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From the desk of the director                                                                                           May 14, 2013
Re:  The (Hidden) Cause of Autism
Finally-someone besides the Vaccine Liberation Army and Dr. Yolande Lucire (a psychiatrist in our network) is getting the word out about Cytochrome P450 and its involvement in the major chronic health issues such as Autism.
Since one of NCOW’s issues is genetically modified food (GMO), we noticed in the patents of such pesticides as Round Up the relationship of Cytochrome P450 to GMO seeds & plants. Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s new study herein elucidates.   We are grateful to Dr. Mercola, Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel for this article on the new study concerning Cytochrome P450 and Glyphosate that highlights Cytochrome P450 so that we can once again focus your attention on Cytochrome P450 – vaccines and psyche drugs.
Read full study.
Excerpt from Dr. Stephanie Seneff (MIT)study: “We are also talking about chronic illnesses – digestive issues, obesity, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver diseases, and cancer, among others

What is Cytochrome P450? 
In layman’s language, Cytochrome P450 is the major detox enzyme pathway of the human body.  It detoxifies toxins from the body. Since the mapping of the genes, researchers have been able to identify the functioning of genes.  One field that emerged from gene mapping is “pharmacogenetics”.  Pharmacogenetics is the branch of pharmacology concerned with the effect of genetic factors on reactions to drugs.
For the last few years thanks to our colleague, Dr. Yolande Lucire and her work on Cytochrome P450, psyche drugs, mass shootings, homicides and suicide -.Dr. Yolande Lucire’s recently published study – NCOW began to suspect that mercury and the massive vaccine toxic assaults on infants and children interfere, inhibit, and over load the normal activity of Cytochrome P450, the major detox mechanism of the human body. We had also noted that Cytochrome P450 also manages glutathione production, which is implicated in the Autism syndrome.  This connection made us even more suspect that Cytochrome P450 plays a big role in the vaccine conundrum. See link for layman’s explanation of Cytochrome P450…
Cytochrome P450 is not capable, in the immature physiology, of detoxifying the massive toxic vaccine assault on fetuses, infants and children and has resulted in chronic inflammation; immunological problems and chronic lifelong illnesses such as digestive issues, obesity, Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver diseases, cancer, Juvenile Diabetes, allergies, and the many “undiagnosed”cases  that look like a variant of Autism.
The Part That Normal Variability of Genetics of Cytochrome P450 Plays
Asians, African Americans and Caucasians have varying activity of Cytochrome P450. There is Cytochrome P450 1) non-metabolizers, 2) poor metabolizers and 3) ultra rapid metabolizers in the general population.  For example, 10% of Caucasians are non-metabolizers simply due to normal genetic variability, meaning they do not have a functioning Cytochrome P450 at any age.  The rest of the population has only some modicum of functioning of this Cytochrome during different ages.  Cytochrome P450 is “maturing”. In other words, Cytochrome P450 is not fully functional in the rest of the population until the age of 26.
When there is a toxic assault on the physiology such as vaccines given under the age of 26 the individual is at risk of becoming neurologically/physiologically impaired (Autism syndrom
e, ,etc. ). With the addition of psyche drugs – many ADHD and borderline vaccine-affected individuals become more and more fractionated and psychotic.  Have you noticed that the predominance of mass & school shooter is white male Caucasians under the age of 26? These young men and women are involuntarily intoxicated by physicians who are immune to being sued. Moreover, education in pharmacogenetics has been suppressed by the Pharmaceutical manufacturers for over 15 years.  Concerned about losing billions of dollars they failed to warn us…failed to disclose their complicity in the personal and social tragedies caused by the inability to metabolize their drugs.
Although there is a simple inexpensive test to see if one has a fully functioning Cytochrome P450, pharmaceutical manufacturers have made sure that the test is not “standard of care” insuring that physicians and hospitals will not get sued for giving their patients counter indicated drugs that lead them to suicide & homicide. However, all our efforts, having contacted and presented this information to Jerod Loughner’s attorney and James Holmes
‘ attorney and others have fallen on deaf ears.
Why are some children severely hurt by vaccines and others less severe?
The question of why some children have severe Autism and others are on the lesser range of the spectrum (ADHD, Bi Polar, OCD, etc) is now answered.  All humans and mammals require “mature” activity of Cytochrome P450 to detoxify toxins.  However, as we stated above, Cytochrome P450 channels are not mature until the age of 26.  Thus it is irrational to assault a fetus in-utero, an infant and a child before the age of six with multiple vaccines, which would overwhelm the immature body and render the person defenseless, chronically and “apparently” mentally ill.
NCOW contends that the epidemic of Autism, neuro-physiological degeneration, auto immune diseases, etc is caused by the inability of children to handle the vaccine toxic assault due to the inability of Cytochrome P450 to function under a massive attack of this kind – 52 vaccine doses by the time children are 6 years old – four vaccine doses in-utero; Hep B at birth;  up to nine vaccines doses at 2 months old (all at the same time) and 21 vaccine doses by two years old; a total of about 48 vaccine doses plus the new CDC recommendation of 4 vaccine doses in-utero (one with .25mcg of mercury- when the fetus is the size of a thumb)
Consequently all vaccinated children (not only the absolute non-metabolizers-10% of Caucasians; a percentage of Asians and African Americans) are vulnerable to a subsequent assault of modern psyche drugs, having been misdiagnosed as mentally ill.
Pharma’s big secret: 50% of Prescription drugs need Cytochrome P450
The unfortunate misdiagnosis of our children as mentally ill rather than vaccine injured has promoted the use of prescription drugs. At least 50% of Prescriptions require Cytochrome P450 to detoxify the drugs out of the body.  25% of American children are on psyche drugs-some as young as one year old. Furthermore we have an epidemic of suicides in the youth population as young as 5 years old who are found hanging from a belt in their closet or from the canopy over their bed. See: 2,500 suicide stories related to psyche drugs
Pregnant Women: 4,250% rise in miscarriage & stillbirth reports
Pregnant women:  a 4,250% rise in miscarriages & stillbirth reports in the H1N1 Pandemic via due to the double dosing of Pregnant women with 2 flu shots (seasonal and H1N1 with mercury)
Mercury is a heavy metal toxin that interferes with Cytochrome P450 metabolism.  Read  Dr. Goldman’s Study  The CDC mislead, covered up  this data during the H1N1 faux pandemic and now has the temerity to recommend 4 vaccine doses to pregnant women. Back story text of CDC/American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) and 10 non profits including the March of Dimes collusion to mislead the nation’s Ob/gyn’s and public. .
To summarize: The entire emerging generation of humanity, generation by generation is being disabled. We are first assaulted with vaccines and are then sequentially and systematically dumbed down and disabled with prescription drugs foisted on us by tired & uninformed teachers and brain washed health professionals seeking to mitigate the symptoms of the undiagnosed vaccine assault. It is time to liberate ourselves from the Centers of Disease Control, Bio-Pharmacueticals (human and agriculture) and expose their best-kept secret-Cytochrome P450.  Google Pharmacogenetics, Cytochrome P450 and get up on the iatrogenic cause of Autism and chronic illness in this country and the world.

By piotrbein