Jim Stone: set up a mailbox w/o NSA spying on you

I suggest everyone hitting this site to set up a new mailbox at www.unseen.is

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Created on 05 October 2013
Written by Jim Stone

TOTALLY DISABLE MICROSOFT OUTLOOK AND ALL OTHER MAIL CLIENTS, Unsene will automatically use Roundcube, which is arguably the best web mail based mail client and you really don’t need anything else. Roundcube will protect you better than any virus scanner, and only your own errors will mess things up (like get you a virus). On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is a filthy virus funnel with 900 back doors. I strongly suggest you re-secure your machine (such as getting it clean with a fresh install) and switching all your mail to unseen.is because IT IS EXTREMELY LIKELY TO BE OUT OF THE CONTROL OF THE NSA.
I will be testing this and will know. Unseen has a line on their front page which says “unlike what some people have said, encryption really does work”. My response to that? Well, YES, as long as it is base 256, truly random, and has no back doors which I have said all along. I have only stated that all publicly available encryption is by force intentionally hackable, with NSA mandated top secret backdoors, and I am and always was absolutely right about this. In fact, I was the first to say it and insisted on this long before anyone ever heard of Snowden.
If you want to know who is really cutting edge and credible, just read through the history of this web site. Even while getting slammed for saying PGP was a load of B.S. that the NSA could see through like cheesecloth, I held my ground and was proven absolutely right – PGP really does have an NSA back door. I have said many things long before anyone else did which happened to end up being 100 percent accurate, and if Unsene is in Iceland, they are probably your best chance of there being no back door because they don’t have to listen to the NSA while under threat of shutdown for non compliance.
Lightweight NSA stifling (but not totally stopping) encryption might use 8 digit base 128 encryption, but I can’t see how they could ever manage 16 digit base 256. And remember, when I say base 256, that is NOT 256 bit. It’s way worse. It’s just too much. And decent encryption nowadays should go far beyond even that, it’s not like modern personal computers or even cell phones would have any trouble doing more. The NSA would be dirt simple to bash into oblivion if people could circumvent the threats the NSA makes to their businesses and lives. The NSA lives and breathes via the back door. The world could certainly close it and relegate the NSA to the dust bin of Soviet-esque relics which haunt only the people they have direct jurisdiction over via treaties and national law. It is time for the world to finally wake up and realize what America has become, throw away the past credibilities and American image of freedom and close the door. Moving your communications to Iceland which is not part of the E.U. and not under the control of the U.S. would be a pretty good first step.
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