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Kenya mall AN INSURANCE RIP OFF HOAX + Jim Stone’s days numbered?

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Created on 02 October 2013
Written by Jim Stone

I don’t know how good I will be able to put this all together in the short time I have (I am only allowing two hours a day for this site at random locations for security reasons, and that’s forum, Mail, the front page, EVERYTHING, BUT . . .
It is confirmed – Larry Silverstien’s co-criminal at the WTC owned that mall. The parking garage was inadequately built and was unsafe. So they staged this little terror psy op, with actors, fake blood, the whole 9 yards to once again back stab Muslims and as a bonus, collect twice what they needed with dual insurance policies to fix their stinking mall, and make a profit doing it. To hell with whoever got hurt or had their car burned or crushed. AND I HAVE PROOF.


Happy Obamacare – where you will now be forced under penalty of law to buy health insurance that is really crappy and expensive, and after paying FAR MORE for medical than you EVER did before, you then get the privilege of wandering through a communist style system where panels and boards decide what care you get at a cattle trail pace, if you get it at all. Wanna know what it is like to get the shaft? Obamacare is IT, and this is true 100 percent – Those who could not afford health care before ALREADY HAD STATE MEDICAL CARE THROUGH MEDICAID, and all Obamacare did was force people who already had health insurance to pay private companies exorbitant rates for rotten service while the STATE now gets to decide how you get treated. And if you don’t comply, pay the fine while getting no health coverage AT ALL or GO TO JAIL. Obamacare is a RIP OFF of EPIC proportions that does POSITIVELY NOTHING GOOD AT ALL.

Now back to that mall.

Whatreallyhappened has been running this photo which proves the shootings were staged and totally phony. Look at this man’s wounds. See how the fake blood separated out, with the dye staying right on the “wound”? Many people, including EMT’s nurses and others with experience have gone vocal saying that real blood does not do that. Duh, obviously it does not. Not to mention the fact that if those were gunshot wounds this guy would not be walking
This one photo blows the entire scam wide open. It’s all fake folks, and that’s all you need to know, other than the motive. On to that now.
Frank Lowy, who happened to be Larry Silverstein’s bed pal at the WTC owned that mall. Interesting it is that the worst “Muslim” terror attack in history happened to Larry and Frankie, with Frankie walking away with a substantial portion of the $4 billion USD from the insurance claim at the WTC. But that was not enough for Frankie, who built his mall poorly and wanted a little rebuild cash. And it looks like he will get it – approximately 80 million USD (converted from Kenyan shillings) compliments of yet another “Islamic” terror attack, compliments of B’nai whatever synagogue.

Take a look at this parking garage. The bricks used to make it look nice, which provide absolutely no structural support were way too much weight for the thin concrete under them. THAT parking garage was hanging by the rebar.
How do you explain this collapse? While doing their phony drill or whatever, a team of demolition people put a little C-4 on the support columns and let it rip. Good enough for a rebuild. Certainly even if the place was a piece of garbage a few hand grenades would not have brought it down, this is intentional pre-meditated destruction all the way and given the fake blood? well, it does not take much to see what is going on here.
And if you want more proof, just type kenya mall fake into google and look at all the nicely staged photos with soldiers playing around in the background standing up and joking while others were on the ground putting on a show for the photographer. It’s all paper thin B.S., obviously expert liars did not handle this one.

An update on my situation

All I can say right now is that I am absolutely certain I am now being stalked with pinpoint accuracy. There are too many anomalies and too many people in too many random locations that are too obviously intelligence agency types, almost all of them American. Typically I see no one like this, but now they are onto me 100 percent. I may have a way to deal with this (maybe not) but things are going to be rough no matter what, and this time I do not think they are ever going to let off. I think they have me pegged way too well because of my wife and her family, you cannot uproot that or escape it. It is not a simple matter of relocating anymore, and I really don’t know how this is going to play out.
The way they nailed me is by constantly deleting the airtime off of cell modems, which forced me to use Starbucks and other public wifi. Once they had the IP locations to all the Starbucks, they waited and watched, and despite the fact that I spread out log ins across numerous locations they eventually were able to follow me without me realizing it. They have me nailed, I can’t shake it, at least not without breaking off everything and running once again. It is important to note that THEY WERE, AT FIRST AMERICAN AND STILL FOR THE MOST PART ARE. This was NOT done by Mexico. Another thing – this also proves that Mexican cell towers lack triangulation abilities, so if you are not carrying a GPS enabled phone in Mexico, they can only know your location to within a couple miles. This made it safe for me to use cell modems, which I was doing until they started killing them constantly.
It is also important to note that they are using the narcotics/drug lord approach, and I am fairly confident they are trying to create “proof” that I am a major drug kingpin down here. They are out of their jurisdiction in Mexico, and short of killing me there is no way they can get rid of me other than having Mexico “bust me” and the obvious approach is to peg me as a narco. The very first thing the agent mentioned was narcotics, and this is then obviously what the liars above them have been saying is the reason to stalk me.
The bottom line is that my days are probably numbered, and it will be important to ARCHIVE, MIRROR, AND RE-POST THE KEY ARTICLES HERE.
The most important ones are Busted, Nuclear Blackmmail, and obviously the Fukushima report. I absolutely nailed the nuclear topics, even according to Ripley, the engineer who designed reactor 3. Because I nailed the topic so well, the zionists absolutely HAVE TO SILENCE AND SLAM ME INTO OBLIVION, their survival depends on it because what is in the Fukushima report and other nuclear related reports simply cannot be argued with. Any way you slice it, no matter what lie gets told, (even by Arnie) the Fuku report trashes it and they simply cannot have that level of proof of Israeli aggression out in the open ANYWHERE.
The survival of Israel as that nation now stands really does depend upon getting rid of those reports or keeping them buried under a mountain of lies or cast into obscurity. I am far too prominent for obscurity to be an option for them, the genie is out of the bottle. Whether or not I will survive releasing the genie remains to be seen.
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