judith Miller, disgraced facilitator of the war on Iraq and rehabilitated Fox KKK-TV correspondent, brought you the Iraq War through false documents provided by CIA analysts…
“A big part of the CIA’s current success is its ability to deliver its message through Left publications…
“Now we are told that the CIA Syrian mercenaries may launch a chemical attack on Israel from government-controlled territories as a ‘major provocation.’ What you can be sure of is that some provocation will be launched and that the press, including most of the Left, will cover it up.”
The CIA, the Press and Black Propaganda

Professor Maximilian C. Forte – shows us that there was no ‘mass rape’ committed by ‘Gaddafi forces’ – as alleged by Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Luis Ocampo and others at the time, but later refuted by Amnesty International, the UN and even the US army itself.
The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality
“Despite hysterical media reports, there was no evidence of aerial bombing of protesters, as even CIA chief Robert Gates admitted.
“Gaddafi had no massacre planned for Benghazi, as had been loudly proclaimed by the leaders of Britain, France and the USA…
The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality

Sirte’s bombed fishing harbour. 
“The most pernicious of the lies that facilitated the Libyan war was the myth of the ‘African mercenary’…
“Forte goes on to expose the role of groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, who helped perpetuate some of the worst lies about what was happening in Libya…
The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality
Anonymous comments:

The TV channel Al-Ikbariya broadcast, on 15th September 2013, a long interview of a prisoner reporting the way that he had transported chemical weapons from a Turkish military base to Damascus.
The chemical weapons of Ghouta came from the Turkish Army

Children kidnapped from a pro-Assad village and murdered by the CIA’s rebels.
According to Investigative reporter Robert Parry, who broke many of the Iran-Contra stories:
The first neighborhood that the UN inspectors visited was Moadamiyah, south of Damascus.
“Of the 13 environmental samples collected that day, none tested positive for chemical weapons…
“The UN inspectors also revealed how dependent they were on Syrian rebels for access to the areas of the alleged chemical attacks and to witnesses…
“While at the suspected attack sites, the inspectors detected signs that evidence had apparently been “moved” and “possibly manipulated.”
“Regarding the Moadamiyah area, the UN reported noted, “Fragments [of rockets] and other possible evidence have clearly been handled/moved prior to the arrival of the investigative team.”
Murky Clues from UN’s Syria Report

Mother Agnès-Mariam
Mother Agnès-Mariam has written: The Chemical Attacks on East Ghouta to Justify Military Right to Protect Intervention in Syria.
The Institute, presided by Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross, has studied the videos of the massacre of Ghouta and reports:
– Ghouta has been largely depopulated for some time now.
– A woman is looking for her children, but she appears in videos filmed in five different localities, and finds her children in two of them.
– A witness describes his family’s reaction when they smelled the gas, when Sarin gas is odourless.
– A picture of the Egyptian revolution was posted as proof of the Ghouta massacre by the Revolutionary Committee of Masaken Barzeh.
– Two videos, one posted by the revolutionary Committee of Jobar and the other of The Revolutionary Committee of Hamouria, both show two incompatible scenarios of the death of the same child.
– The comparison of several videos suggest they were staged, since it seems difficult and absurd to move bodies in the same emergency room.
– While the rebels announce over 1466 deaths, the videos only show 8 burials.
The manipulated videos of the Ghouta ”massacre”

Children murdered by the US military in Iraq.

Under the helm of Mother Agnes Mariam, the ISTEAMS Team based in Geneva has been working under the auspices of the International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights.
“This ISTEAMS Report on Syria reveals how the lives of innocent children were used as part of what was visibly a staged event:
‘From the moment when some families of abducted children contacted us to inform us that they recognized the children among those who are presented in the videos as victims of the Chemical Attacks of East Ghouta, we decided to examine the videos thoroughly. …’ 
Syria: Fabricating Chemical Lies. Who is Behind the East Ghouta Attacks? – Center for Research on Globalization

107mm rocket shells frequently used by terrorists operating within and along Syria’s borders. They are similar in configuration and function to those identified by the UN at sites investigated after the alleged August 21, 2013 Damascus, Syria chemical weapons attack, only smaller.
The UN team had no evidence to suggest the involvement of Assad.
Fragments and other possible evidence have clearly been handled/moved prior to the arrival of the investigation team.
Terrorists operating inside of Syria also possess rifles and even tanks of Russian origin – stolen or acquired through a large network of illicit arms constructed by NATO and its regional allies to perpetuate the conflict.
Land Destroyer: 5 Lies Invented to Spin UN Report on Syrian

“One thing’s certain: Jones, Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff, the Aangirfan conspiracy site et al are eroding esprit de corps. For example, a September 12 Military Times survey finds active duty personnel opposing Syrian military action by a 3-to-1 margin.”
The Middle East and its elemental descent – Asia Times Online
Corporate Indonesia worries as rupiah wobbles

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