Are Herr Priebke and Rebel of Oz agents for the J-cabal?

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Are Herr Priebke and Rebel of Oz agents for the J-cabal?

Piotr Bein 25.10.2013
Could not Mr. Priebke see that the Nazional Socialist Weltanschaung, while playing on Germans’ nationalist and civilisational feelings, was a Judeocentric manipulation to evil ends? Germans succumbed to hasbara in both world wars.
Sowing Slavo- and Judeophobia in the Third Reich should have alerted Germans, just as present-day Islamophobia should. Anti-Islamism is as bad as anti-Semitism (unconditional, mindless hatred in Priebke’s own words.
The Third Reich was a Zionist regime, run by German Zionists to Judeo-bankers’ designs. Their plot for WW2 was to induce European Jews to emigrate to Palestine. Hence ghettos and talk about “final solution” by “re-settlement”. Two years into WW2, the plan morphed into extermination, since the Jews in ghettos refused to emigrate to Palestine. Like hasbara, Priebke is also silent on the WW2 Zionist mastermind behind the Shoah, and the Holocaust at large, with the largest victim group, the Slavs, not the Jews.
Priebke: Jewish suffering was inextricably connected with the War and there was guilt on both sides. There was guilt on the side of the Allies who unleashed the Second World War against Germany after the partitioning or repartitioning of Poland. This was a region in which the large ethnic German population was exposed to constant depredations, a region that had been placed under control of the newly resurrected Polish state by the Dictate of Versailles. Nobody raised a finger against Stalin’s Russia on account of the partitioning. On the contrary: At the end of the conflict, which ostensibly came about to defend Poland against German aggression, Stalin was rewarded with all of Eastern Europe including all of Poland.
Priebke has not gotten one sentence historically correct! Why not say Poles attacked Hitler’s Germany, starting WW2, then exterminated all Jews, and after WW2 they killed Germans on the territtories given to Poland by the Allies…
Like many other states formed after Treaty of Versailles, pre-WW2 Poland was created to a plot by the J-cabal to temporarily establish national states in place of imperial rule (Poland partitioned until then between the Russian, Prussian (German) and Austrian empires).
What does Priebke mean by Stalin’s partitioning of Poland? Stalin and Hitler partitioned Poland in 1939, coordinated invasions of my country. In 1945, Stalin de-partitioned Poland when Allies let him rule my anti-Communist nation and force Communism upon it, that cost us half a century of civilisational decline, ended with perhaps worse still, an instant changeover of Judeo-Commies to Jewropean Union’s neo-liberals. Nobody raised a finger against Stalin (J-banksters darling like Hitler), because the J-banksters ordered so…
The J-cabal unleashed WW2 (like all other major wars, revolutions etc. in the last couple of centuries), using Germans hi-jacked via the Zio-Nazis, like the neocons have been trying to hi-jack Americans for their wars on terror. Poland’s Western allies, England and France looked through their fingers, allowing the atrocities and occupation to proceed, to J-cabal plans. When Polish Underground got out the message about death camps (not just for Jews!), the Allies did nothing, as ordered by the J-cabal… Then what Allies’ guilt does Priebke mean?!
Nazi Germany attacked sovereign Poland (Sep 1, 1939), 17 days before USSR invaded  Poland from the East, under a secret treaty with Germany. Both occupiers were Jew-ruled at the time! Under a covert Nazi-Soviet treaty, the J-cabal endeavoured to annihilate Polish elites and intelligentsia in the first place. They succeeded in 80%. Judeo-Communists in post-WW2 Poland finished off the survivors of the Polish Underground…
Tales of persecution and murder of ethnic Germans in Poland are rubbish, similar to hasbara blaming Poles for Zio-Nazi death camps built in occupied Poland, and for atrocities like Jedwabne murder of Jews by the Zio-Nazis.
In 1931, Poland had 11.4 million minority citizens, beside 24 million Poles: Ukrainians (5.1 million), Jews (3.1 million), Byelorussians (2 million), Germans (0.8 million), others (0.4 million). Ethnic Poles, in turn, lived on territories under German and Soviet administration, where a still unknown number of them (at least 3 million) were killed by the Zio-Nazis and the Judeo-Soviets.
Priebke implies that German lands have been German forever. Historically, Slavs lived as far as today’s Hamburg and north of Rostock. Remnants of them are being Germinized in southeastern Germany.
After WWI, Judeo-Soviets murdered 1.25-1.5 million USSR Poles, deported over a million Polish citizens to Gulag, and exterminated still uncounted number of citizens of pre-WWII, multi-national Poland. Some 1.5 million Poles perished of hunger and murder in 1930s Ukrainian famine masterminded by Soviet Jew, Kaganovich. Zio-Nazis killed unknown number of ethnic Poles before WW2 in Eastern Germany.
In Hitler’s times, Zionist hasbara hi-jacked the German nation. Nuremberg kept the blame off the J-cabal for WW2 causation and genocide, just as J-media and -justice keep the blame on Americans, and off the J-cabal, for wars on terror. J-spin to-date preserves the lie that Hitler, not the J-cabal’s Zio echelons masterminded and carried out Shoah on their disobedient tribesmen, using German and other hands (but certainly not Polish!).
Germans still believe J-lies about Poland, inflaming German hatred of Poles and Slavs, as designed by hasbara!
Priebke still throws the red herring of gas chambers, as if starvation of Jews in the ghettos and of the Soviet POWs, summary executions of Poles on the streets and in villages, non-gas death camp atrocities and marching the inmates in winter 1945 to freezing death were fairy tales. Priebke’s Holocaust denial serves Foxman’s goal of keeping oxytocin flowing in Jewish masses, inducing fear and hatred of Goyim… an ages old method of the rabbis of Tamudic terror, long before the hormon was discovered. At the same time, the Holocaust of the Goyim vanishes from human memory at the expense of the Shoah, now universally hated for the Holo-hoaxes and domination of media and events. But hey! Hatred is the modus operandi of the J-cabal…
In his “Germans as victims” lamentations, Priebke bemoans today’s false-flag humanitarian interventions (an idea of some J-philosophers). Invasion of Poland was just that; ostensibly fed up with alleged depradations of ethnic Germans, and with a (false flag) attack on German radio station in Gliwice, Hitler had to intervene to protect the lives and safety of Germans (does it ring a bell from other J-wars?)
No wonder Priebke, a former SS and NSDAP party member (both entities with large Zionist membership, and created by the Zio-Nazis), was still enchanted by the Zio-Nazi lie shortly before his death at the age of 100 years.
Congrats, courageous-to-be-truthful Mr. Priebke, who forgot about Nazi carpet bombing of Polish towns and cities, but doesn’t miss the Allied bombing of German cities. You see, when J-banksters decide, the victor loses; be it Dresden or Hiroshima, civilians don’t count any more than the cannon fodder of the banksters’ Goyim armies. If you could answer from your grave: were you a useful German idiot, a German Shabbat-Goy, or simply one of Zio-echelons? Were you against the J-cabal and effective, you would not have lived to 100…
Congrats Rebel of Oz, who publishes historical garbage as long as it has anti-J content. Why not publicize my research papers, where all this (and more) is laid out:

Revisionism, Role Reversal and Restitutions

Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes

By piotrbein