Jim Stone: Current 10 sievert per hour reading at Fukushima?

From: Roger Helbig <rhelbig@sunset.net>
Date: Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 3:57 PM
Subject: RE: Jim Stone: Current 10 sievert per hour reading at Fukushima?
You certainly do like to scare the world with fiction or meaningless information.  Presume you flunked kindergarten science and never progressed further.
Tracy Turner: This guy is a Pentagon/DoE shill – really. His pictures online often include bottle of scotch and occasionally the emails are 50% typos and spellers… He resides in the Republican Barbie Ann Coulter Cobalt 60 is a health tonic camp. Whooooo, it is Halloween, lets dress up like Druids and bask in the warmth of Fukushima fallout, Strrrooontium Niinnety is good, anti-nuke is eeeevvvilll…. Have another, scotch, roger. It is Hallows Eve and you and Ann need to conceive the Republican spawn of Satan on a pile of DUF6 by midnight on the 31’st.
PB: Tracy: I know; “science guys” like him from Pentagon/Nuclear Lobby frequented DU-Watch = they didn’t get too far while I was the moderator until about 2003…
Roger: lots of vacant land, cheap properties in Chernobyl, Fuku … why don”t you relocate? How about submitting to this modified DU-Watch’s test: instead of taking a spoonful of DU-dust, live at Fuku or Chernobyl for 12 months and if you like it, forever after.
Tim King: Thanks for including me on this Tracy, DOE’s Helbig is indeed, a paid lunatic shill; he attacked our organization in the past and if anyone is interested, here is the link.
Tracy Turner: I emailed him back a year ago, asked him to take a teaspoonful of his safe, non-toxic Depleted Uranium. Roger, I’m with Dr. Bein on this one. Either live at Fukushima or Chernobyl a few years, or take a spoonful of MOX or ‘just’ DU live on TV. Otherwise your fictitious claims of safe nuclear are Fox News shill rhetoric. Noticed Ann Coulter did not post any videos of herself in a Bikini absorbing Gamma Rays after her mendacious stunt on Fair and Balanced Fox News.
Roger Helbig: Ms Turner, would you care to face me in open court regarding your defamatory claims.  There is no picture of me with a bottle of scotch.  I do have bad eyes so there may be some typos; perhaps when you find it hard to see, you will also overlook mistakes because you no longer can seen them .  If you would like to face me in court in Richmond, California (I have no travel budget, no budget at all since I do not work for anyone and I do not solicit donations from anyone), send me your full name and address and I will have a summons sent to you to appear in Small Claims Court.  I believe that the current limit is $7,500, but I have not checked recently, but I expect that a judgment in my favor in that amount might cause you to reconsider lying about me to others.
PB: You have defamed Tracy and myself, by alleging Tracy is scaring the world, while I feed “fiction or meaningless information”. Even if you get judgement in your favour from the small claim, it would still be $7500 in our favour. Once these alleged defamations are settled, how about lying re radiation effects, Roger?
Roger Helbig: I have defamed no one and if you are so eager to pay me $7500, just file suit in the Richmond court of Contra Costa County and I will be glad to meet you there.  I don’t expect that you will appear.  Now, I asked a question – what exactly is your PhD in, where is it from and where can I obtain a copy of the thesis or dissertation? Far as me lying.  I don’t lie.  Ask anyone who really knows me.
PB: Roger, a man purporting to know things nuclear would know how to find PhD dissertations… You are a despicable, disgusting man of disrepute, a professional liar on radiation effects on Life, a supporter of Judeo-banksters’ genocidal nuclear policies. Which begs some questions:
– Are you just a useful idiot who believes in the quack science you were taught at school and the military, and in the official fraudulent lines by the nuclear crime lobby and their gov’t patsies?
– Or are you a Shabbat-Goy, a Christian Zionist believing in the fables on the criminal Zionist entity called Israel?
– Or are you a sayan. loyal to Judeocentric tribalism?
Whomever you might be, it’s time to come out of the closet, and apologize and repent to God and Humanity — before you die.
Tracy Turner:  Mr. Helbig, anything legal goes to my families lawyer, who’s name and phone number do not belong on the open Internet. My advice is for you to take your harrassment elsewhere lest you be dealing with her at our local courts here for far more than small claims chump change. In plain English, cease and desist or expect a summons to come from Richmond to be sued in Civil, not small claims. The opening Salvo will be a letter from your neighbors about staring at your Israeli Flags for three years. You are a glass house person. Doug Rokke and Leuren Moret had to call the police on you and threaten you with arrest. You are not a sympathetic victim.
Let’s put this into terms anyone can understand, if I understand you correctly: 1) you are being harrassed? 2) You have been libelled? 3) You are owed due to your reputation being harmed by another?
As our family lawyer is oft to say, let’s move this along:
This prison planet blog page refers to you as a beware of a government puppet. You are also referred to as an arsehole on this page. This veteranstoday page: Once more we see the deliberate action by USAF LTC Roger Helbig to …… arrested and jailed if he showed up at the event in
This my lawyer will be very interested in, a pattern of muffling free speech in America.

Air Force Colonel Accused of Abuse over Uranium Weapons Coverup

(Oklahoma City) Individuals on web sites throughout the United States have complained over a period of months about the abusive and aggressive actions of an Air Force Lieut. Colonel named Roger Helbig, stated Project Censored Award Winning writer Bob Nichols.
Col. Helbig has consistently misrepresented himself and his participation, voluntarily or on a paid basis, as a ‘minder’ or enforcer for the DOD ‘lie’ about Uranium Munitions in direct contravention of US Army Regulations and Orders,” Nichols stated.
Col. Helbig apparently is fervently following the Secret Los Alamos Memo about Uranium Weapons (UW), aka so-called ‘Depleted Uranium,’ instructing personnel to lie about Uranium Weapons to maintain the political viability of the continued use of the Genocidal Weapons: “weaponized radioactive and poisonous ceramic uranium oxide gas and dust” in Iraq and throughout Central Asia,” added Nichols.

Are you this Roger W. Helbig, or is this a “different person”?  It seems that in my attempts to bring the real horror that is Depleted Uranium to my readers I picked up a piece of shit under my virtual shoes. This piece of trash goes by the name of Roger Helbig. Roger Helbig is a retired Airforce Lt Col. Roger Helbig has made it is lives work to bully people like me into silence about Depleted Uranium. So, we have an Internet Bully.

Roger Helbig attacks anti nuclear websites – even this one
Received today from Roger Helbig:  Your first immediate action is to take my name out of your e-mail subject line.  I have already advised WordPress and I will make every possible effort to take down your WordPress blog and eliminate your ability to ever have another WordPress blog.  along with a lot of other threats of legal action.

I can imagine a man like Roger Helbig being concerned about his reputation.

Last September, Lieutenant Colonel Helbig, of Richardson, California, was in Court. Complex, inter-connected cases, heard also in June and July, due to resume in December, involve Helbig’s neighbour, Jamahl Feres, of Syrian origin and his Swiss wife Katherine. They allege suffering three years of harrasment including the last year, in which Helbig covered all windows in his house which faced theirs, with Israeli flags.

Gary Rea: I have now confirmed that rhotel1, who attacked me in the first place, is actually Lt. Col. Roger Helbig. So, apparently, Helbig was somehow using an ISP account in Rokke’s name, presumably to discredit him or confuse people, which he’s done a marvelous job of. My apologies, then, for everything I’ve said about Doug Rokke. As I listen to him now, speaking to an audience at East Tennessee University, I know he is a good man who is definitely NOT the same person who posted the message attacking me.
It is very revealing that Roger Helbig used another name to attack me with, then posted again under the name rhelbig only after I mentioned him by name (that post has been removed by the site administrator now). Anyway, keep fighting the good fight and, again, my apologies.

Gary Rea: […] Yesterday, in fact, I posted a new piece on Doug’s work, with a link to some of his videotaped lectures on DU. Within hours of posting it, Helbig was in my face again. I deleted his crap, this time, rather than respond to it. Just a few minutes ago, I read yet another contentious reply to the same article, from someone calling himself Bob Cherry. He, basically, gave me a “correction” to Doug’s credentials (which I had obtained from a site on which Doug was written favorably about). So, I’ve asked “Bob” exactly what his own qualifications are to amend Doug’s credentials and how, exactly, he supposedly knows there is anything in need of correction. […]

Mr. Helbig, Your ‘reputation’ in courts of law includes three years of civil harrassment of your neighbors and a dozen years of harrassing environmental activists with aspersions (mentally ill, disturbed, unlogical, unknowledgeable Ph.D’s, etc., etc. Your victims include but are not limited to Dr. Doug Rokke, Dr. Leuren Moret, Dr. Helen Cadicott, Professor Chris Busby, Dr. Piotr Bein, Professor Arnie Gundersen, etc. Ironically, Busby shows us Spectrograph and Geiger Conter results while you libel, slander, libel with your sole weapon: mailcious gossip.

Current 10 sievert per hour reading at Fukushima?

Category: Jim Stone
Created on 21 September 2013
Written by Jim Stone

Slip up confirms that there is still solid reactor fuel laying around

ENE news just screwed up by citing the WRONG NHK report. It is ENE’s job to bury the fact that reactor 3 was destroyed with a nuclear weapon, and they blew it big time. ENE NEWS HAS FINALLY AT LEAST PARROT REPORTED A REAL RADIATION READING FROM FUKUSHIMA. 10 sieverts per hour GAMMA. Not alpha, not beta, GAMMA, OUTSIDE, near one of the hard vent stacks. They are still in damage control mode, because they are not saying what the pipe is – A HARD VENT STACK THAT MADE THE “HYDROGEN EXPLOSIONS” IMPOSSIBLE. 10 sieverts per hour means there is still solid fuel from the reactor core laying around that the remote controlled cleaners and robots could not get to. This lays bare the fraud of the official story, which is still a little steam and three melt downs. This reading is out in the open, by one of the hard vent stacks.
10 sieverts per hour means that the area that is in the debris field for the reactor 3 explosion REMAIN ALMOST INSTANTLY FATAL, driving through would give you a lethal dose and you can forget about walking through. I always reported, right from the beginning that the debris field for reactor 3 had to be handled via remote control and robots, because people could not enter the area and this latest report from ENE confirms this had to be the case. And if they spotted cracks in the base of the stack, where the reading is 10 sieverts, it was done via a remote controlled camera because no one would have survived finding the cracks by walking around.

This confirms reactor 3’s core expulsion. There is no disaster of any sort short of a core expulsion that could ever hit an out door GAMMA radiation level this high, other than having the core get ejected. Even a radiation reading 100,000 times less this late in the game would mean hard material got expelled. I have said this all along, and now we have proof that the cleanup failed and there is still solid reactor fuel laying around.

This makes a laughing stock of former ENE stories, which spoke about comparatively harmless beta and alpha readings from water tanks, a scenario at least tenuously plausible with the official story.
The reason why the base of the stack has a reading this high is because they could not get the cleanup machines into the area around the base of the stack. You would have to go in there with a broom and hand sweep it, and anyone who tried would be dead before they got the dust pan. And this is not an error – if the reading was 10 millisieverts an hour and there was an emergency, people would most certainly go in on limited exposure shifts and fix this, and even a 10 millisievert an hour reading, which is 1/1000th of the actual reading would mean there was at least dust from a reactor pressure vessel breach and total inner containment loss. 10 millisieverts an hour would kill you in a little over a week. Acceptable millisievert exposure levels are measured in years, not hours and the fact that the actual reading is yet again well over 1000 times higher than what would kill you in a week means beyond all doubt there is no way Fukushima happened even as a worst case non-military disaster scenario. The guts of reactor 3 were ejected with explosives.

UPDATE: 10 SIEVERTS AN HOUR CONFIRMED BY NHK, and NHK has implied that the radiation is in the entire surrounding area, not just the base of the stack.

I don’t think people understand how huge the reactors were at Fukushima. The following photo is of a smaller reactor than unit 3 being built, this one is identical to unit 1, the smallest Fuku reactor and this is why it would take a nuclear weapon to expel the core:

For a complete explanation of why the area around the hard vent stack is inaccessible, SEE THE FOLLOWING PICTURE OF REACTOR 3.

A version of this article was first published on jimstonefreelance.com.

Crime of the New Millennium

Category: Jim Stone
Created on 21 September 2013
Written by Jim Stone
I pulled the following graphic off the site due to small errors that could be nit picked by shills, and FIXED IT for the printed Fukushima report. NO ONE CAN NIT PICK THIS, and if any reactor engineers see it, they will probably piss their pants. This diagram is the one that lays the truth bare, there is no conceivable way a little loose hydrogen could have done this to reactor 3 and if shown this way, every reactor engineer out there will know beyond all doubt that Fukushima had to have been an act of war.
Awareness of what really went on out at Fukushima is the last thing Israel wants, because they want to be able to maintain a nuclear blackmail capability against governments with the people completely oblivious to the fact that their nation is under threat of a nuclear armageddon. Compliance is much easier when your victim population is clueless about what is being done to it and why.
I have no doubt that the huge “banker bailout” was forced on America because of precisely this threat. Japan did not take the threat to heart, got their pseudo 9.0 earthquake and devastating nuclear tsunami and destroyed nuclear facility, and THEN made an equally massive payout to the world bank to “end world poverty” when they were not in debt or defaulting or behind on anything AT ALL. Not a dime will go to anything other than poor elite Rothchild Zioscum who can’t afford a 500 foot yacht. AND IF I AM WRONG, EXPLAIN HOW A LITTLE “LOOSE HYDROGEN” DID THIS:
Change the name and mail this around with NO MENTION of this web site. THAT is how we can circumvent the censors. Converting it to a smaller or larger size will also help it get around the censors.

A version of this article was first published on jimstonefreelance.com.

By piotrbein