Virtual Jew
‘Liberate Syria?’ 
”French politics descended even
 further into farce this week after
 two news agencies withdrew
 a photo of President Hollande
 because he looked too gormless.”

Fabius case reaches MonacoMonaco casino ‘forgives’ gambling debt of French foreign minister’s sonFrench foreign minister’s son targeted by fraud investigation 
”The son of [the Jew] French Foreign Affairs
 Minister Laurent ‘attack Syria!’ Fabius is the
 target of an investigation into alleged fraud
 and money-laundering.  The investigation is
 chiefly related to Thomas Fabius’s purchase
 of an apartment in Paris for seven million
 euros in 2012…  Thomas Fabius ‘financed’
 part of the purchase with money he had ‘won’
 gambling, his lawyer Cyril Bonan insists.”
 The only snag is that Fabius junior is a
 dead-broke gambling addict banned from
 all casinos in France…   It is a secret of
 Polichinelle  that those millions are the Jew
 Fabius senior’s bribe-money received from
 the Gulf Arabs to attack the Arabs in Syria…
 Something to do with the gas pipelines…
 Don’t Jews love gas?…

Oi Vey!  Mossad Masada mass murder-suicide!
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Video   “To Be Or Not To Be” 
Dec 1941 – Hitler is about to declare war on the US… 
This is always described as a ‘bad miscalculation’… 
In fact, WW2 was a ‘bad miscalculation’ – or, rather, 
a very clever Jew bankster monopoly game – you 
kill your own, Jews and communists kill or enslave 
you all in the end…   Interesting – not in the least, 
as a part of the highest drama in the world history… – 10:00 
If you were ever impressed by Hamlet, Hitler is your 
kind of a protagonist, especially in this speech, 
where he appears to be at his most contemplative… 
The Jews knew all along that Hitler was a Hamlet 
figure.  Little wonder, they could predict, precipitate 
and, in effect, direct his actions – or…  inactions…For example, the 1938 ‘Crystal Night’ triggered 
by a Jewish homosexual prostitute’s killing of 
a queer German diplomat in Paris was a result 
of Hitler’s predictable inaction in the face of the 
’spontaneous popular action’ – brought to an end 
eventually by Hermann Goering… 
The 1936 assassination of Wilhelm Gustloff by a 
Jew terrorist, who originally intended to murder 
Hermann Goering, was an unsuccessful earlier 
Jewish attempt at a ‘Crystal Night’, when the Jew 
Zion-gangsters called up dozens of Stormtroopers’ 
barracks all over Germany demanding ‘action’… Hamlet was one of the most performed plays in 
the Third Reich, as it provided an equally dramatic – 
and latently Anglophilic – alternative to the rather 
more complicated and rather too familiar Schiller’s 
Robbers  – and very well dovetailed with the high 
ideals of the German Romanticism, to which the 
National-Socialists saw themselves as rightful heirs, 
but far more revolutionary ones…              Subtitled

“Hitler was right about most things.”     — Jew Stanley Kubrick, Hollywood film director

Israeli Jew exposes the truth about Israel 1:08:31 back-upJew liberal tells some of the truth in a most 
harmless way possible…  In effect, far from 
being an enemy of the Jew Occupation 
Government, he is an asset, as he provides 
the blood-sucking cabal with a human face – 
his own.                        Waste of your time
“We mean no harm to the common
 people of the Axis nations.”  — FDR

Video 1:47  US Snipers use “Baiting” techniques to kill innocent Iraqis 

Sergei Semanov and the “Russianists” 
The Occidental Observer

Israeli ambassador calls al-Sisi “a national hero for all Jews” don’t bother!

US Baby Killers Denounce Assad don’t bother!

John Kerry’s Jew-Ridden State Department don’t bother!

US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina don’t bother!

Rouhani’s Jewish MP escort to UN blasted ‘inhuman’ Israel don’t bother!

No account of the back-stabbing Jew attack on 
the USS Liberty was ever so well documented. 
Too many of them may well have been produced 
by the Jews themselves – rich in kosher detail, 
but very discreet about the High Treason in DC.
NB. Nothing proves the Jew guilt in this heinous 
false-flag – or ‘no flag’ – war crime more than 
does the evidence of the Jew-Ess government 
total complicity, of its principal role in this anti-
American atrocity and of the role of the Jews 
clearly determined as that of hired executioners.FALSE FLAGS FOR ISRAEL  << full text 
by Deanna Spingola       EXCERPT 
On April 7, 1967, Walt Rostow (National Security Advisor), 
Ambassador Foy Kohler (Deputy Under Secretary of State), 
Cyrus Vance (Deputy Secretary of Defense), and Admiral 
Rufus Taylor (CIA Deputy Chief) met to discuss Operation 
Cyanide. Over twenty years later, officials discovered 
documents in the Johnson Library. One of those documents, 
dated April 10, 1967, stamped – SECRET – EYES ONLY 
pertained to Operation Cyanide, the plan for the destruction 
of the USS Liberty. They “sanitized” that document in 
December 1988.[40]
Operation Cyanide included an Israeli war against Egypt 
to depose Gamal Abdul Nasser, a purported Soviet puppet. 
The U.S. government sent intelligence and military 
specialists to Israel months before to plan and prepare for 
the operation. When Israel’s attack failed to sink the ship, 
the game plan changed, which included an apology from 
Israel and a phony cover story. [41]
On May 23, 1967, Deputy Defense Secretary Cyrus R. Vance 
instructed his subordinates to send the USS Liberty to the 
eastern Mediterranean. Presumably, Admiral McCain [crooked 
daddy of the crooked Senator] directed the USS Liberty to 
international waters off the coast of the Gaza Strip knowing 
it was going into the war zone without protection. On June 3, 
1967, the ship was to engage in an “extended independent 
surveillance operation in the eastern Mediterranean.” [42]
Israel launched a long-planned war against her Arab neighbors 
at 7:45 a.m. Sinai time on June 5, 1967 who they claimed 
wanted to exterminate them. Mordechai Bentov, a member of 
Israel’s coalition cabinet during the war, said, “All this story 
about the danger of extermination has been a complete 
invention…to justify the annexation of new Arab territories.” [43]
When Johnson’s aides informed him of the beginning of the 
war on the morning of June 5, he revealed this information to 
Mathilde Krim who happened to be staying at the White House. 
Official records indicate that Mathilde passed documents from 
Israel directly to Johnson over the duration of the crisis. 
Johnson, a known womanizer, did not meet with his advisors, 
except [Jew] Walt Rostow, or any Israeli or Arab officials 
during the very short war; he knew exactly what was going on 
with the Israelis due to his intimate relationship with Mathilde 
Krim. [44] 
Perhaps Krim was an early version of Monica Lewinsky or 
how about Marilyn Monroe who converted to Judaism when 
she was married to Arthur Miller. Her Jewish psychiatrist 
totally managed her.
Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism 
by Michael Collins Piper back-up
also: – quite OK + lotsa links

Final Judgment  – by Michael Collins PiperThe Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
Holocaustianity Forced Upon Spanish Students – 
Even Though So-called “Holocaust” Never Happened! 
”How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert
 the plain Meaning of Words.”   — Samuel Adams

Occupied Palestine: this Jew is ‘anti-Semitic’ Rapporteur Richard Falk takes Israel to task at UN forum 
He recently visited Australia – and was largely given 
’silence treatment’ by the Jew-controlled media.

Plan B – How to Loot Nations and their Banks Legally 
Lengthy read; scroll down for David Malone/Max Keiser video

David Mayer de Rothschild and Global Warming Tax 3:58

3:19  The Rothschilds 500 TRILLION DOLLARS 

1:46  Rothschild (Red-Shield) History 
Alec Guinness as Fagin in David Lean’s 1948 Oliver Twist

Jew-run ‘democracy’…Tyranny/Police State 
- Licensed to Kill: The Growing Phenomenon of Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens
- Video: NYPD Open Fire Into Crowd Of People In Attempt To Shoot Unarmed Man
- Police Run Over, Kill Man For Seatbelt Violation
- Anonymous Cop Pens Bizarre Editorial Calling for ‘End of Anonymity on the Internet,’ Says All Internet Posters Should be Forced to Register with the Government for ‘Public Safety’
- DA releases police video of deadly narcotics raid

“As a National-Socialist, I’m a convinced Zionist.”                       — (quarter-Jew) Reinhard Heydrich“I would select a group of keen young Jews…
 and I would send them to the countries where
 Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction.
 The task of these young Jews would be to pass
 themselves off as goyim, and plague Jews with
 anti-Semitic slogans…” — Editorial, Davar, 1952
                                            ‘left-wing’ Jewpsy Yid 
                                             Heebrew newspaper
                                             in IsraHellEditor Sharan, quoted by Alfred Lilienthal in The Other Side of the Coin, Devin-Adair, New York, p.47

“All goyim ought to be lobotomized, so that
 they shouldn’t be able to remember things.
 An ideal goy  is a goy sick with Alzheimer’s.”
                         — Jew shrink’s Freudian slip
Jewpsy Yids, make your ‘aliya’ 
to your ‘Eretz Yisroel’ – and 
tear down your apartheid wall!Goyim friends of Jew Khazaristan

Forget history! 
Remember Holoko$t!But not the Palestinian Holocaust!  Oi Vey!And not the Russian, German, Ukrainian, 
Polish, Hungarian or any other Holocaust 
engineered by the Rothschild banksters 
and their Judo-communist bedmates – 
not to mention most of the Allied soldiers 
slaughtered in the two World Wars – 
waged mainly on behalf of the so-called 
‘Israel’ (Khazaristan) that, as yet, didn’t 
exist, but already occupied the London City, 
Wall Street, White House and US Congress.
Hitler’s worst mistake: 
He didn’t gas the JewsIf he did, we would have never heard either 
of ‘Israel’ or of the ‘mistaken’ Jew attack on 
the Liberty or of 9/11 or of the subsequent 
trillion-dollar wars: couldn’t have happened 
without the Jews and Jew-generated hate.

Idiotes  (διτης)   in Athens, one who takes no part in political life.

By piotrbein