About that stupid "Muslims killing all Christians at a mall" story [collection of articles]

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Created on 23 September 2013
Written by Jim Stone

The mall is Jewish owned, and the swat team that showed up was from the Israeli Mossad.
I’d like to ask a question here
Since false flag is the order of the day, could having the Mossad show up to “correct” this situation be ANY MORE PERFECT? How did they get permission to operate abroad out in the wide open public of a foreign country anyway?
I have a little info here – Muslims don’t hate Christians. Muslims believe Jesus will return again to rule them, NOT MOHAMMED. Muslims protected Christian churches in the holy land for hundreds of years, even if the churches sat abandoned by Christians for centuries. One good example is the Aboud Church, which sat empty for a very long time and was taken care of by Muslims, with the Muslims holding the keys for centuries until Christians returned to use it. NOT A JOKE. And you want to know how that church was finally destroyed?
Take a look
This is the Aboud Church, before the Israeli “defense” forces destroyed it for no reason.

Before, a priest is gesturing “we mean no harm”. Remember, this is a 1,800 year old Christian church. After the Israeli defense forces were done having fun, it lay in ruins.

This event proves beyond a doubt that Israeli aggression in Palestine is not about getting rid of suicide bombers. Shocking, but true.
The priest almost loses his balance walking among the ruins. Notice cross on one of the rocks? The kid in the background gives a pretty good perspective on the size of the destroyed chuch.<
It is interesting that the supposed Muslim agressors in posession of the land around this church for the last 1,600 years did nothing to harm it, it was in fact destroyed by Israeli tanks and bulldozers in June of 2002. This type of Israeli agression is so common that it did not make news.
Now I’d like to make a comment, though I admit it is a guess. The BRITISH woman “convert to Islam” who was among these so called “muslim” assassins at the mall PROBABLY WORKED AT A KOSHER STORE ACROSS FROM B’nai BRIT (ish) synagogue prior to getting this gig at the mall. Certainly the Israelis are far more aggressive towards Christians than Muslims are.
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