John Kaminski: You can't believe what the government says

You can’t believe what the government says

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Created on 24 September 2013
Written by John Kaminski

Conditions are perfect for martial law, mass starvation and slaughter

Transform tyranny into treason, or give up your life: those are the choices

Have you ever watched people die? Lots of them? All at once? You’re about to become one of these. In either category — watching or dying. You won’t get to choose which.
The random shootings are intensifying. Everywhere. Mostly in areas where people have been deprived of their right to defend themselves. You can stay in your house forever to avoid the mayhem, you think, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be safe even barricaded and well-armed inside your own home.
Very seldom do I write a story that others have recently written, but this is a story that everyone should be writing, if not shouting, until the danger is eliminated permanently.
It’s not just rhetoric anymore. It’s a matter of life and death. Your life and death. You cannot trust what your government says, and it is the most serious problem you’ve ever faced in your life.
Do you realize the torn bodies and broken lives all over the world, which you have been responsible for, are about to happen here? It is inevitable. It’s already happening. Will you wait and just let it happen to you?
How many more fabricated terror events is it going to take before everyone rises up and throws the criminals — who pretend to be enforcing the law but really are too busy creating all these false flag atrocities to accomplish their totalitarian political objectives — into jail where they belong?
Are you too stupid to foresee the outcome if this does not happen?
Start with a criminal president fabricating fictitious events backed with an endless array of willing accomplices creating staged public catastrophes, and then add on an endless string of vapid dupes reading false news on TV who rope the gullible public into thinking all these bloody events actually happened — or happened by accident — as they applaud unannounced police checkpoints and new calls for everyone to turn in their guns.
You see the results of this policy every day on the streets of Chicago, where record numbers of people are being shot down in broad daylight.
President Obama’s cynical call for gun control is a call for the end of freedom in America. As Thomas Jefferson pointed out, it is individual gun ownership that keeps America free. The guns are not primarily used to defend against criminals; they are necessary to defend ourselves against a criminal government, which is already busily killing off American citizens by any means with falsified justifications.
The hollow point bullets. The random road blocks. The whitened misty skies. The fast food your body can’t digest. The blockade of information about the Fukushima radiation that already has maimed the fetuses of West Coast mothers and triggered an astonishing increase in thyroid cancer.
The savage atrocities that dominate the news headlines yet have no verifiable evidence that is not produced by cops who refuse to elaborate on the details and admit that these events “just happened” to occur simultaneously with preplanned drills.
You only have to look at what happens to cops who kill innocent civilians on pretexts that invariably turn out to be spurious. They never go to jail, if they’re ever charged at all. And if they do go to jail, it’s to some country club for a very short period of time, and soon after they very likely wind up working for some security company with nasty ties to military sources abusing unsuspecting innocents.
The fact is that cops break the law regularly, and never get charged for what they do, whereas innocent people are regularly charged for crimes they didn’t commit, and due to bogus laws, conniving lawyers and corrupt judges, regularly wind up in jail. Or worse.
You only have to look at what happens to our soldiers who come from the phony wars on other essentially defenseless countries. If they don’t kill themselves out of guilt for their acts or horror at knowing what their country does to innocent bystanders, then they become pathological assassins with itchy trigger fingers, looking for someone to abuse for any reason because that’s what they’ve been taught.
When you look at the top concerns of intelligent American people (almost an oxymoron), you see radiation, chemtrails, food additives and false flag terror at the top of the list. The government speaks honestly about none of these subjects, and imposes new restrictions on the corpse of the Freedom of Information Act every day.
They lie about the food; the FDA protects no one except poison peddling food manufacturers, while the population grows increasingly obese and autistic.
They lie about medicine, as millions suffer from prescribed cures that are designed not to work, or from medicines that instead of curing actually introduce new diseases into the bloodstreams of their gullible victim patients.
Then there’s the little matter of the Jews, who dominate the government, finance, medicine, and entertainment, as well as the media, academia, and our disappearing money supply. Anyone who speaks openly in mainstream media about the Jews is immediately fired, their careers ruined in perpetuity. If they persist, something worse happens to them.
Harvard University, once the crown jewel in the U.S. educational system, is now a cesspool of Jewish subversion, best known for former president Larry Summers who was even too corrupt for the Federal Reserve, and Elena Kagan, the advocate of homosexual perversion who was named to the Supreme Court despite never having been a judge, only someone who extricated Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, from his numerous legal problems simply by making the evidence disappear.
Harvard is no longer an educational institution; it is the indoctrination center of the Jew World Order.
The nucleus of the worldwide terror threat is Wall Street, where the top criminals get promoted to run the federal treasury and continue the robbery of America and the plundering of the whole world, reducing the population as fast as they can in the process, fulfilling Prince Charles’s fondest wish to be a virus upon the world. The Jew-run U.S. government is now that virus.
Ordinary people, especially the “successful” ones, want to keep the same guidelines they have followed throughout their lives. They think their lives have been successful, even as they have willingly ignored the carnage their government has produced around the world.
Now the signs are clear. That carnage is coming home. Now that the U.S. government’s true character is being reflected inward in the deception and abuse of its own citizens, people are starting to question everything they have ever believed about the land of the free and home of the brave.
Many more people than ever before. Will they turn the corner, arise and repulse the invaders who are their own leaders before they are completely destroyed and enslaved?
The next few weeks before the scheduled “three days of darkness” drill in mid-November will tell the tale, and determine the fate of America. If this interruption of the national power grid is allowed to happen, that will be the trigger to allow the U.S. government to start killing people in larger numbers.
The cutoff of the food supply is merely a ruse to get people into the FEMA camps, where they will be starved and/or poisoned to death.
Can the criminal nature of the U.S. government be recognized for what it is? Sheer insanity? Undeniable duplicity? One lie after another. People running the country who are definitely not working for America. You can call it a Jewish tradition, amply recorded across time.
Can Americans break free of their addiction to media poison and rebel against the lies that have ruined their lives?
Will it ever happen? Can it happen at all?
It can. And there’s a clear way to achieve this vital objective.
We must start with local officials. Anybody who supports the government’s version of 9/11 must be thrown out of office immediately, because they’re supporting the lie that’s killing the world.
There’s no hesitating about this any longer. Our lives are in danger, from too many angles. We don’t have much time to effect change in this way. Past a certain point, the troops will be in our streets, ‘disappearing’ malcontents and taking people’s guns. When this starts it will be too late. It may already be too late.
Removing local officials and replacing them with people who realize what’s happening is the only rational answer. If this happens often enough and widely enough, then we have the base to arrest the entire corrupt federal government, which must be done.
All public officials are simply not serving America’s interests; they’re serving the interests of the international bankers, who bribe and blackmail them into voting for these phony wars and sending trillions to Israel for a purpose that is of absolutely no benefit to the American people.
There is no foreign terror threat. The U.S. government is the terror threat. The U.S. government — including all its soldiers, its cops and its judges — is guided by the principles of the Talmud, which assert that all non Jews exist only to serve as slaves of the Jews — and that’s the most accurate description of the world that anybody can furnish you as you read this story in real time.
So if you’re going to insist that Joe So-and-So has been a good congressman for you, gotten your district large pork barrel projects, then you yourself are part of the problem. Anybody who supports the current U.S. government lies and atrocities has to go, removed from office by any means necessary.
But in order to achieve this, the local yokels will be easier to squeeze out first. And the litmus is a simple one.
Anyone who still believes in the 9-11 lie, or in the wars the U.S. undertakes at the bidding of its Jewish masters, is exactly the problem. Either through ignorance or profit, they are the problem. The 9-11 debate is over; drunken Arabs could not have pulled off an operation of that complexity, and the whole world knows it.
Larger numbers than ever before are realizing that everything about America has gone very wrong. Talking the talk is not enough. Time is short. The development of the disease must be arrested now, before it becomes irreversible. Millions upon millions of people must insist that the corruption must be removed, and then go about removing it.
The chief terror threat in the world is the U.S. government, controlled by a foreign power. If you pretend not to know who that power is, you’re of no help to anyone, least of all yourself.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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