Brasscheck: Tyranny for a profit + The big secret of the tax system + Who runs election results + The Israeli War Party wants its war

  • The Israeli War Party wants its war

    The Israeli War Party, with dreams of a Greater Israel dancing in its head, wants a war with Iran. Or, to be more accurately, they want the US to wage one for them (ala Iraq.)  Video

  • Who runs election results

Much is made of the two election frauds that put George Bush Jr. in the White House.
Less well known is the treason that put Reagan in – and the essential role George Bush Sr. played in it.
In many ways, if you realize that Reagan was run by Bush Sr. and Clinton & Obama are just Bush placeholders, the Bush family has been running the White House since 1980.
Scary thought, but it explains a lot. Video

  • The big secret of the tax system

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the US Federal Income tax system. I didn’t see any news items about it, but I did find this enlightening commentary about one of the greatest frauds in history. Video

  • Tyranny for a profit

Who’s behind the out-of control surveillance insanity in the US – and how do they get away with it?
That’s easy  Video
– Brasscheck
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By piotrbein