Hasbara against Jim Stone on Andrew Winkler's website, The Rebel

PB: Andrew (The Rebel of Oz),
Rebel News is too important for us to have an editior who re-publishes “by feel”, unable to check the facts. I wished you were as “vigilant” with history junk concerning Polish-German and Polish-Jewish relations. Sorry, but together with the hasbara you publish re Poland, your annotation would suggest that YOU work for the Judeocentric banker cabal.
I can’t say if Vialls was a fake or not, but he came up with plausible debunking re 2004 Christmas tsunami off Indonesia. Have you studied the subject? What are your objections to Vialls’ contentions?
Jim may be wrong with some Fuku details (no wonder, given the tight cover-up and likely involvement of Netanyahu’s int’l terror machine), but to discredit him wholesale is too farfetched.
We are being duped by MacGregor on Jim Stone:
Immediately following the earthquake/tsunami that struck Japan on the 11th of March 2011 various reports by reputable people made the connection between HAARP and Fukushima.
Reputable people also suspected a nuke detonated in a tectonic trench off Japan, similar as in the Indonesia tsunami.
What was needed to counteract these reports was for a new ‘Investigative journalist’ with connections to all the right places. On the 13th of June 2011, Natural News introduced that man to the world, Jim Stone!
Jim was known before. Before Jane Bürgermeister became famous for blowing the lid off the s.c. H1N1 pandemic in 2009, Jim was there; apparently some governents dissented, based on his early warnings that he sent to them. I don’t remember where from I learned about his work on Fuku, but does it imply Mike Adams is a cointelpro, too? Hogwash!
Jim Stone moved the centre of the earthquake and resultant tsunami, then reduced its actual size, and then brought in evidence that the Fukushima nuclear power plant had also been struck by the ‘Stuxnet Virus’, the same computer virus that had struck the Iranian nuclear power plants in the previous year. Nobody ever asked Jim where and how he actually obtained this information.
From raw eathquake data, Jim concluded that the official version was spin. The evidence on Stuxnet in Fuku is damning, coming from Israeli sources themselves. Fuku II (Daiini) was subject to identical flooding by tsunami, without unrepairable damage to umpteen independent backup cooling systems – an impossibility. The ground shaking itself has damaged nothing of importance to NPP operation at either location. Situation similar to Indonesia, yet the Jew-media still make a big deal of it in most every report on Fuku.
The really interesting part of Jim Stone’s explanation of the actual damage to the Fukushima Nuclear plant is that it was damaged by ‘nuclear bombs’ placed in the reactor rooms by an ‘Israeli’ inspection team. Well there goes the need for the ‘Stuxnet Virus’. What most people forgot was that HAARP was extremely capable of creating both the disasters that struck Fukushima, the earthquake/tsunami as well as the attack on the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Jim submits that reactor 4 could not have blown up as it did, except for a nuke planted inside it. I admit the possibility that spent fuel pool 4 experienced a spontaneous reaction and blew up. Canadian independent expert, persecuted Tedd Weyman posted a piece on this to my blog shortly after the explosion. Search archives on PiotrBein.wordpress.com.
So, on the 11th March2011, there is the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami. On the 13th June 2011, Jim Stone is introduced to the world, and then on the 19th September 2011 there is the Norwegian ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre.
On the 20th July 2012, there was the Aurora Theatre massacre, and again there was an upsurge in articles negating the government story. On the 19th September 2012 Jim Stone again refers back to Joe Vialls, but this time on ‘mind control’.
I leave this one for you, Andrew, to debunk.
Speaking of timing… Andrew Winkler publishes Andrew MacGregor’s smear on The Rebel (without the usual link to original publication, i.e. the smear was submitted exclusively to The Rebel?) at the time of CIA hunt on Jim. Who is the shill here?
I don’t know MacGregor, but his exemplary (in your opinion) presentations on recent false flags may just mean that he was assigned to e-destroy Jim, starting with “validating” himself. Throwing Vialls into MacGregor’s article  would kill two birds with one stone (pun not intended).
Awaiting your reply (which have been missing notoriusly after a couple of recent criticisms from myself).
cheers – Piotr Bein
Andrew Winkler (AW): Publishing Andrew MacGregor’s article wasn’t an easy decision. I only did it because I know Andrew MacGregor as a highly ethical and meticulous investigative reporter whose expertise on psyops and false-flag terrorism is second to none. His allegations are too important to ignore and I don’t have the slightest doubt that they were made in good faith. If the resulting investigations clear Jim Stone’s name, I’d be thrilled and the first to publish the good news.
Rebel of Oz
The Rebel – Home of the Global Resistance
P.S.: There is a reason why people use pseudonyms and you should respect that.
PB:  […] Those who need to know, they do know your name and everything, even these emails… Your name appears on my donation. Falsified Polish history remains on your website. The same readers who donated for your website, now turn away from your blog. They asked me previously to remove The Rebel from recommended roll.  Some of them suspect you work for hasbara, since nobody else promotes such anti-Polish garbage, not even the Germans!
It’s irresponsible to publish rubbish like that, takes away your credibility. How can the reader believe the other, legit stuff on the website?
AW: […] I’m not happy for you to quote me as ‘Andrew Winkler’. As far as the occasional “anti-Polish” statements in some articles is concerned, you got to understand that I do not agree with everything published or even read everything published on the Rebel site. I do NOT engage in censorship, as long as the writings fit into the areas of interests covered by the site, which is “Jewish World Disorder”.
Many articles, come from an anti-Jewish and anti-Communist perspective, which in some cases means that they support Germany’s policies during WWII.
If you – and any of your readers – are unhappy with any of the views and statements of fact made in one of those articles, I suggest you use the comments area underneath the article
or the forum section to raise your points, rather than dismissing the entire site, which – in your own words – is too important for the entire dissident community.
Rebel of Oz – Editor/Publisher The Rebel – Home of the Global Resistance
PB:  It is no good that you publish rubbish w/o even knowing. Not credible for the website. Editor’s responsibility is to assure quality. Are you running a garbage bin operation?
You publish hasbara on Polish history.. how is this for fighting Jew World Order?
Germany’s WW2 policies were ZIONIST! You are ignorant or a hasbara oulet.
My readers and I have enough work debating and de-bunking hasbara, we don’t need an extra hurdle on The Rebel. If you want to lose the audience, be my guest.
Correction: you are an sob helping to hunt down Jim, who is running for his life.
You now pretend to follow an orderly editorial policy by offering to publish debunks of MacGregor’s slanders. You are accomplice by publishing them w/o checking the facts in the first place!

PB (11.10.2013): I’m disappointed, want my money back 🙁

MacGregor says he only has CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE against Stone, but as a former cop maintains it is sufficient to convict Jim. Well then, I have a solution to the problem w/o Jim having to prove he is not a three-humped camel: MacGregor launch a  court case against Jim Stone vel Vialls vel Monashe. Andrew Winkler could be the prosecutor (he has lots of experience with fact verification) and if absolutely necessary, John de Nugent could interrogate…

Based on circumstantial evidence, I’ve just launched cases againt MacGregor, Winkler and Spignola, triple agent each: for the public — aniti-J, for Foxman — useful idiots, for Mossad and CIA —  gatekeepers 😉

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Created on 05 October 2013
Written by Andrew MacGregor
[Editor’s note: The author of this article, Andrew MacGregor, is a retired Australian police officer from the state of Victoria. Andrew MacGregor’s work on the Port Arthur and Sandy Hook massacres is second to none. If Andrew MacGregor accuses a highly regarded fellow activist like Jim Stone of being an infiltrator, we must pay attention and verify it. – Rebel of Oz]

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