Against Judeocentrism: An open letter to William F. Price

An open letter to William F. Price

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Created on 29 September 2013
Since you now state that you wish to open The Spearhead to a wider variety of subjects than just feminism, I cordially invite you to consider feminism as part of a wider, Jewish assault on western civilization in general and the white male in particular. You have previously rejected such appeals on the grounds that you do not wish to jeopardize the men’s rights movement by associating its good name with “conspiracy nuts” and the lunatic fringe. As a life-long student of the Jewish impress upon the world, I can assure you that I, and many like me, am anything but the lunatics you suppose. My research library consists of hundreds of university level volumes. My opinions are well documented and fully supported by the facts.
Your stated position that feminism as an ideology developed with Abigail Adams and Victorian England is, quite simply, nonsense. One could logically argue that feminism originated in ancient Sparta or imperial Rome, where there also existed strong feminist movements. Feminism, as an organized movement in American life began in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s under provably Jewish auspices. This is indisputable. Betty Friedan/Goldstein, the author of “The Feminist Mystique” in 1963, was provably a closet Jewish Communist. Her membership in the Congress of American Women (C.O.W.) and the United Electrical, Radio and Machinists Union, two of the chief Communist unions of the time, are documented conclusively. Her colleagues from that time to present have been overwhelmingly Jewish. Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, Linda Ellerbee, Gloria Allred, Erica Jong, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagan, Shulamith Firestone, Andrea Dworkin, Naomi Klein, Naomi Wolf, Robin Morgan and hundreds of others are equally, and almost exclusively, Jewish. One notable example was the recently deceased Helen Gurley Brown, the red haired Khazar who wrote “Sex and the Single Girl” during the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s. When the Bolshevik Revolution erupted in Russia in 1917, the Communist regime immediately set about “liberating” women from the home. Equal rights for women in the workplace and guaranteed maternity leave to reproduce on the factory’s time were Communist doctrine from inception. These concepts were embedded in Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Constitution of 1936 and have remained unchanged to this day.
No one in his right mind would claim that everything that happens in the world is the product of a Jewish conspiracy. But to deny that Jews exercise enormous power in politics or that they have profoundly influenced the course of world events is equally absurd. One very simple example of such influence was the Dutch war of 1899-1902 in South Africa. It was precisely Jewish financiers operating behind British imperialism who generated the war. Barney Barnato, the Jewish friend of Cecil Rhodes, Ernest Oppenheimer, Samuel Montagu, Lionel Philips and Werner and Beit, were some of the principal Jewish money men who used British blood to establish the vast diamond and dynamite monopolies that rule the country.
Another excellent example of major Jewish influence in world politics is the great Communist revolution in Russia. That revolution and three decades of Communism after it were entirely Jewish instigated. Winston Churchill wrote that Communism was a Jewish creation – and that the solution to Communism was to promise the Jews a “national home” in Palestine to discourage their revolutionary activities in Europe. A real or purported “contract with Jewry” was made by the British Empire to get the United States into the Great War in exchange for the Promised Land of Palestine being given to the Jews. After the First World War Jewish delegations traveled to the Paris Peace Conference. There they translated the promise of a “national home” into the British mandate over Palestine. The Jews demanded and received “minorities treaties” in all the states of Eastern Europe to protect the Jewish “nation within the nation”. A particularly good source on these facts is the book by Mark Levene “Jews, War and the New Europe”. The famous political commentator of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Emille Joseph Dillon, in his book, “The Inside Story of the Peace Conference” made the following remarkable statements:
“(The delegates) feared that a religious – some would call it a racial bias – lay at the root of Mr. Wilson’s policy. It may seem amazing to some readers but it is none the less a fact that a considerable number of delegates believed that the real influence behind the Anglo-Saxon peoples were Semitic.”
“The formula (of Mr. Wilson) was this: ‘Henceforth, the world will be governed by the Anglo-Saxon peoples who, in turn, are swayed by their Jewish elements.”
In Bolshevik Russia Jews dominated the commissariats at all levels. In Germany, Hungary and Argentina Communist putsches were attempted. All were heavily Jewish dominated. In Hungary, 160 out of 200 commissars were Jewish. In Argentina, all fourteen top Communist leaders were émigré Russian Jews. Both the British Foreign Office and the American State Department were full of position papers blaming Jews for Communism. Many influential people and middle classes all over the world identified Jews with Communism long before Adolf Hitler proclaimed to the world.
William F. Price obviously believes the Jewish persecution myth. He thinks that because Jews were supposedly persecuted in Czarist Russia that this explains any arguable Jewish sympathy for Communism. He is unaware that the British and diplomatic personnel in Russia made their own on the scene investigations of the pogroms in Russia and came up with conclusions markedly different than those made by the Jewish owned London Telegraph. After interviewing local rabbis and Jews the English officials concluded that over 80% of the destruction and death reported by the Telegraph and the Russian Jewish Committee in London (the RJC) were fabrications. In particular, the English consuls found that the claims of mass rapes and women with their breasts cut off were politically motivated lies to inflame English opinion. The meticulously documented reports of the consuls were ignored and pure propaganda became firmly establishes historical “fact”.
Now that we have established that the Jews do, indeed, exercise real power in the real world, we ask the indelicate question: Do Jews have an agenda for tearing down white societies all over the globe? Everyone on The Spearhead has undoubtedly read or heard Barbara Lerner Spectre’s statement that Jews will spark resentment because of their leading role in promoting multi-culturalism. But no sane individual would wish to rest his case on the say-so of Miss Spectre. Is there more substantial evidence that Jews are the driving force attacking white racial homogeneity? There most certainly is. If one goes back to the debates on the McCarron bill of 1951-1952 which preserved the “national origins” quotas established by the 1924 Immigration law, one discovers that only organized Jewish groups wished to change the “national quotas” from Western Europe system. It was the American Jewish Committee (or AJC), in particular, which filed “friend of the court” (amicus curiae) briefs consistently with the courts trying to overthrow segregation laws. No one else in those times, not big business or corporate America, was making such efforts. If one examines similar efforts all over the world, they are also under the exclusive control of one tribe. It was the Board of Deputies of British Jews who were responsible for getting the Race Relations Act of 1965 passed. That act, as in the early Soviet law of Bolshevik Russia, made the promotion of “race hatred” (especially “anti-Semitism”) a criminal offense. In South Africa race discrimination was a favorite target of the Jewish dominated South African Communist Party. In the United States, it has been the Anti-Defamation League and hordes of Jewish lawyers who have attacked discrimination and whites at every opportunity.
Clearly, there is a Jewish agenda behind racial equality. Indeed, more than a few Jews, like Miss Spectre, have been more than candid about it. But she is not the only one. Henry Feingold has proclaimed that the more diverse a society is, the safer Jews are. Earl Raab of Brandeis University has stated that non-white immigration to the United States has now reached the point where a ”white nationalist, Nazi style reaction to overthrow Jewish power is now impossible”.
Thus, we come to the real question. Is feminism, like Communism and racial equality, a Jewish stratagem for overthrowing the white social structure and tearing down the white family? The answer is unequivocally: Yes. As previously noted, reading a list of Jewish feminists is like reading a list of Jewish commissars in the year 1919. The media that promote feminism are almost entirely Jewish controlled. They constantly promote the myth of the superwoman in one Hollywood action flick after another. They portray men as idiots or dolts. But interestingly, these Jewish media moguls do not publicize inconvenient facts about the treatment of women in Israel. They do not talk about how women (until recently) were banned from praying at the Wailing Wall or forced to ride at the back of the bus. They do not suggest that women should have to apply to a State Board for permission to have an abortion, as in Israel, or that a wife must have her husband’s permission to get a divorce. Still less do they suggest that a bastard, or mamzerim, should only be allowed to marry another mamzerim. The centuries old Judaic practice that only men qualify for a quorum is also never mentioned.
Strict logic would suggest that if Jews are practicing blatant sexism in Israel while tearing down “sexism” of white countries they must have an agenda at work. It is the same logic as Jews tearing down white racial homogeneity all over the world while trampling on Arabs in Palestine. But there are even more conclusive proofs of what feminism really is. They are the Talmudic scriptures and the Nazi “gas chamber” hoax. The Babylonian Talmud teaches that only Jews are human and that non-Jews, the gentiles, exist only to be enslaved or exterminated. As one enlightened rabbi put it, gentiles have human faces only to make them less objectionable to Jews. The Talmud also teaches that the birth rate of the gentiles must be reduced; hence, the Jewish inspired drive for legalized abortion all over the globe. The Mishnah and Gem Mara also teach that the unborn child does not acquire nefesh or human status, until it exits the mother’s body. The woman has the right to expel, or murder, the fetus, if it is causing her “emotional harm”.
The Nazi “gas chamber” hoax is, of course, the conclusive proof that the Protocols of Zion are true. No German record speaks of an extermination of the Jews. The intent rather was to deport them from Europe, first to the French controlled island of Madagascar before the war, and then to the occupied territories in the east after the invasion of Russia. The famous Auschwitz camp in Poland, where the Germans supposedly exterminated four million Jews, was a gigantic industrial production center for the German war effort, consisting of 38 satellite camps. In 1942 during the summer months, the camp was shut down by a typhus epidemic. Typhus is carried by lice. The Germans also deloused the camps with Zyklon B to control the typhus epidemics. The crematory ovens were built to burn the diseased bodies. Their actual disposal rate was consistent with the 150,000 deaths recorded in the camps by the German death books. Many of the Jews who entered the camps were quite ill. This is why the Germans built extensive hospital facilities in the camps to rehabilitate the Jews so they could be put back to work. The camp records disclose, among other things, that thousands of perfectly healthy Jewish babies were born at the camp, surely a remarkable feature of a so-called “extermination camp”. Forensic tests by several qualified scientists (including an investigation by the Forensic Institute at Cracow) have demonstrated virtually no hydrogen cyanide residue in the rooms where the Germans were allegedly “gassing” millions. The so-called gassing chambers are not properly sealed, heated or ventilated to make for proper dispersal of gas. In short, the forensic tests are consistent with what the suppressed German records reveal.
Many Jews were, however, shot by the Germans on the eastern front. But close to two million Jews had been removed into the interior of the Jewish Communist Soviet Union both before and during the German advance. This happened in both September 1939 during the invasion of Poland and in 1941 during Operation Barbarossa. These Jews were employed in the Soviet arms factories behind the Ural Mountains. After the war, these Jews flooded into the Iron Curtain countries to become leading commissars in Eastern Europe. They also descended through the Balkans in the hundreds of thousands to invade Arab Palestine. The true number of Jewish deaths in World War Two was somewhere between one to two and one half million, depending on the number shot or killed in Russia.
What is the significance of these facts for feminism? The significance is as follows: The Jews who created the “gas chamber” hoax are the same Jews who:
1-Created feminism;
2- Created racial equality;
3- Created Communism;
4-Created open borders, diversity and One World.
“False in one thing; false in all things.”
This essay has been most uncompromising. It was not written to sugar coat the truth or to make the historically illiterate or the brainwashed and ignorant feel better. It will, quite possibly, infuriate the allegedly enlightened William F. Price. I quite understand, and even sympathize with, his position that he does not want to compromise the men’s rights movement by associating it with shockingly subversive ideas. But if he really wants truly open debate on essential facts, I challenge him to publish this essay as a “Guest Contribution”. I promise him that it will open more eyes on more subjects and generate more uncontrollable debate than any other essay he will ever publish.
“John Thames”

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