Tracy Turner: Will You Die From Fukushima? Nuclear Industry Uranium / Chemical-Radiological Poisoning Cover Up

Will You Die From Fukushima?

Nuclear Industry Uranium / Chemical-Radiological Poisoning Cover Up

Tracy Turner – article originally on BIN, revised 10/15/2013


It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.
Bill Watterson
Will my wife and I die of Obama Fukushima Plumegate ‘safety speeches’?
Oh, he’s just fear mongering. That antiquated, hackneyed, old, worn-out Euphemism for any theory, fact, truth or revelation that does not agree with someone’s brainwashed indoctrination may not apply here. Perhaps both you and I are not “fear mongered enough”; or as I love to put it, we are too bombarded with brainwash-mongers, status-quo-mongers, disinformation-mongers, and untruth mongers. Perhaps Bush, Obama, TV, pads, phones and the Internet have pushed so much Denial Mongering and Conspiracy Folks are ‘creeps’ on us that we would not notice too much if 1/3 of our neighbors were euthanized.

Heard of TPP, a US-Asiatic trade agreement? You are what rads and milliseverts you eat. Fukushima is everyone in the food chain’s problem. Once TPP passes, America is obligated to buy Fukushima multiple meltdown fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat (fallout food from Japan, Korea, China, et al. But each year that passes, more and more Fuku fallout food includes Alaskan Salmon, Western Pacific Seafood, Oregon Goat Cheese, Idaho Milk, etc., etc.

Some estimates are that 14,000 people in the US (so far) died from Fukushima and many, many more will follow. Let’s denial monger. I don’t see fewer people in Von’s when I shop. The drive to the Veterinarian is still clogged with cars. I did not know any of the 14,000 out of 316,000,000 US residents. If it were 14,835 died of radiation so far out of 316,484,449 US residents, would the unrounded numbers make it more real?
Most people follow the “tide”; Democrats are now “for” Clean, Green “Next-Gen” Nuke:
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Meanwhile, the Nuclear Industry itself spends a tremendous amount of cash doing “PR” work; when will people learn that “PR” capitalism always leaves a cesspool and dead people, somewhere. Take Carl Grossman’s word for it, he has covered the Nuke Industry since the Trinity Test; Grossman does not think radiologicals in food, fish, cows, crops, tree-nuts, etc., is fear mongering. This 52:14 minute Carl Grossman audio interview expresses 45 years of Nuke Industry reporting.

Those of us who eat meat give little thought to how much MOX Plutonium has bioaccumulated in our prey. Worldwide, levels have gone up 35 times “normal background” so EPA fallout senors are being switched off. NOAA gives us no numbers even though it is a function of government weather recordings. Obama just changed the law so ‘legally’ you can eat, drink and breath more radiation.

But let us get to the salient point: Everyone, every last person nay saying danger, urging us to build more Nuke Poison Generation Plants in Georgia, is doing so with no prior experience of a Fukushima-type disaster.  Obama did not get on National TV and say, “y’know, those last 6-7 Fukushima scale nuclear disasters did not ruin global fishing, or migrate into drinking water and food in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon and California. So we were safe in those 6-7 similar events, we are safe now!” Put another way, the cumulative amount of Tritium, Iodine, Caesium and Strontium finding its way to the US and Canada during the “Plumegate Safe Speech” has grown exponentially in 2012 and 2013. What Obama said was safe in 2011 has since grown (cumulative radionuclides). Our CinC simply reassured people that invisible poison is harmless. His Nuclear lackeys love to spew about “background levels are low” and it is the 3-5 microns inhaled, drank or ingested that leads one to a painful, condemned, no-cure death.
Three points:
1) Fukushima cannot be compared to Chernobyl, to do so overlooks everything that makes Fukushima different than Chernobyl: number of melted reactors, tonnage of fuel, proximity to a beach, proximity to some of the fastest wind and oceanic currents on the planet, number of days it has continued in meltdown and leak mode.
2) Comparing it to Hiroshima and Trinity is also erroneous, ludicrous. Comparing it to Castle Bravo and Tsar Bomba is not a perfect analogy, but closer to the real life than Hiroshima or Trinity.
3) The Cumulative Radiation is not talked about. 908 days with no end in sight. Does anyone believe the official party line that 908 days of leaking Caesium and Strontium will not kill anybody? Caesium will accumulate in carrots, milk, beef bones, avocadoes, bananas, human lungs, baby food, etc. If the goal is negative population growth, this will do it. Other countries have mass protests against nuclear; America just nods and stares at their phone because Obama shut of Radiation Monitoring and gave us his ‘word’ we are safe. Meanwhile Caesium-134 and Caesium-137 is accumulating just about anywhere you could think of: food, water, persons bodies, air, household dust. It does not need to make a Geiger Counter buzz loudly; a few microns in lungs, mouth, a loaf of bread, etc., are more than enough. Same goes for Americium, Plutonium and Strontium-90.
The furthest West (and South in the case of the Big Island Hawaii) regions of Canada and the US are being bombarded with wind and ocean currents carrying invisible to the naked eye, odorless poison from Fukushima. Right now, no food from the Pacific Ocean should be consumed. Eventually, fresh water, crops, people homes, cars and properties will be HAZMAT, Hazardous Materials. The numerous online arguments about “nobody has died” will not be debated anymore, 3-4 years after the meltdowns started. Chernobyl deaths did not begin to stack up from Caesium-134, Caesium-137 and Strontium-90 until 3-4 years after the disaster started.
The US and former Soviet (Russian) governments covered up; currently cover up and always will cover up these types of disasters. Yeltsin’s, Bush’s, Putin’s and Obama’s * must *  go down in history as grandiose heroes. Just because they “go down in history as such” does not mean they actually are. How many Americans are aware there are TepCo and Duke Energy commentors on all the busy blogs, using dialogue phrases like “fear mongering”. Do you want to live a long, cancer free life like I do? Since when is that fear-mongering?  The Obama EPA shuts off all the radiation monitors in the Western US “because readings are too high” and says, “it is safe”?

Fukushima Guinea Pigs

What do you trust, bloggers online with a pro-nuke agenda and no sense, or scientists making a ten year projection of Cesium-137 Dispersal? 4-5 microns of Cesium-137 in an Ann Coulter “banana” or glass of water will take your life away.

Compliments of: Dr. Piotr Bein’s blog = blog Piotra Beina

10-year simulation of a single event: dispersion of cesium-137 in the Pacific. Emission events are on-going, so the “dilution” over time and space does not help. A fuller version of the scientific presentation. A comment from forum[…] the driving function appears to be STEADY STATE, due to the continued flow of contaminated groundwater into the Pacific. Thus there will not be any ‘blue water’ near Japan, for a VERY LONG TIME. Still, the cesium distribution process is informative, as a preliminary projection. […]
Compare with: simulation of cesium-137 spread in the atmosphere and ground deposition in the Northern Hemisphere.

Operation Plumbbob – U.S. Army nuclear medical experiments on…

There is a commonality in all this: Obama, EPA, IAEA – same Luke warm assurances given Chernobyl victims before they died. All hard, factual info comes from digging for it online among a plethoa of nuke apologist propaganda. They lost their bomb business and want to keep building Georgia reactors. 800% stillborns increase (Western Canada) year over year since 2011 will not slow the Georgia reactors down. Don’t let denial mongers kill you, your wife, kids, parents, etc. Their pithy or shaming arguments online will not bear your radiation sickness. The denial mongers would have you look back over your shoulder, wondering if what was blogged (below) is ‘true’. How much more radiation crossed the Pacific from then to this moment, how much will leak in the coming months. Is Israeli Settlements and Obamacare the priority? If so, we may need to impeach! – Written by a former Democrat.

An innocuous, harmless bottle of Sunflower oil or salad oil… Even now, it could come from Korea, Japan, Even the Western US and have harmful radioisotopes present. Under TPP, you are certain to consume Fukushima fallout in fruit, nuts, meat, legumes, rice, vegetables and seafood. Bottles, cans and frozen is not off limits to radioactive fallout.

This is from a blogger on BIN:
Mortality information for the US:
Report on study of thyroid problems in “Babies Born After Fukushima in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington” at:
Report on 2011 study of infant mortality increase, “An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services. ” from:
Chernobyl has killed about a million people so far [ ] after a release of ONLY SEVEN TONS OF URANIUM FUEL [ ]
Fukushima released 90 tons of uranium and plutonium from reactor 3 alone. Reactors 1 and 2 and the spent fuel that burns adds to that. There were 4,277 tons of nuclear fuel at Fukushima.
An overview of the health situation:
“Arnie Gundersen’s tests revealed that “the air over Seattle was loaded with hot particles, as it was in Tokyo, in April and May of 2011.” Ambient radiation levels in Seattle have been measured at 40 000 times higher than before the disaster; Amerecium – which is more toxic than plutonium – is being detected in Boston.”
” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Canadian government have switched off radiation monitors, and are not providing information to the public regarding atmospheric radiation. The EPA has pulled 8 of its 18 radiation monitors in California, Oregon and Washington because (by implication) they are giving readings which seem too high…”
Japanese radiation sickness and death are being lied about. For example, 77 nursing home evacuees died within 3 months of the meltdowns.
[ ] That was triple the normal death rate.
Thyroid cancer at triple the previous rate:
And so on…..we breath carcinogenic particles of plutonium, amerecium, uranium. We eat tritium, strontium, cesium, and iodine. The iodine is what is causing the thyroid problems in the US and in Japan. At least tens of millions will die, probably hundreds of millions.

The Government Believes All Life Is Sacred, Especially Yours

Want to see Obama’s and Steven Chu’s family chow down for the next six months on this years’ California almonds, Alaskan Salmon, Hawaiian Tilapia, Washington State Cherries and Apples, etc. Not a photo op-meal, every breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next six-months, food and water from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Washington State, Oregon and California. Put your entire families on the Fukushima fallout food and water for six months; or stop saying ‘it is safe’. We were Plumegate lied to. Entities like the Pentagon, Department of Energy, TepCo and Duke pay bloggers to use terms like “natural background radiation” and anti-nuclear agenda. These shills have a pro-nuclear agenda no matter how many die. The one-million-plus Chernobyl dead are two things: 1) Kept Secret so the ‘industry’ does not die 2) Did not die of so-called “natural background radiation”.
Every month that the World’s SuperPowers leave Fukushima leaking is another Atlanta, another Portland sized-population of dead humans, globally. You walk in the rain and inhale Americium; 3-4 years later you have esophageal cancer. Every month Fukushima radioactive emmissions makes stories like this more, not less likely.

Two peaches or four? In Horticulture and Botany, there are words used such as Chimera to describe what you see in the pictures; but after a lifetime of looking at plant Chimeras, it is not the right word for these pictures. Plant cancer is a more adept discription. No fortune in the world would entice me to eat any of the foods in the pictures, knowingly. Ah, there’s the rub… Under TPP and Obama’s more nuke is good in your diet, air and water – how are we to know these are not puree in a can, jar or frozen package?

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The turtle is to the Asian dinner table what the chicken is to the American dinner table. The politicians and news medias assertions that Fukushima is ‘old news’ miss the immutable fact that time is on the side of the radiation (long half-lives), not us. Two headed cows, chickens and pigs are not far fetched. Fallujah, Iran has already seen a Uranium two-headed human infant.

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Nuclear Industry Uranium / Chemical-Radiological Poisoning Cover Up

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