The Miracle of “Free Market Capitalism”

The Miracle of “Free Market Capitalism”

Tracy Turner

Business X wishes to profit from selling Mahogany, Cherry, and Maple, ripped out of your home. You, the homeowner will absorb the pollution, driveway damage from movers, etc. Your cracked driveway, dust inhaled into your lungs, etc. are your problems and financial liability, not Business X’s.
BP, the government and so-called news media brainwash us into believing BP’s (still ongoing) Macondo well leak is just part of doing ‘business’. Cancer and cancer deaths, ruined fishing and ruined tourism for the next 1,000 years are just part of * the public’s built-in cost * of BP billionaires obtaining more wealth.


Sometimes it is rather dumbfounding to see, hear or read someone pontificating about the “Free” in “Free Market Capitalism”. Often the image of a horse pulling a load of hay while wearing blinders comes to mind. The horse is convinced that flashing road signs, mice, dogs, automobiles on side streets and the like do not exist. “Free Market Capitalism” apologists pull their load of half-baked arguments along, all the while ignoring coal waste, Uranium tailings cancer, fracking water pollution, clear cut forest logging, Pharma Mass Murder Suicide Pills, etc.
Said apologists stand on their soapbox expressing the wonders of Peabody Coal profits, even though 1,000 times Peabody’s lifelong profits cannot put the Humpty Dumpty back together into Appalachia’s destroyed mountain range and poisonous ‘drinking’ water. Here is where the miracle comes in: Peabody’s 100-years or so of profit are theirs, but the forever scarred, “socialized” broken mountains and “socialized” Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Selenium in the public water supply are the taxpayer’s financial burden. Peabody gets the coal money (public resources turned “privatized profit”) and the people get the Lead, Arsenic, Selenium and Mercury in their drinking water essentially, forever.

The arc or circle is our planet Earth; the hourglass is our limited lifetimes and the limited time Earth will host life.

Right here is where names and labels usually abound to prevent the myopic horse with blinders capitalist from losing an argument. It is right here that socialism or communism is not the article/arguments punch line; rather it would be nice to see the media, public and government force Peabody to both restore their damage (as much as their funds allow) and to force them to have low-impact future operations.
Companies like Rio Tinto, Peabody, Massey, the Rothschild family, et al wants the Gold out of the ground, but the local people can keep the Cyanide left behind. Rio Tinto wants the Uranium, but the mine and mill tailings can poison streams, rivers, well water and give the locals cancer. In Australia, Uranium tailings dust is blowing hundreds of miles into Aboriginal villages and metropolitan cities. Rio Tinto keeps the profit and those who get lung or throat cancer can fend for themselves financially – the true ‘miracle’ of capitalism.
This is the same business model Weyerhaeuser Lumber used to clear-cut US National Forests; Weyerhaeuser Lumber got the lumber and profit off of public land and the public gets erosion, dead trout and salmon streams. Weyerhaeuser Lumber might claim they no longer clear-cut, but lack of seeding mother trees means these erosion-prone Moon-like landscapes lack the topsoil and parent trees to grow back. You, the public can ‘afford’ labor, seed, etc. to ‘repair’ the damage. Through a miracle wrought by government and media, capitalistic pig companies that can never slurp up enough public land and public resources socialize Uranium cancer and denuded forests.
Cost of militarizing and controlling US antiwar protestors via Homeland Obscenity, paid for by US population. Oil profits in Iraq go to 18 multinational oil companies (miracle of free market capitalism). Cost of invading Iraq and Afghanistan: socialized; profits from Afghan Opium goes to PHARMA for Oxycodon and to CIA for illicit drug sales laundered in four Rothschild banks. Oil profits and opium profits private, interest profit on debt for wars goes Federal Reserve Cartel families.

In the case of the Big PHARMA companies, the cost of 200,000 U.S. pill and drug fatalities per year is socialized to the families of the deceased; the biggest apologists that keep the death count growing: government and media.
Both the government and the media hide certain patterns of free market enterprise:
1)    Obtain lease on land and Uranium Mine
2)    Miners and their families absorb burden and cost of lung and other cancers
3)    Refine and Mill Uranium
4)    Mill and Fabricator workers and their families absorb burden and cost of cancer
5)    Use Uranium in Electrical Generation and Depleted Uranium Weapons
6)    Power Plant Neighborhood’s and Soldier’s families absorb burden and cost of cancer
7)    Mine, Power Plant and Weapons Corporations off-shore profit, declare bankruptcy
8)    Burden and Cost of cancer, pollution, and 4.6 billion year nuclear waste burden shifted to public.
9)    Soldiers returning from each war have a “syndrome” named after said war zone, “Balkan War Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome”, etc. The same syndrome the Uranium miners, mill workers and fabricators get.
The scenario above, with minor verbal tweaks, works for oil, gas, coal, nuclear, weapons companies, private central banks, logging, mining, factory fishing, etc. When it makes money, it is the Plutocrats; when it loses money it is the publics. The profit side of Uranium is Plutocrat cash; the cancer surgery, chemo and hospital bills belong to the populace. Storing 4.6 years of radioactive waste is the taxpayer’s problem. Funerals are the family’s cost. Other countries are so resistant to private, Rothschild-owned central banks that said banks could only be inserted via war. Said banks are mostly in business to finance and charge interest on both sides of the next war. The ideology is nonsense; the wars are the banker’s wars.
Another distinct pattern:
1)   Kabrikistan is going to get weapons of mass destruction
2)   Your safety is imperiled (really)
3)   We are now bombing Kabrikistan
4)   Ludwigiland has weapons of mass destruction (this time we so really mean it)
5)   We are now bombing Ludwigiland and the new private central bank of Kabrikistan is using US dollars to sell Kabrikistan resources.
6)   We are now bombing Ludwigiland and installing a private Ludwigiland central bank that uses US dollars.
7)   Sipisipiland is ready to use WMD, (really, it is not like last time, this time we truly concocted a false flag).
8)   We are now bombing Sipisipiland and installing a new central bank that sells (gold, oil, gas, etc.) using Federal Reserve Cartel money.
9)   We and the three bombed countries need a Federal Reserve Cartel family loan to bomb the next three countries on the list of private central bank coup de tats.

By piotrbein