6th Grade Assignment: Destroy the Bill of Rights

Fall 2013: Sixth Grade School children assignment: Revise the Bill of Rights (Federal Common Core program)

Excerpt: The assignment’s introduction in full (Nebraska school):
“There has been a lot of controversy lately surrounding the War on Terror. Many feel as though The Patriot Act is infringing upon our privacy and other individual liberties, while others feel protected by it. The government of the United States is currently revisiting the Bill of Rights. They have determined that it is outdated and may not remain in its current form any longer. Their aim is to ensure that our personal civil liberties and the pursuit of happiness remain guarded in the 21st century”.  Read article…
These are early prongs of compliance under the  new Federal education Common Core curriculum which each state is accepting, of course,  due to the carrot of additional funding or the empty plate strategy by the Feds.
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