Fleeing Jim Stone: New Updated Fukushima Report

New Updated Fukushima Report

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Created on 25 September 2013
Written by Jim Stone

Because I might not be around much longer, here is the NEW UPDATED FUKUSHIMA REPORT.

This is an important release because it is worded in a way that destroys the shills as well as brings the topic more up to date and has a majority of the references preserved and embedded in the document. This is the enhanced Fukushima report I mentioned earlier, I probably should not hold it back if my life is on the line. It will print perfect on almost any computer.

A convergence of logic

I can’t get fancy with this because I do not have time, but a convergence of logic, putting together messages from various people I have received over the last year point to this:
They are going to blow the Hoover dam, blame it on American Al-ciada from Kenya, say it triggered a nationwide blackout which they are having a drill for soon, and then do a huge crack down on the people. If there is an upcoming event of dread, logic says this will be it.

An update on the situation

I am not able to do articles right now because they kill the cell modems immediately and I can no longer safely use Starbucks or other locations with the laptop. I am sporadically using public internet cafe’s with lousy computers and incompatible Mexican keyboards configured randomly that take forever to figure out because they all came out of different garbage piles, so things are really inefficient in the short time I do have. At least this computer has a good screen, but the keyboard, UGH.
For those of you who have ordered Fukushima reports, they are all printed and I have two remaining above and beyond orders. I will send these out shortly.
Please look up Kenya Photographer hoax, seriously, NO WAY IN HELL could that have been done. If they did kill people in Kenya, the Mossad did it and ran around with a camera telling people how to pose. Perhaps they would get away with it there.
This situation I am now in is going to be expensive. Help is really important now. We may have to leave the country and seek out one that is unfriendly to the U.S. and zionist interests to get through this. Since my mails are censored, Farganne will help you get through. IMPORTANT: Despite Farganne receiving offers of help, none are making it to my own mail boxes. This means things are whacked. If you received a response to an offer of help, I did not get it and the response came from someone else. Furthermore, other previous offers suddenly fell dead. Intelligence agencies will do that when they are about to nail someone to deny them the ability to get what they need to flee or defend themselves. Please visit the facebook page if directly mailing me fails, and remember, all donation offers are on the log page, if your offer is not there, I did not receive it. I cannot give out my plans, but they will cost a fair amount.
A little info on my wife’s situation, from before I met her up until now – She was arguably the number one educator in the state of Guanajuato, and was the one who taught the teachers in one of the state’s highest rated private schools. This school had 700 students, and from there she oversaw other schools with a student base somewhere in the thousands. She is important. This caused her to get targeted by the Jewish community, which wants good education wiped out everywhere, not just in America. This is what she is talking about in her letter when she says she has been attacked over the work she does. The letter was written for the web site a while ago, before this latest development and we delayed and delayed posting it until now.
If you wondered why she mentioned being targeted it is because she was a bulwark against the zionist assault on education in Mexico, a prime target, and has had a lot of troubles as a result. I wanted to clarify this. She is perfect, I found someone who is absolutely brilliant. They have already succeeded in undermining her and reducing her value to the point at which she feels she should move on to something else, but her efforts and programs are still in place, waiting to be cancelled, all the while her main school is arguably number one in the state. The zionist front destroys by gaining the trust of the highest administration and then using that trust to destroy key people. I have no doubt the schools she oversees will die when she leaves. Look at that freaking letter, that was typed by a Spanish speaking Mexican. That says a lot about who she is.
Our situation could not possibly be any worse. She is at a low point because she has been severely backstabbed and diminished, and I just got a visit from God knows who. They are definitely American intelligence, but there are so stinking many black ops going I can’t tell which one. My only advantage is that they were lied to when sent after me, but I don’t know how long it will take the ziofront to compensate for the damage that happened when I told them the truth about why they were sent. For details about this encounter see here…
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