Germany's revisionist lies on Sobibor death camp

PB: Never mind the thing with German citizens murdered (only 10% of all victims?)… Third Reich cizitzens succumbed to Zionist Nazi dictates, hatred towards Slavs and Jews, and obediently carried out the genocide on more than 20 groups (Holocaust), of which Shoa (genocide on Jews) was not the biggest as Sobibór illustrates.
Germans should pay, then, for the commemorations, but the masterminds of WW2 and Holocaust — the Judeo-bankster cabal— must  cover restitutions and war reparations, still unpaid to Poles and other Slavs.

Newsletter 2013/10/15 – Revisionist Lies (II)

SOBIBÓR/THE HAGUE/BERLIN (Own report) – The German government received
unambiguous international criticism at yesterday’s ceremonies
commemorating the victims of the Nazi Sobibór extermination camp in
today’s Poland. The ceremonies commemorated the more than 200,000 who
had been murdered, including 20,000 German Jews. The German Foreign
Ministry had claimed that there had been no German “prisoners” in
Sobibór, thereby making a German financial contribution to the
construction of its new museum obsolete. Because of its negationist
attempts, the German government was embarrassed in the presence of the
diplomatic corps, brought in from Warsaw, and high-ranking government
representatives from Israel, Slovakia, Poland and the Netherlands.
Berlin must also contribute to the costs of the commemoration, because
its own citizens had been murdered in Sobibór, declared Poland’s Vice
Minister of Culture, Piotr Zuchowski. Like Zuchowski, the government
representative from the Netherlands also criticized the German
government’s attitude.

By piotrbein