The Rebel's frigging "community service"

PB to J. de Nugent (JdN): Andrew Winkler publishes  garbage by a MacGregor against Jim Stone without a blink. Similarly, he publishes history junk (actually hasbara) defaming Poles. To run a website like this, one has to know more than who has a Jewish name.
And who are you? Why did you send me the email?
Piotr Bein

Unsubscribe if you wish. Easy for a Pole.

PB: Opps! have I subscribed? My mistake, please unsubscribe…
JdN: I do not send these out. Click at the very bottom to unsubscribe.
PB: A lame excuse, I reject it… You send material to Andrew Winkler, who publishes it and also mails out as “community service” with your name as the sender and your propaganda text. By cooperating with him, you agree to his rules of operation. So talk to him to take me off your joint hasbara  ‘service’ that I have not subscribed to, of which your garbage was the first mailing.
Thanks and bug off, frigging intellectual crook — I only wonder, as with AW, if you are a useful idiot, sayan or  Netanjahu’s (Foxman’s?) hasbara agent.

JdN: o, you are not on my list but his. Don’t be so lazy and just click unsubscribe, unless your mouse finger is too weak. Then try lifting weights. Btw, AW has not committed to the anti-Jim Stone viewpoint and AW has just published rebuttals by Jim Farganne to MacGregor, Farganne material supporting Stone.

PB: Wow! what a generosity by AW! Given your “umistakeable” nose for things Jewish, do you think publishing hasbara with a strongly approving note from AW is ok?
His list, your text and you are the sender. Tell your racially pure Friend of OZ to fix the problem, don’t send bystanders to the gym
From: John de Nugent <>
To: Piotrbein <>
Sent: Sunday, October 6, 2013 7:15:35 AM
Subject: The Caligula Clintons — dynamite to stop the Clinton Comeback in 2016

The most incredible and serious Clinton dirt ever:
1) Bill as prez losing the “nuclear football” for months;
2) his skill and tricks as a professional serial rapist;
3) his shockingly tiny “endowment” 😉 (No wonder he used instead his tongue, fingers (and a cigar 😉 ) with women);
4) Hillary the closet Jewess, hetero adulterer and bisexual lesbian;
5) who the real father of Chelsea is (Bill literally found out Hillary was pregnant from a news conference, and then put the guy on the Arkansas Supreme Court);
6) terrifying death threats by Clinton goons toward Bill’s rape victims;
7) the Arkansas husband who threatened Bill Clinton to his face with DEATH….
It is so surreal, it seems more like the Caligula family out of ancient Rome. And now Hillary C. is gearing up to re-enter the White House in January 2017 as president herself. Like the Bushes, this family is a bad penny that won’t go away. The Clinton story is still relevant – read all about it — and ONLY here!
WHO IS BEHIND THEREBEL.ORG?  Back in 2007 there was a superb antizionist website down in Australia called “Ziopedia,” which later morphed into “”
Recently, I began helping them and they in turn have aided me with mass emails and carrying my blog.
There were rumors and concerns because a key person there had a name that could be both Gentile and Jewish. I resolved to get to the bottom of this, and asked the person forthrightly if I might interrogate him — using a webcamera and my Marine Corps interrogator training — about his ethnicity. He readily agreed, and suddenly I saw a very pleasant European face, a heavy European accent with an Aussie overlay, bright blue eyes — and a personality that seems very sincere, and shows signs of being as hounded and harassed as I am and other high-profile dissidents. (Australia has hate-speech laws and enforces them. Two of my friends there have done hard time.) He also has great skills in IT and marketing from his career before he “woke up” to Zionism and became consumed with stopping this global hydra.
Because of attacks on him and his family he asked me me not to say any more. I think he is absolutely white, legitimate, sincere, and a huge asset to us.
This email was sent to you as a community service of .

By piotrbein